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Scientists raise ethical concerns as the brain cells of decapitated pigs are kept alive for 36 hours. ASMR BRAINS

Yale neuroscientist keeps pigs’ brains alive outside of bodies

2017/Nov/13 04:00:00


Hello! This is PPOMO. I'll do to massage, poke, pierce, press and touch your rice ball, foam, sand and clear slime brains for your sleep, relaxing, studying and ... ASMR Massage & Piercing Y...
2018/Jul/29 22:00:03


ASMR steamed PIG'S BRAIN with egg (exotic food) SOFT EATING SOUNDS | LINH-ASMR ❤ Don't forget to: LIKE, COMMENT and *SUBSCRIBE ... ASMR steamed PIG'S BRAINS...
2016/Oct/22 17:10:23

Kluna Tik

Eating raw brain, eyeball, tongua, nose and teeth ➜ SUBSCRIBE: New video EVERY WEEK! ➜ Hi, I'm Kluna and together with my venus ... Klunatik Eating BRAINS, EYEBA...
2015/May/11 22:06:04

Heather Feather ASMR

Just the facts, Ma'am. Hello everyone! This ASMR video features Ear to Ear Soft Speaking and Whispering. Please wear headphones to experience the full effect ... ASMR Binaural Awesome Facts ...
2018/May/03 16:30:00


Welcome to the zombie apocalypse! She protect, she attack, but most importantly she want snack! if you'd like to leave a tip click here: ... Little Zombie wants Brains |A...
2016/Jul/29 01:34:30

Ephemeral Rift

This "symphony of relaxation" includes a variety of triggers and objects such as paper cups, cactus rainstick, match sticks, hand movements and more, with ... ASMR Concerto No. 1 for Stres...
2018/Mar/22 19:30:01

SensorAdi ASMR

ASMR Roleplay For Non tingle brains. If You can't feel tingles or got tingle immunity Dr Sensor will cure it. Make ASMR TEST then take out Your brain and do ... Therapy For Non Tingle Brains...
2012/May/10 09:43:25

Wellcome Collection

On Wednesdays at Hammersmith Hospital in London, a few recently preserved human brains are dissected according to an international protocol and stored in ... Dissecting Brains
2016/Feb/17 17:51:07

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Hiiiiii!!!! In this video you'll see some of the paper planes that I've folded (up till 15:30 min) and all the different paper designs and instructions that came with the ... _-/\-_ Paper Planes To Soothe...
2019/Feb/19 19:04:31

Bee - ASMR

ASMR Dog Eating Steamed PIG'S BRAINS with Egg (EATING SOUNDS) Bee-ASMR. Please don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Thank you so much! ASMR Dog Eating Steamed PIG&#...
2018/May/15 11:00:00


We've all seen those ASMR videos circulating the internet. But what exactly is ASMR, and what's happening in our brains? Could Neural Lace Connect Our ... [ASMR]: Everything Science Kn...
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