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Bone. 1996 Dec;19(6):595-601. Research Support, U.S. Gov ASMR DENTAL

FDA :: About Dental Amalgam Fillings

2018/Dec/03 22:51:31

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Good evening :) I will gently examine your lymph nodes 02:00 then I'll examine your beautiful mouth a bit 04:10 start your cleaning at 06:55 and give you some ... GENTLE Dental Exam and Cleani...
2019/Feb/25 21:46:35


Many people have a fear of the dentist, I'm here to make this experience as relaxing as possible. :) “I dare you to use your imagination. I dare you when you're ... [ASMR] Dental Exam & Teet...
2014/Jul/16 15:24:28

Fairy Char ASMR

Sending you love and light wherever you are! Thank you so so so much for watching! Take care of yourselves always! ... ASMR Binaural Dental Visit Ro...
2019/Jan/28 22:56:23


Hello everyone, Every word I say to you, I'm always in hope you grasp my intentions and direction for this beautiful journey I get to call OUR CHANNEL. ASMR| Teeth Cleaning and Dent...
2018/Sep/14 21:40:14


Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes glove sounds, Scraping sounds, Teeth brushing, Light trigger, keyboard sounds, asmr soft speaking, ... ASMR Dental Examination (Glov...
2019/Apr/04 22:56:26

HunniBee ASMR

Hello today you have an appointment for a dental exam & teeth cleaning with Dr. Hunni Get ready to have your teeth examined closely, gently scratched, ... ASMR DENTIST EXAM & TEETH...
2019/Apr/04 11:56:05


Hi :D This sounds requested for many times from past videos & Live Streams Ear Cleaning - ear canal only :D I think It's kind of sounds that you might hate it or ... ASMR. 1 Hour of Ear Canal Cle...
2019/Mar/12 19:17:22


ASMR * Dental Examination * Check out our other ASMR channels: (Fe)MaleASMR: ... ASMR * Dental Examination *
2018/Jun/12 16:25:27

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

Dr. Raspberry Fritter has a new job as a dentist! She's not allowed to kill patients but she still sneaks a snack of blood once in a while :3 She does some ... ASMR - HEWWO? ~ The Worst Den...
2019/Mar/30 01:57:38


Time to relax while you have your teeth cleaned and examined! ——————————————————————————————— What does ASMR stand for ... ASMR Dental Exam + Cleaning ...
2018/Jul/07 17:53:32

All Tingles ASMR

Welcome to this sketchy dental office, where a sketchy and rude dentist will give you a checkup on your teeth and fix one of them. Sit down and try to relax. (ASMR) Rude Dentist Gives You...
2018/Aug/06 19:30:01

Articulate Design ASMR

Relaxing trip to the Dentist with some gentle teeth brushing, flossing, x-ray sounds and a teeth whitening session at the end. I hope you all enjoy :D ... ASMR - Dental Roleplay (Teeth...
2016/May/11 04:29:20

Deluca ASMR

Triggers start 6:45 ** New ASMR medical role play by request. This is a dental examination featuring mouth sounds, close up attention with soft speaking and ... [ASMR] Dental Examination Med...
2019/Feb/12 21:13:26

Marshall ASMR

This video was requested by a lot of my viewers. I'm using 3 tools on my teeth that make great sounds. These are dental tools, and make fantastic sounds. [ASMR] Dental Tools Mouth Sounds
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