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Whale Watching

Whales have been thought throughout history to be telepathic and it's recently been demonstrated that they can speak other languages after a few months immersion.

Some tales, from the "crypt" (whale humor)

In the Tyrol region of Austria, it was said that if a sunbeam were to fall on a maiden entering womanhood, she would be carried away in the belly of a whale.[3]

Indigenous Ainu tribes on Hokkaido refereed killer whales as Repun Kamuy, "God of Sea/Offshore" in their folklore and myths that the deities will bring fortunes (whales) to coastal people.

Now before we get all excited. We must remember what these cruel, man eaters, truly do to society. The most important is that they'd have you believe that technology possessed by governments is lightyears ahead on evolutionary beings that date back millions of years before man in the archaeological record.

They'd also have you believe that you are fighting dead peopl…

Birds Fall From Sky Since Regans Star Wars - Radar Imaging

The above video shows radar bounce on an object, possibly an electromagnetic one interfering with a birds magnetic orientation.


1957 - First Satellites enter into space. Primitive one. Sputnik. Etc.

1976 - News medias begin to report birds falling from the sky. I can only find a biblical reference before this and that biblical reference has no evidence suggesting birds falling with no apparent cause on death.

1977 - The movie Star Wars is released.

1983 - Ronald Regan, addresses the nation with a famous "Star Wars" speech.