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Homunculus: The Alchemical Creation of Little People with Great Powers | Ancient Origins

The homunculus is first referred to in alchemical writings of the 16 th century and is the living representation of a tiny but fully formed human. It is clear, however, that this concept is much older than these writings. ANCIENT-ORIGINS.NET
2014/Dec/25 05:21:42


Experience the power of 3 alchemical masters in this beautiful meditation released on Christmas Day 2014. + ASMR for extra ego fading brain tingles and ... Beautiful 3 Master Meditation...
2019/Mar/31 10:37:42

Sexual Alchemy

In this webinar we give a general introduction to sexual alchemy, and explore how some alchemical symbols can be used within a thelemic context. We do also ... Thelemic perspective of sexua...
2013/Nov/11 07:12:24


Earth Explained The four agreements, the alchemical marriage, the cross, the poles, the arks, simplified. Are you interested in the most advanced spiritual ... Earth Explained - Alchemy Sim...
2018/Jun/27 14:21:54


This series is rife with occult and esoteric themes, at times heavy handed but still there nonetheless. One of the more subtle themes in the series is the ... Alchemical Secrets: The Alche...
2014/Mar/21 02:08:14

William linn

First written references about the stone area at the current location of the museum date back to 900 AD, which means this house is probably the second oldest ... Speculum Alchimiae - Alchemi...
2016/Feb/15 10:38:16

Alchemical Connection

Like Us on Facebook: Alchemical Connection are: Francesca Anastasi - Voice Marco G Palermo - Guitar ... Alchemical Connection - &quo...
2016/Nov/20 02:29:49


In this series of elementary meditative exercises, no special postures are required but that in which one is most comfortable, nor are any special breathing ... Hermetic Alchemical Meditatio...
2017/Nov/07 11:31:32

Alchemical XP

Alchemical XP - Following The Hair ( Lesbian Kiss ) The source of the sounds heard in this video: "Raindrops to the lake surface on sandy beach with lapping ... Alchemical XP - Following The...
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