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The achievement is a long-sought step toward harnessing the potential power of such cells to treat diseases. But the discovery raises ethical concerns because it brings researchers closer to cloning humans. NPR.ORG
2018/Jun/07 20:25:05

VisualSounds1 ASMR

Welcome! Let me take your measurments and vitals and create your very own clone! Find me on social media: Vlogging Channel: ... Creating Your Clone ASMR
2017/Jun/30 05:06:19

JacobJacob15 ASMR

Hi Brownies! Welcome to another ASMR Video for YOU! In this video Me and My Clone, JacobJacob16 Clean your Ears with various objects found around your ... ASMR - Binaural Ear Cleaning ...
2018/Sep/30 13:54:52

Shadowy Whispers

Hello My Dark Army! Tingles App: Patreon: Amazon Wish List: ... ~ASMR~ Break Time with a Clon...
2016/May/17 15:55:54

Nebula ASMR

"Inspecting a Clone" sci-fi ASMR roleplay. Inspired from "orphan black" ..triggers included..sticky sounds, latex gloves, oil sounds, writing, soft-spoken.. Inspecting a Clone ASMR | Sci...
2017/Apr/16 00:20:19


The first double Gibi!!! This was a blast to shoot, you guys can thank my Patron Edison, who sponsored this video/idea :D Daisy notices you across the airport ... [ASMR] Daisy & Dr. Gibi T...
2018/Jun/08 05:41:31

A. Omanovic

Thanks for watching and if you fell a like my content then please subscribe Buy my merch: ~SOCALS~ Instagram ... "ASMR sound assortment&q...
2016/Jul/31 01:40:49


You want a you? Another you? Well we can get you and make you into a new you for you if you want here at U-Clone. //T&Cs APPLY - CLONE NOT FOR ... "Cloning You" [Role...
2018/Jul/25 01:37:52


Orphan Black's Alison Inspired role-play. (Requested) Soft Spoken. Thanks for watching! :) Facebook Page : Twitter: ... (( ASMR )) Roleplay : Superma...
2018/Nov/06 03:51:22


Shadow Clone Jutsu! * Poof * Hey everyone, it is time to get those tingles lit! ASMR FAST AND AGGRESSIVE TWIN...
2016/May/19 01:37:22

ASMR Paradise

I am suspected by a robotic investigation team of being a clone of myself. In order to prove my originality I must answer certain questions in relation to myself. ASMR Clone Test Role Play - Q...
2017/Nov/12 19:00:01

A Random Guy ASMR

Support me on: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: If you're ... ASMR - Clone Triggers Words -...
2016/Dec/18 20:08:01

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Hey there poopsies! In this video, I provide you with clone 1 and clone 2 of myself. Clone one will perform ear cleaning using the all so desirable QTIPS, and ... Cloni Bomboni Ear Cleaning &a...
2017/Jul/17 18:00:01

A Random Guy ASMR

Support me on: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Hey! ASMR - Clone Mouth Sounds &am...
2018/Jul/03 04:38:50


Bonjour toi, Alors comme ça tu veux te faire cloner ? Ok pas de soucis, je m'occupe de tout ! Pardon pour le son qui n'est pas terrible... ASMR ~ Examen du visage pour ...
2018/Dec/16 14:28:17


Cześć, dzisiaj z okazji pierwszej miesięcznicy od regularnego wrzucania filmów na YT zaprosiłam gościa specjalnego. Tym samym chciałabym Wam serdecznie ... ASMR ✦ Gość Specjalny ✦...
2019/Jan/04 05:17:12

Lovely Tashay TV

Like comment & subscribe for more videos!! Turn on notifications bell. Kid buu CLONE MALFUNCTIONED o...
2017/Feb/19 00:11:55


U-Clone is not responisble for the mental health, lifestyle and overall wellbeing of any distributed clones under any circumstances. See Section 33.4 of the ... Born A Clone [Roleplay][ASMR]
2017/Oct/13 19:06:52

ASMR People

This is just me doing a little mod work and doing a ramble soft spoken. Besides the soft spoken I feel the asmr comes in watching me concentrate doing some ... NES Mini Clone Mod Work &...
2018/Apr/01 23:16:37

Sweet as Honey

I am an operator. Science designed me to enforce the law with true efficiency and to be utterly bone-breakingly effective in doing so. I live in focus, calculated ... ASMR Sci-Fi Roleplay Alterat...
2017/May/28 18:07:09


clone hero requires a little more precision for strums specifically so there's a lot of random misses on strums, and then there's me trying to freestyle like an idiot ... guitar hero ASMR: cowboys fro...
2019/Apr/27 17:02:15

Jodie Marie ASMR

Hi Everyone, This is a little different, its quite a comical asmr video today. There are lots of triggers in this video, ear cleaning, licking, kissing, ear cupping, ear ... FUNNY ASMR/ Twin/Clone Video ...
2019/Jan/31 13:00:05

陽狐 yoko ASMR

[ 今日は、こちら! ] 昨日の動画のロングバージョンです。 分身は1〜4人で20s毎に切り替わります。 睡眠用にお使いください - [ ひとりご... ASMR - 影分身1時間 Sha...
2016/Aug/24 00:27:52

Mandarin Whispers 官方频道

A new attempt clone, shadow, doppelganger ....... ....... PayPal (I humbly appreciate ): 360° ASMR Doppelganger
2018/Mar/31 01:07:32

Bali Monster

just a little asmr of my 43 clone Enjoy. Benchmade 43 clone ASMR
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