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Emotion in the Eyes of a Dolphin

Read a compassionate story about emotional dolphin intelligence and why marine conservation matters to their future survival. SEETHEWILD.ORG

Mekong dolphins almost extinct

Freshwater dolphins in the Mekong River are on the verge of extinction, according to the conservation group WWF. BBC

The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong

In the 1960s, Margaret Lovatt was part of a Nasa-funded project to communicate with dolphins. Soon she was living with ‘Peter’ 24 hours a day in a converted house. Christopher Riley reports on an experiment that went tragically wrong THEGUARDIAN.COM
2017/Aug/08 19:05:16


This video shows you how to carve a dolphin out of soap. ukiran sabun /tallado de jabón /escultura em sabonete / 香皂雕 / แกะสลักสบู่ /карвинг мыло /... SOAP CARVING | Dolphins | Del...
2018/Oct/05 16:55:28

Victor Olivatti

enjoy! 1 hour relax enjoy asmr - Dol...
2019/Feb/10 00:49:23

Sabrina's World

P.O. Box 382 Mountain City, TN. 37683 My Avon - My Patreon: My Etsy ... ASMR Tapping On Dolphins
2017/Jul/12 00:26:57

Lovely asmr S

2018/Aug/12 02:34:46

tired haleyyxx

I'm sorry this video was horrible and rushed and very short but I hope y'all enjoyed the little time of tapping and mic brushing!! - Haley. ASMR ~ Fat Dolphins Custom Vi...
2019/Jan/13 08:10:04

Pastel_ xxio

Created by VideoShow: So many of my friends requested for this ... ~ASMR // cs vlogging dolphins...
2019/Mar/13 19:59:04

Astral Whispers

(English below) Magnífica experiencia oceánica de relajación dónde te toparás con delfines, medusas, gaviotas, peces, ballenas y demás... Pero mantente ... ASMR ambiental | Dance with d...
2018/Nov/16 20:00:07

Our Resting Place ASMR

Hi guys, so today I've put together a commentary on a video my friend filmed a couple of days after I'd finished sailing with him. He'd managed to spot two ... ASMR - Rescuing Porpoise/Dolp...
2016/Sep/06 10:17:12

Project Studio Phoenix

ASMR Dolphins - Nature 3D. ASMR Dolphins - Nature 3D / ...
2012/Feb/11 00:19:08


A Little Bit About Me, Dolphi...
2018/Aug/01 20:46:37

Daniel Cruz

Enjoy the carving of these cutest souvenir gift soaps! More tags: oddly satisfying, classic, shaving, visual, viral Credit: @soap.asmr.ns. This video shows you how ... BEST SATISFYING SOAP CARVING ...
2012/Jun/23 01:23:09


Pure sounds of nature. Whales & Dolphins ~ Natur...
2018/Nov/11 13:06:04


Dolphins are very cute but they're also very fast, they're actually the fastest mammal on water. This simple fact caused a lot of confusion between scientists ... Grays's Paradox- Boundary...
2015/Oct/28 16:45:01

ASMR Curiosity Cabinet

ASMR Whale and Dolphin Bones brushing for you ! I love Whales and Dolphins, and when i was in Iceland i discovered those bones on the beach, they make a ... ASMR Binaural Whale and Dolph...
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