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Mental Health Awareness Month: My Borderline Story *TRIGGERING*

2019/Feb/04 00:30:00

Mad ASMR Triggers

ASMR Storytime: I have BPD and I'm on Antidepressants, I'm not sad or happy, just numb... I feel nothing. I'm not crazy just different. Mental Health Story: I ... I'm BORDERLINE and I'...
2017/Oct/04 03:28:05


2018/Oct/12 01:46:17

Raven ASMR

Thank you so much for watching! To support my channel visit Pretty please with a cherry on top! All donations go ... All About BPD (Borderline Per...
2018/Mar/20 22:00:00

tingles with flyby ASMR

I know that some of you have been curious about what exactly is going on with my love, and what it is like from my perspective, so I thought I'd share some of my ... ASMR Loving Someone with Bord...
2019/Feb/04 00:15:01

ASMR Français Québec

ASMR Storytime : J'ai été diagnostiquée Bipolaire il y a 10 ans, mais c'est faux ! J'ai un trouble de la personnalité limite (TPL) "Borderline" (BPD). Sur les ... Je ne suis pas BIPOLAIRE, Je ...
2014/Jul/31 13:46:59

Autumn Asphodel

The two types of borderline are the acting out, classic borderline and the acting in, quiet borderline. These two behave and handle things differently, but ... Types of Borderline Personali...
2017/Oct/10 21:02:55


TRIGGER WARNING: Selfharm, eating disorder, suicide attempt. Try BetterHelp: (This video was sponsored by ... Mental Health Awareness Month...
2018/Nov/21 14:06:36

ASMR by Adelaide

I am only telling you all this through experience of my own. You may have a completely different way of looking at it.. and thats ok. I am not a licensed therapist… .. PTSD and Borderline. (Non ...
2015/Dec/31 00:07:59

WhisperSparkles ASMR Since 2010

Hey everyone :) This is just my experiences of BPD My Channel Link: ... What Does Borderline Personal...
2018/Oct/08 21:49:38

piink Girl

Borderline Personality Disord...
2018/May/30 02:30:00


surprise! another throwback video! what else are second channels for?! JAPAN CONTENT ON THE WAY!!! Main Instagram: ... scammed by MissSxcBoutique on...
2018/Mar/01 09:31:45

Mathilification for daily live streams Adding a few snarky remarks here or there but ... Quiet Man Reads Bestiary 3.2....
2017/Aug/03 18:35:46

[Esc] reality

I have been getting comments from people calling my videos "borderline creepy". This should be better. In this ghostly relaxation video featuring slomo hand ... Ghost Girl Sleep Hypnosis - A...
2016/Jun/19 03:45:37

Kate Emily Brinly

'Change your thoughts and you change your world' - Norman Vincent Peale Symptoms of Inner Peace Affirmations posters ... Using Affirmations to Heal Bo...
2016/Sep/13 18:12:59


Like shocking things? Why not subscribe? Sorry the quality isn't great - I had to just grab what I had and start shooting. There were two storms fighting against ... Super Thunderstorm in the UK,...
2017/Jul/22 04:57:19

Snow Daemon

Because people requested this. (I seriously need new title names haha) Please don't be mad at me Bunny ;-; Borderline ASMR
2018/May/15 13:00:01

Dr. Todd Grande

This video describes the difference between borderline personality disorder and the concept of complex posttraumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). Borderline ... What is the Difference Betwee...
2017/Aug/24 06:54:22

LadyEzkay Gaming

Live tous les mercredis soirs à partir de 21h30 ASMR Live all wednesday 9:30 pm -- Watch live at ASMR Lady Ezkay Feat Pix &quo...
2019/May/01 23:00:52

c o c o

So I decided to vlog this unbelievably eventful day of my life! ! !! I hope it was tolerable ily Camera: Intro: Olympus something (I borrowed my sister's camera) The ... A REALISTIC day of my life (...
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