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Alien Encounter ASMR

2019/Apr/05 07:24:47

ASMR Shanny

Hey Shan-anigans!! I hope you enjoy this video! Sorry it is late, it took way more editing then usual! I want to thank my boo Zach for taking so much time in ... [ASMR] Alien Abduction/Kidnap...
2015/Oct/26 13:15:19

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Hey poopsies! I'll have Krepta take good care of you today. He will abduct you in the middle of the night against your will and do some experiments on you. Alien Abduction Roleplay (Bin...
2017/Mar/03 10:27:41

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

Thank you Lucy for the commission! I had a lot of fun with this one. I hope you enjoy! You've been abducted by aliens and a bitchy alien girl named Zelenia ... BITCHY ASMR - ALIEN ABDUCTION...
2018/May/31 22:09:07

Mother Child

Part 2! Haunt me! Patreon (as low as $1) - Twitter ... Alien Abduction Roleplay Part...
2019/Jan/18 20:28:42


Instagram: Patreon: ASMR Binaural Brain Melting from Outerspace :) Dieses Video ... ASMR Alien Abduction Woman f...
2014/Oct/15 20:30:01

Olivia Kissper ASMR

TRY TINGLES! BEST way to watch ASMR: ⚡ TRY ONLINE THERAPY: Many ... ALIEN ABDUCTION for men: Bina...
2016/Oct/15 02:00:00

Mixed ASMR

Greetings, Subject 11! For an optimal experience, I recommend that you take this time to be grateful that the Saggitareon language is roughly equal in syllabic ... ASMR Role Play - Personal Ali...
2017/Jun/04 15:06:08

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Hi ASMR Poopsies! This is part two of the alien abduction series. You are inside my UFO while I examine you for DNA to provide to the queen and the ... ASMR Alien Abduction RolePlay...
2018/Dec/27 13:01:00

LunaEclipse ASMR

Join My Patreon for Exclusive stuffs: ♡Join my Discord! :) ♡Donations: ... ASMR Alien Kidnapping Inspect...
2018/Mar/06 20:00:00

Kitti Minx

After hearing strange noises you wake up on what appears to be a high tech alien spaceship. To your surprise, there's a beautiful, upbeat, enthusiastic woman ... [ Kitti Minx ] Abducted By Zu...
2017/Jul/27 01:05:38


Back to earth, finally!!! ;) xoxo Thank you!!! Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel by clicking here: ... ASMR - Natalie's Alien Ab...
2017/Sep/14 19:00:00


Subscribe to Crinkle Luvin ASMR - WATCH Part Two - You are in ... Alien Abduction Part One Coll...
2018/Apr/26 08:18:26

ASMR Creations

I'm an alien-human hybrid & I have abducted you because.. Well, I need your body. I'm going to be measuring you and removing a few things. Please wear ... ASMR Alien Abduction - Measur...
2018/Dec/06 22:00:04

Freckle 23 ASMR

Tonight Alien Freckle has abducted you. She's here to save you from the dark and bring you back to Earth full of new and positive energy. So, are you ready to ... Alien Abduction || ASMR 50K ...
2013/Mar/09 04:21:11

CalmingEscape ASMR

Alien Abduction RP ASMR Part 2 is now posted ASMR video For Relaxation or sleep. This Video was made for ... ☼ Alien Abduction - (ASMR) ☼
2019/Mar/13 19:00:00


'Hmm Interesting *tongue sounds* even though you are an alien as I am' [Mistress] [Exams] [Abduction] [Tipeee] [Patreon] [tongue sounds] [so many tingles] Do ... [ASMR] Alien Abduction [Exams...
2014/Nov/12 21:30:00

Olivia Kissper ASMR

2016/Sep/05 14:27:50

Rayy SMR

If you don't like ear licking, probably best stop this one early! You're asleep in your bed at night when before you know it, you're aboard an interstellar craft ... "Abducted" - An Ear...
2017/Feb/13 21:00:01

Creative Calm ASMR

Welcome to Rågon 5, we wish you a painless on board experience. You have been abducted from Earth as part of the exploration of Humans program, to find ... [ASMR] Alien Abduction Sci-Fi...
2018/Apr/06 21:22:21

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

Zelenia the rather rude alien has abducted you into her space ship to do some testing :3 She made an agreement with her sister Fay (the nice alien) to only ... ASMR - BITCHY ALIEN ~ Abducte...
2019/Jan/02 00:16:15

Mother Child

Happy new year! Moshi ASMR: Come with me Patreon (as low as $1) - ... Alien Abduction Roleplay Part...
2015/Sep/08 15:54:48

Lisabelle ASMR

ASMR RP Alien Abduction
2013/May/09 23:02:31

Danny Docile

Oh, I'm in HD. Cool! cheers to rikscu2008 for the suggestion of this! enjoy and all that! I make funny ASMR roleplays. Usually softly spoken roleplays. Always ... Alien Abduction Roleplay. Sof...
2018/Aug/26 22:11:08

ASMR Tonic

If you liked this video don't forget to like, subscribe and click the bell button to stay updated on when I post new videos :) ❤ If you want to donate to help me buy ... (ASMR?) Alien Abduction Rolep...
2017/Sep/17 19:00:10

Pelagea ASMR

Hey! Sorry I was gone for so long! I just needed some time off it wasn't even on purpose! But I'm back now! I tried my best to make a very relaxing and interstning ... ASMR - I'll take you up t...
2017/May/10 12:27:18

Rapunzel ASMR

Check out my NEW VIDEO: It's time to get abducted again! ❣♥❣Support me Tad: ... ASMR Alien Abduction
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


Alien Encounter ASMR
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