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If you can't prove your outfit's rightfully yours, they can confiscate it. We spoke to young people in the city about the new measures meant to deter criminals, and the risk of racial profiling. ASMR CLOTHING

ASMR Measuring You and Designing Clothes For You (Personal Stylist Roleplay)

2019/Mar/19 20:00:08

Tingting ASMR

Check out 3 NEW designs in lots of styles and colors HERE! Welcome to my clothing store where I will measure you and ... [ASMR] Measuring You At My Cl...
2019/Mar/28 19:00:05

ASMR Maddy

Hey now!! Did you know you can find extremely sexy outfits at affordable prices if you'd just visit your local thrift store?! I have been having so much fun with my ... ASMR // Thrifted Haul - Cloth...
2017/Mar/16 23:14:41

GwenGwiz ASMR

Triggers: Fabric noises, Soft Speaking * WATCH NEXT - ASMR Anxiety Examination Doctor Role Play : ... ASMR Clothing Store Personal ...
2018/Mar/28 19:00:03


This video is essentially a Romwe fashion haul! Except this time I purchased all of the items myself. There were a couple comments on my last Romwe video that ... Soft Spoken Clothing Sales ASMR
2018/Dec/14 00:58:11


My ENTIRE HypeBeast Clothing Collection (ASMR) Thanks for watching! Previous video: Other must see videos: OG Shoe ... My ENTIRE HypeBeast Clothing ...
2019/Jan/27 21:04:59

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Subscribe For More ASMR: #ASMR #clothes #store Clothing shop ASMR, which is a remake of my last two ... Clothes Store Roleplay (ASMR)
2018/Jul/23 22:00:08

Maple ASMR

Links to all the items Shein Website Zaful Website 01:17 first dress (S) ... ASMR HUGE summer Try-On Cloth...
2019/Feb/20 05:37:33

kumkum kamini

ASMR Clothing Haul - Dresses ...
2019/Mar/22 07:03:26

1prince Asmr

My other channel ~ Instagram ~ [Asmr] clothing haul / new mic
2018/Aug/29 02:29:44

CoriCat ASMR

I got a chemical peel today so i look fucked up. Insta: cori_1221 Okay, so here it is, ill just say it. A lot of my cloths are lame ... ASMR - Clothing Try On Haul P...
2018/Nov/29 19:33:13

Gabby ASMR

I know its been a while, but I hope you guys enjoy this video. Video includes a show and tell of new and adorable clothes! Don't forget to like and subscribe and ... ASMR CLOTHING HAUL 2
2018/Mar/15 19:30:03

BreadandButter ASMR

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy this clothing store checkout roleplay. Triggers include fabric sounds, tag sounds, typing, and soft speaking. ♥ PayPal tip jar: ... ASMR Clothing Store Checkout ...
2016/Nov/26 03:06:59


Many of you requested clothing sounds, so here are a handful of articles of clothing from my wardrobe that make some great sounds! Hope you enjoy! By the ... ASMR * Theme: Clothing Sounds...
2017/Jul/15 16:51:13

Maple ASMR

Will you be able to make it til the end! This is probably my biggest try on haul ever! Enjoy! I am 5'9 175cm SheIn site : 03:02 (EUR38) ... ASMR Huge Try-On Clothing Hau...
2017/Apr/24 02:05:44


A very small and basic clothing haul! Find Me: ... ASMR Clothing Haul
2017/May/04 15:58:22

ASMR Darling

Hi! Summer is starting very soon, so here's a little clothing haul to relax you :) Video includes whispers, fabric sounds, and visual ASMR! Thanks so much to Zaful ... ASMR Whispered Summer Clothin...
2018/Jul/08 14:02:25

BreadandButter ASMR

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy this clothing store cashier roleplay, now with scanner! Triggers include customer service, typing, and fabric sounds. ♥ PayPal tip jar: ... ASMR Clothing Store Checkout ...
2019/Apr/14 17:05:35


Spring/summer 2019 try on clothing haul! I'm going for a more minimalist wardrobe this year let me know what you think and what trends you're loving! ASMR spring/summer 2019 try-o...
2019/Feb/26 16:05:47


ASMR whispered video showing you some clothing items that I have purchased recently. Lots of tapping and fabric sounds, hope it helps you relax ✨ Products ... ASMR Clothing Haul (Whispered)
2019/Apr/16 19:19:11

HaleyJean ASMR

Download Poshmark here: ✧ Shop my closet: @HALEYSCHERBEL ✧ Buy or Sell Fashion! Items Shown: Shein- ... ASMR Summer Clothing Haul + T...
2014/Nov/03 21:41:08


Hello everyone! In this video you will find cloth, paper bag, and leather sounds. You will also find soft talk and slow hand movements. I am way out of my league ... ASMR - MENS CLOTHING SALES RO...
2019/Mar/31 16:43:12

ASMR Pinot Noir

Mesh see through clothing from China sellers on eBay. Everything well under $10 each. Instagram: ASMR Cheap EBay Mesh Clothing...
2017/Feb/02 06:23:08


Hello! I absolutely love all the pieces I got from Zaful, and I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to give it a thumbs up if you did! Please take care of your health~ ... ASMR | Try On Clothing Haul
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


ASMR Measuring You and Design...
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