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Stegosaurus, Rhinoceros, or Hoax? | Science | Smithsonian

2018/Nov/16 23:45:00


2014/Nov/14 17:14:51

WhispersRed Sleepy Children

Hello!! Here is video number two! This one is a show and tell of two model dinosaurs and a book from the Natural History Museum. Featuring lots of ASMR ... ASMR for Children ✹ Dinosaurs!
2016/Aug/17 00:07:59

TinglyShoop ASMR

Hey there, guys and gals! :D Welcome to this whispered facts video about dinosaurs! :D I must stress that these are not my own facts, but rather ones that have ... ASMR Whispered Binaural "...
2018/Aug/07 19:56:18

Miracle Forest

A poll winner from Patreon, something quite different from my usual stuff. I've never really been into dinosaurs to be honest, but a lot of people love them, and I ... Dinosaur Jungle ASMR Ambience
2018/Dec/14 03:28:32

SoulRepose ASMR

Watch as I dig for one of the most endangered creatures in the world! Caution: Bad puns and terrible riddles ahead. 100% All whispered! Like and Subscribe! Dinosaurs & Bad Puns (Whi...
2019/Jan/05 00:04:16

Oopsydaisy ASMR

Hello everyone! :) In today's video we're stuck in Jurassic World after the dinosaurs managed to run free on the island. Our safe place isn't far away so we need ... Escaping from Jurassic World ...
2013/May/19 14:13:50


Dinosaurs are Dynomite I share some dinosaur information in whisper form because some people really like whispering, and some people really like dinosaurs. ASMR Relaxing Dinosaur Whispe...
2016/Jan/17 16:04:19


Close your eyes and be transported back in time to a place where dinosaurs still roamed the earth. This is an ambient video that is made for the purpose of ... Jurassic Jungle/ Dinosaur - A...
2018/Apr/24 22:36:51


In this video I read you my very own children's book about dinosaurs that I've had for many years. This is a close up, whispered ramble and reading ASMR video ... (12) ASMR Dinosaurs | Book re...
2019/Mar/07 22:01:30

ASMR Facts

Enjoy almost 25 minutes of various whispered and ancient facts about dinosaurs! (If history repeats itself, I'm SO getting a dinosaur.) Photo credits: Adam ... [ASMR] Ear to Ear Whispered F...
2016/Dec/19 22:18:54

The Whisper Gamer

ASMR - The Mesozoic Era | The Age of Dinosaurs | Ear to Ear Whisper The Mesozoic Era was the time from 248 million to 65 million years ago. During the ... ASMR - The Mesozoic Era | The...
2015/Jan/08 20:44:30

Read it and Sleep

Reddit user /u/NessFromEarthbound mentioned that she's interested in videos talking about dinosaurs or dinosaur names. I was just going to talk about her ... ASMR Lets Learn About Prehist...
2016/Dec/05 05:41:58

Tallulah Mae ASMR

Merry Christmas! Welcome to Tallulah's Dinosaur Emporium! --- Background Image Credit: By Patrick Kuhl from Madison, United States [CC BY 2.0 ... ASMR Roleplay ~ Christmas Din...
2018/Jan/10 19:00:01


Hi! Welcome back to Google Earth! It has been a while since I last checked out Google Earth but I thought it would be interesting to jump back in and check out ... ASMR: Google Earth - What Hap...
2018/Oct/24 17:26:34

Steve Harvey Talkshow

ASMR Eating Earwax & Pig | Dinosaurs ASMR | ASMR Eating sounds no talk. Thanks For Watching! Real life Eating shark ! Dinosaurs ASMR | ASMR Eating ... ASMR Eating Earwax & Pig ...
2018/Oct/12 18:41:09

Steve Harvey Talkshow

Thanks For Watching : ASMR eat chicken! Dinosaurs ASMR | ASMR eating sounds no talk Please Like, Share Video and Subscribe my channel! These videos ... ASMR eat chicken! Dinosaurs A...
2018/Nov/02 16:21:51

Steve Harvey Talkshow

Eating FLUFFY ICE CREAM!Dinosaurs ASMR | ASMR eating sounds no talk Thanks For Watching! HALLOWEEN ASMR DINNER!Dinosaurs ASMR | ASMR ... Eating FLUFFY ICE CREAM! Dino...
2016/Jun/18 18:19:20


I know i don't upload very frequently or consistently, but i'm trying to make content when i can. Let me know if you have any requests, comments, or criticisms. ASMR - Whispering Facts About...
2019/Apr/27 20:00:01

SmoothSoothe ASMR

Today we have a fact video about Dinosaurs, that was suggested by Jordan King. I loved making this one! Some great facts in there, I hope you like it as always ... [ASMR] Close Up Whispered Fac...
2018/May/04 22:00:02

Tamires Seeling

Olá pessoal, tudo bem? "O meu primeiro ASMR" =) Hoje o vídeo é um ASMR (Resposta Sensorial Autônoma do Meridiano), e também "NO TALKING", ou seja, ... My First ASMR - Page Turning,...
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