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Researcher discovers a 55.000 year old artifact made out of oxygen?

In 1990 an Italian "geologist" named Angelo Pitoni was visiting Sierra Leone... discovered a 55.000 year old artifact made out of oxygen... A Blue "Stone" ANCIENTCODE
2013/Oct/03 09:06:09

Monotonic ASMR

Unlock the mysteries of the Lost Temple of Tingles with Remington Chambers as he discovers the most unique of artifacts... YOU! This soft-spoken archaeologist ... ASMR: Lost Temple of Tingles ...
2013/Sep/13 09:41:19


Excavating some "artifacts" from a kit I got at the thrift store. What secret goodies are contained within? Lets find out together!!!! Asmr- Egyptian Artifacts
2017/Apr/10 20:19:45

Soft Serenity ASMR

Hello my friends:) Today I'm going to be showing you The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts book. It contains all kinds of sketches and beautiful illustrations from ... ASMR No Talking - The Legend ...
2016/Nov/04 06:24:41

Michael Vrazitoulis

Frater Aurelius presents a part of his collection of occult artifacts as the grey light of the rainy afternoon comes through the window... Check out my work and find ... Occult artifacts on a rainy a...
2016/May/18 22:33:20

The Christian Smith Experience

[ASMR] A Large Amount Of Anti...
2014/Dec/15 21:05:21

Ephemeral Rift

In this 2nd installment of the After Hours series where we catch a candid glimpse of Professor Clemmons at work in his office, we learn a little about the facility ... After Hours II - Artifacts [ ...
2019/Jan/26 23:13:37

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

As promised, she's back. :) Sorry for some artifacts in the background - I reused the background from the last video with your Other Father and somehow some ... Your "Other" Mother...
2019/Apr/12 23:20:15

Captain ASMR

Far in the future, Year: Unknown. A collector of rare artifacts meets you in his underground shop to see what you have to offer. Relics from ages long past. [ASMR] Relic Collector Role-P...
2017/Jun/28 13:19:27

Suzevi ASMR

whispering ver. 안녕하세요 수제비예요! 국립박물관에서 구매한 한국의 유물 발굴 키트를 사용해 보았어요. ASMR Excavation Artifacts of ...
2017/Jun/28 13:20:53

Suzevi ASMR

no talking ver. 안녕하세요 수제비예요! 국립박물관에서 구매한 한국의 유물 발굴 키트를 사용해 보았어요. ASMR Excavation Artifacts of ...
2019/Apr/01 18:58:24

Eddie ASMR

Come join me for a tour of the Royal Ontario Museum! Let's look at some dinosaurs, totem poles, and ancient Egyptian artifacts. ASMR Museum Tour [Whispered]
2017/Feb/28 19:23:06

Michael Soothing ASMR

Chelsie moved to Oregon so here she is unwrapping some delicate artifacts and soft spoken talking about them, relaxing. ASMR Unboxing, artifacts mo...
2014/Jan/25 08:50:02


Welcome to the Fairy Tale Center for Continued Education. Today you will be participating in your first workshop: Magical Artifacts for Beginners (how to ... ASMR Magical Artifacts for Be...
2018/Dec/27 17:00:03

Ephemeral Rift

A resident brings you one of the sanitarium's most powerful artifacts of which little is known about its origin and properties. Website ▻ ... Cone of the Elder Gods | ASMR
2019/Feb/01 06:31:34


disclaimer abt the word pocha: i am very mexican and proud and also aware im white. anyways. here is some low quality trash i put together because chicago is ... ASMR | Pocha Chicana Shares A...
2018/Oct/18 20:00:02

Tingting ASMR

Welcome to Tingting's Chinese Pawn Shop in this interesting ASMR role play where you sell me some of your artifacts. Enjoy soft spoken explanations of what ... [ASMR] Chinese Pawn Shop Role...
2018/Aug/22 00:27:26

Chris Decaf

Let's dive into the beautiful world of the Legend of Zelda franchise. First I break in the book, then I spend some time talking about some of the art. More to come! ASMR - Legend of Zelda - Art ...
2017/May/02 03:49:08


Da Berjerack is hunting down the Mr alien dude. Tapping his way to victory. He's a cricket eating fiend. Asmr tapping artifacts
2019/Mar/04 20:13:58


"You are here for a reason. it is your task to find an ancient, lost artifact. But can you really trust the boy that is so eager to help you?" Hello everyone, this is my ... The Artifacts of Power Part 1...
2013/Aug/21 20:14:41

Beachside Asmr

In this video I share wicker and straw boxes and decor. Lots of crinkling sounds. Sorry for the loud sound of the teapot at the beginning. It gets quiet after that, ... Wicker artifacts (ASMR)
2017/Aug/14 18:42:25

Monster Mom

Hi Everyone, I´ve removed the ADDs from this ASMR Video, and I´m removing all Adds from my ASMR videos as it is annoying for ppl to listen to Adds, and that ... ASMR, NO ADDs . Showing Crys...
2016/Jan/02 13:57:48

Psionic Surge

Hello all!! I threw together this video real quick so pardon it's crudity. Just an update on where I've been and plans with the channel. Also I flip casually through ... ASMR Project - Magic the gath...
2019/Jan/18 20:55:57

Lily's Library

Finally at the end of this set review! Thumbnail art is the Rakdos Mountain by Dimitar Marinski. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Help ... [ASMR] Ravnica Allegiance Set...
2016/Aug/04 21:30:00

Odd Mush

I wish I had an endless supply of Magic cards just so I could look at all the artwork :) Follow me on Twitter for updates about my channel: ... ASMR Magic: The Gathering || ...
2018/Dec/23 06:52:47


자극적인 유물발굴 asmr입니다~ 하는동안 너무 힘들어서 다신 하지않으려고요^^! 고양이가 뭐하는 건지 궁금했나봐요... 자꾸 돌아다녀서 뭐하는지... [ASMR] 자극적인 유물발...
2016/Mar/14 19:51:30


Join the Potato Army: ✓ Follow me on Twitch: ✓ Join our Official Discord Chat ... ASMR Stardew Valley | 8 | Cop...
2019/Apr/23 21:38:00

Lily's Library

Woo pumped for this! Thumbnail art is a Swamp by Richard Wright. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Help support the channel on ... [ASMR] War of the Spark Set R...
2018/Feb/23 09:28:30


I flip thru every page of the Zelda: Art & Artifacts book. Please use pause if you want to view pictures longer. If you like the rustling of the pages, you just might like ... The Legend of Zelda: Art &...
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