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Polishing an old brass stove, ASMR, no talking

2014/Dec/20 13:56:03


Listen to the relaxing sounds of me polishing an old brass stove for almost two hours. For the very best results, consider wearing some comfortable headphones. Polishing an old brass stove,...
2015/Dec/06 19:00:00

Heather Feather ASMR

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features a tingle blitz of the clinking and sliding of Thai Golden Brass Fingernail Claws against each other. I am away this ... ASMR Binaural Tingle Blitz: T...
2015/Feb/16 18:04:12

ASMR Angel

I find nothing more relaxing than watching someone clean, whether it's wiping down windows or polishing their spoon collection it's by far my most favourite ... ASMR - Cleaning an ornate bra...
2018/Apr/05 12:51:48

Wise Woman Whispers ASMR

Let the tension of the day dissolve as I whisper you to sleep while showing you my latest vintage flea market finds. Lots of brass and glass and a lovely fabric ... ASMR Tapping on Brass & G...
2019/Apr/10 18:44:39

Freedom ASMR

Sounds of Freedom ASMR, Brass...
2017/Aug/25 01:27:37

Lynn Cinnamon ASMR Beauty

Nails Please subscribe, turn on notifications, like, and comment if you enjoy my ASMR channel and want to help it grow ✨ Donate: ... ASMR Random Brass and Metal T...
2018/Jun/06 13:28:34

Kristine Greke

Unpacking and testing Brass Fountain Pen from Traveler's company. F type, fine pen, black ink. Compare with uni-ball 0.28 Great pen, writes buttery smooth. Brass Fountain Pen | Traveler...
2019/Mar/21 07:53:52

Oromis Music

This video is about ASMR Brass. ASMR Brass (No Playing; Just ...
2016/Jan/05 13:38:01


polishing vintage brass Primus 51 stove. ASMR Polishing Vintage Brass ...
2016/Apr/16 12:32:15


ASMR Shining Brass Blowtorch. ASMR Shining Brass Blowtorch ...
2015/Jul/12 04:42:09


Binaural ASMR video featuring my collections of heads. Scratching, tapping and brushing. Enjoy! Thanks for watching. Please subscribe! =D. ASMR Heads - Ceramic, Glass, ...
2016/Jul/30 19:36:22

Kevin C

Description. ebay unboxing haul brass mode...
2012/Jan/09 21:23:27


ASMR sounds of empty brass
2017/Aug/25 19:45:10


Casting Brass Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg In this video i'm casting a Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg using the 'Lost PLA' casting method. This method makes ... Casting Brass Game Of Thrones...
2016/Jan/14 06:16:45


Brass polishing recorded with Samsung S4 phone. Polishing Brass Primus No. 51...
2019/May/02 07:30:35

AmandineLeloup ASMR

Triggers/déclencheurs: médaillons en cuivre, laiton/cheval/collection/horse brass, métal, sons nettoyage (cotton etc), cleaning sounds metal, tracing, hand ... ASMR:horse brass/médaillons ...
2018/Apr/02 13:58:59

Doctor Tingle

Subscribe for more. Thanks ! Brass Bowl Ding Tapping ~ ASM...
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