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Why Did Pirates Wear Earrings?

From preventing hearing loss to paying for funerals, pirates and sailors of old wore earrings for many reasons. LIVESCIENCE.COM
2017/May/30 19:16:43

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Hello, loves! ♥ In this video I will show you my collection of earrings that make very soothing sounds (and a few bracelets at the end) and will whisper to you ... ASMR Tingly EarRings Whispe...
2017/Aug/19 18:21:42


타임라인* 1. 말 많은 유투버 1:12 - 6:15 2. 시선강탈 샹들리에 귀걸이 6:18 - 10:16 3. 수공예품 꽃 귀걸이 10:17 - 13:28 4. 물망초 귀걸이 13:29 - 17:49 5. 구슬... [영어ASMR][자막있음]다...
2019/Feb/14 03:04:43

Life with MaK

ASMR~ BLVOOM Earring & Accessories Haul - Plus GIVEAWAY! Thank you Bvloom for these awesome accessories! Bvloom Website & Instagram: ... ASMR~ WHAT?!?!? Affordable E...
2019/Jan/09 14:00:02


ピアスを開けてない素人の私が、道具一式を初見で挑戦してみました。やり方違うって所が有りましたらご指摘お願い致します✨タイトルにもあ... 【衝撃】ASMR 医療用シ...
2018/Nov/08 01:26:47


Hello everyone, Every word I say to you, I'm always in hope you grasp my intentions and direction for this beautiful journey I get to call OUR CHANNEL. ASMR~Mouth Sounds/ TAPPING ON...
2017/Jun/04 01:00:01

Relax Academy ASMR

Hi guys, I'm Diana from Relax Academy. This is our second video with microphones mounted in my earbuds. This way we can record the real sounds I can hear ... ASMR Trying on Tingly Earring...
2018/Nov/26 04:30:01

ASMR Secret Lab

This video is very powerful ASMR trigger for people who never get tingles or have ASMR immunity. We put on her eras 15 different pair of earnings and recorded ... 100% Ear Tingles ASMR | Oddly...
2017/Mar/03 13:57:43

Nyuszi ASMR

Hello! Welcome to a new video! Today I'm showing you my earrings collection, with try on. There are many tingly earrings! If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE, ... ASMR Earrings Haul Collection...
2018/Apr/23 19:11:13

ASMR Darya

Thanks to Happiness Boutique for few free accessories which became one of my favorites! Bee Pom Pom Earrings: ... ASMR ✔️ EAR to EAR close ...
2017/Aug/13 11:05:21

Suzevi ASMR

안녕하세요 수제비예요! 지난 번에 말씀드린대로 귀걸이샵 롤플레이 올려드려요! 지난 번 영상 보다 귀걸이 달그락 소리가 더 잘 들리는 것 같아요.... ASMR 귀걸이 쇼핑&착...
2018/Apr/12 03:17:40


She will sometimes come up to the hero and ask for some food, money, or shoes. If they refuse to give her anything, she will say, "Oh no. Oh no no no. No no no ... ASMR- Tapping On My Earrings ...
2019/Jan/15 16:04:51


ASMR whispered videos showing you my new series of earrings available on my Etsy store, hope it helps you relax ✨ Etsy: ... ASMR Jewellery Show and Tell ...
2018/Oct/31 14:43:58


[ASMR] Stylish Earrings Give ...
2019/Feb/09 11:30:00


ピアスをした事のない素人の私が、道具一式を使い2回目の挑戦。前回コメ欄で色々教えて頂いた点を踏まえてやりましたが…違ってたら教えて下... 【リアル】ASMR 医療用...
2018/Oct/06 21:42:37

HunniBee ASMR

Hiiiiyyaa Today I just wanted it to be super simple, nothing craycray So many of you ask for just whisper with tapping vids so I thought this would be perfect. ASMR Close Up Whispering &...
2017/Sep/22 02:44:12

Best Hallmark movies Turley

Jewellery Collection (Earring...
2017/Aug/09 14:12:15

Suzevi ASMR

안녕하세요 수제비예요! 오늘은 정말 많이 요청해주신 귀걸이(귀고리)샵 판매 롤플레이예요. 요청을 너무 많이 받아서 저도 꼭 영상을 만들고... ASMR Show and wear Earrings ...
2019/Mar/21 21:17:08

Best Life By Brooke

Welcome back friends!!! Today's video is another hotel video where I give you detailed descriptions of all of my clip on earrings! They are very unique in style so I ... ASMR || Earrings Collection S...
2014/Jan/20 18:22:30

ASMR Counting Sheep

Jennie Jane shares some of her favorite earrings with you. ASMR Role Play - Jennie Jane&...
2018/Mar/06 23:00:01

RelaxWithRachel ASMR

Hey everyone, today's video is a bit different. I recently purchased a bunch of new earrings and wanted to show them to you. I love the sounds that they make in ... [ASMR] Whispered Earring Haul...
2019/Apr/09 21:41:43

Fantasia ASMR

Bonsoir a tous! Je reviens avec une vidéo show and tell sur des boucles d'oreilles que j'ai faites moi même. J'adore le bruit des perles et j'espère vraiment que ... ASMR : les boucles d'orei...
2019/Apr/21 16:09:23


ASMR whispered video making new glue peelings and experimenting with some earring ideas, lots of bead sounds. Hope it helps you relax ✨ Etsy: ... ASMR Glue Peelings/ Making Ea...
2019/Apr/19 22:12:22

SouthernASMR Sounds

This video features some items that I recently purchased at Walmart, and then we'll convert three pretty pairs of earrings to clip-ons. :) ASMR | Shopping Haul Show &am...
2018/Jun/18 23:25:10

Olivia Kissper ASMR

BEST watched on TINGLES: ***** ⚡ TRY ONLINE THERAPY: Many people ... Whisper Updates ➤ ASMR Dang...
2019/Apr/09 17:39:08

Vittoria Balmont ASMR

2019/May/01 16:14:43


ASMR whispered video making earrings, lots of bead sounds. Hope it helps you relax ✨ Etsy: Instagram: ... ASMR Making Earrings (Whispered)
2019/Mar/15 11:00:04

Heysun ASMR

Instagram * heysun_is 안녕하세요 헤이썬입니다:) 오늘은 제가 갖고 있는 귀걸이 소개해드리면서 짤랑짤랑 거리는 소리를... ASMR 짤랑짤랑귀걸이 ...
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