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2019/Apr/10 20:06:54


a very casual girlfriend roleplay in which i hum you softly to sleep~ asmr triggers include; ♥ close up whispered personal attention ♥ cosy fire sounds ♥ soft ... [ASMR] Girlfriend Hums You So...
2014/Sep/09 20:44:50


ASMR Binaural Brushing 2.1 - Massage your Brain ** Warning ** from 5:20 Strong Brushing Sounds, Very Strong ! *** Click here for gentle version ... ASMR Binaural Brushing 2.1 - ...
2017/Dec/28 18:00:01

Tingting ASMR

Enjoy this binaural ASMR sleep treatment with an assortment of sleep triggers and gentle ear to ear whispering. Loads of sleep triggers like ear brushing, ear ... [ASMR] ~Brain Melting~ Sleep ...
2019/Apr/13 21:00:02

Batala's ASMR

I fell asleep like 7 times while editing, it was bomb. haha. I love you. Do you want to see me outside of ASMR ? Subscribe to my couples channel ... ASMR | Ultimate Brain Melting...
2019/Jan/20 20:30:20

asmr zeitgeist

YOU are craving for some good sleep?! ASMR Zeitgeist brings you the ultimate sleep therapy ear to ear treatment with binaural brushing for OVER 2.5 HOURS! ASMR 2.5+ Hour Sleep Therapy ...
2018/Sep/25 14:00:00

Ephemeral Rift

I hope you don't mind me borrowing your ears and being my guinea pig for a lab experiment in which I test out a new pair of microphones (DPA 4060's; the same ... Experimenting On Your Ears | ...
2019/Feb/03 08:03:20

Phoenician Sailor

Dr. Edward Prince can't seem to nail down a single specialty. Join him as he attempts to perform a procedure he is calling "Cognitive Pessimistic Psychotherapy" ... The Binaural Psychiatrist [ASMR]
2014/Nov/28 23:37:53

Heather Feather ASMR

"I am going to circle you like prey." Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: full use of the 3D microphone (I circled you throughout the video, so it will sound ... ASMR Circle Time! 3D Binaural...
2019/Feb/15 21:44:34


Finally getting around to a skin scratching video!! I haven't been able to do my nails lately, so I decided why not try scratching with some short nails lol. Not bad ... ASMR YOU CAN FEEL!! *BINAURAL...
2017/Nov/02 21:00:02

Heather Feather ASMR

I am going to circle you like prey. Put your headphones on for sound studio quality ASMR sounds all up in your ears. Happy Viewing! Subscribe to my channel ... ASMR Circle Time 3: A 360-Deg...
2018/Dec/11 21:07:05

WhispersRed ASMR

A super long, intensely binaural ear to ear ASMR 3Dio pamper session with ear cleaning, oils, dropper bottle and massage Time stamps: 0:00 - Layered intro ... Intensely Binaural Ear to Ear...
2019/Feb/10 21:00:03

Tingting ASMR

Enjoy this deep ear attention and massage ASMR video with binaural triggers to help you relax. Lots of interesting sounds in this one like binaural tapping and ... [ASMR] Intense Ear Attention ...
2019/Jan/06 20:30:27

asmr zeitgeist

Ready for some binaural ear satisfaction ASMR Zeitgeist style?! Let's dive into an Orbeez infinity pool! Plus many other tingly trigger treatments. Tonight I have a ... ASMR Binaural Ear Satisfactio...
2014/Nov/06 23:04:13

Heather Feather ASMR

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: a crackling candle, soft speaking, whispering, hand movements, scalp massage, and lots of vibration healing therapy ... Binaural Harmonic Massage Rol...
2019/Apr/06 00:58:41


I make three English videos, then one Spanish video, in that order! Got a question? It might be answered here: Would ... ASMR Slow & Fast Kisses (...
2018/Oct/12 17:06:21

ASMR Gina Carla

DOWNLOAD CLUE APP FOR FREE HERE: Get Clue Plus for ONLY $0,99 a month! Many Thanks to Clue for sponsoring this video ... ASMR Gina Carla Let Me Trigg...
2019/Apr/13 20:46:05

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Subscribe For More ASMR: #ASMR #binaural #dummyhead Mike the mic binaural dummy head ASMR unintelligible whispers on both ... Dummy Head Mic Unintelligible...
2015/Aug/21 18:08:18


This time it was necessary to use some more camera angles, so it took me a little more time than usual to get this video done. I really hope that I didn't waste my ... ASMR binaural dummy head - ea...
2019/Jan/26 23:56:05

Call Me Quiet ASMR

Hello and welcome friends and newcomers! I truly hope you enjoy the videos I make on this channel - they are for US I love to make them and I hope that YOU ... ASMR BINAURAL MOUTH SOUNDS ...
2016/Dec/27 17:02:01

PJ Dreams ASMR

Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I know I did, food coma for the better part of it all. It's great to back though ^_^ I know I say this all the time, but I have been ... ASMR Favorite Tingles Around ...
2019/Apr/15 00:58:49

Sara Mendes

Roleplay para você dormir rápido com sons de teclado, escrevendo,sussurrando,voz suave, exames e muito mais. #asmrbrasil #durmarapido #asmrroleplay ... ASMR BINAURAL : TRIAGEM PARA ...
2019/Apr/15 15:18:36


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