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ASMR Crisp&Clear (AGS)

2016/Oct/17 17:30:01


This is ASMR video. You will hear crisp and clear sounds here that trigger tingles in your brain. I whisper sometimes nice things to. Let me know how much you ... ASMR Crisp&Clear (AGS)
2018/Jun/24 18:59:53


ASMR 1 hour Ear to Ear Sound triggers with Close Whispering ♥ Hello! Tonight I have a mixture of crisp & bassy sounds with whispers, including some much ... ASMR Deep Sleep Sounds ~ Bass...
2018/Jun/05 11:52:44


Enter the giveaway contest here: Winner gets a $180 gift code plus free sizing and free shipping. Apart from that ... ASMR Crispy wood sounds
2019/Apr/12 18:35:40


ASMR #ASMRMagic #Sleepy Hi! This ASMR video includes various ear to ear trigger sounds with some close up slow whispering to help you relax and sleep ... ASMR ♥️ INTOXICATING Trig...
2018/Dec/30 15:34:38

A. Omanovic

SOCALS~ Instagram A_omanovic7 Snapchat - A.omanovic77 I'm a 12 year old girl named Amina!!!!! I do asmr cause I love to do it and I love to ... [ASMR] Eating Burger King Cri...
2017/May/25 00:04:09


Hi there :) AS PROMISED! A nail scratching sounds only video. Last month I made a fabric book tapping and scratching video While I was in the Netherlands but ... [ASMR] Crisp Nail Scratching ...
2018/Dec/23 23:30:21

Zach Choi ASMR

ASMR KFC Crispy Colonel Big Box Mukbang 먹방 Crispy Colonel Chicken Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy and Potato Wedges Check ... ASMR KFC Crispy Colonel Big B...
2018/Jan/06 03:20:07

Crunchy ASMR

HAPPY 2018!! Starting the year fresh with some crisp celery! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to check out my other videos and my ... ASMR Celery INTENSE CRUNCHY *...
2013/Jun/29 00:27:58


Hi, everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!) Here is my very first soundscape! Just a few sounds I recorded and mixed together for guaranteed** relaxation. This is a pure ... ASMR: Crispy Soundscape
2018/Dec/05 03:48:40


Subscribe Channel Youtube OK ! korang rasa mana lagi ranggup ?! MCD atau KFC ?... bagi aku lah ... KFC VS MCD Mana Lagi Crunchy ...
2018/Dec/23 09:09:49


Ouch! kali ni buat Homemade lebih jimat berguni guni aku boleh dapat dengan RM15 berbanding beli kat luar RM15 tu je satu cup yg brapa ketul je dapat! SWEET & SPICY BABY CRAB |...
2019/Feb/01 00:07:33

Zach Choi ASMR

ASMR KFC Extra Crispy vs Original Recipe Fried Chicken 먹방 Today we're going to see which KFC style of chicken is the MOST satisfying! This is Ear-to-Ear ... ASMR KFC EXTRA CRISPY vs ORIG...
2018/Mar/14 04:19:02

N.E Let's Eat

Hi FamJam! ❤ These crunchy rice crispy cakes were sooooo yummy! They had the right amount of sweetness to them and they were so big to bite lol. CRUNCHY CRISPY CAKES | *NO Ta...
2016/Apr/24 13:38:52

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Munchpak website: Hey there poopsies! Here is another Munchpak unboxing session with some more new snacks inside! I was really ... Snacking & Chewing … Cr...
2018/Aug/06 19:00:06

ASMR Maddy

Hey now! Some of my most-loved sounds coming at you, including crisp white dress shirt tingles:) If you would like to become more involved in my content and ... ASMR Brushing You To Sleep (B...
2017/Nov/05 19:20:09


Pomagranate Crisp ASMR Eating Sounds Tap + Chewy ASMRTHECHEW INTENSE ... Pomagranate Crisp ASMR Eating...
2018/Feb/22 20:53:16


Love how crisp everything sounds in this booth! Hope you'll enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. :) TIME STAMPS: 0:00 samples 5:05 natural bath ... ASMR IN A SOUND BOOTH
2018/Aug/26 15:48:08


Well I know this what a little weird but any excuse to eat crisps and I am there Instagram: gracebooth97. 25 Crunches of different Brit...
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