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Dowsing Board and Pendulum Demonstration Spirit World Divination ASMR

2009/Feb/05 16:19:24

rmorfen Read the aura, the polarity, and the chakra balance using dowsing rods. This podcast shows the fundamentals of dowsing the ... Use Dowsing Rods To Read the ...
2016/Apr/22 03:17:55


Welcome to my channel. This is a quick demonstration on using a dowsing board and pendulum to connect to the spirit world. Homemade dowsing boards and ... Dowsing Board and Pendulum De...
2016/Nov/08 12:57:34


asmr skeleton key dowsing
2016/Sep/12 01:06:19


Hello again! :) This video is on the History of Divination, History of the Ouija Board, an Deck of Original Oracle Cards, how to use a Dowsing Board and ... ASMR * History of Divination ...
2016/Mar/04 17:35:25

Tim Walter

How to find detrimental aspects of subtle energy in your home using a pendulum and a floorplan. Please contact me via my website at if ... how to use a pendulum for rem...
2017/Aug/10 15:52:11

Paul Outdoors

In this video I share something a little bit different to the usual content on my channel, namely Dowsing for Answers using a Crystal Pendulum. This is one of the ... Dowsing for Answers using a C...
2014/May/19 00:03:13


My first video in a new series. Spoiler alert... if you're holding it, you're moving it! Facebook: Twitter: ... Woo Watch: Ouija, Dowsing &am...
2017/Oct/07 00:11:12

Aumvedas IEaSLC

Catherine W Dunne, Co-Founder and Teacher at Aumvedas Academy (, is very passionate about Chakras and Pendulum Healing. In this brief ... Dowsing the Chakras
2016/Nov/08 22:38:07

Lisa Rose

Crystals hold energy and need to be cleared of residual energy before being included as a tool for healing sessions. In this video, I demonstrate how I use ... Clearing Crystals with Reiki ...
2019/Apr/12 05:03:47

Kristenly Awkward

paranormal #mukbang #dowsingrods #spicynoodles #kristenlyawkward. Spicy Ramen Mukbang and Dows...
2018/Dec/02 12:54:00

Wellness with Serwiusz

Handbook New Dowsing by Brigitta Schmidt is very interesting book about pendulum healing. In this video I do a review of this interesting book. I am not affiliate ... Quantum Healing with Pendulum
2018/Jan/18 22:05:34

Baj Pendulos

This was a spontaneous healing meditation that was recorded during our Level 2 Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing Online ... Higher Mind Pendulum Healing ...
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