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Elephant Emotions - Grieving


Fact or Fiction?: Elephants Never Forget - Scientific American

Do elephants really have steel-trap memories? SCIENTIFICAMERICAN.COM
2012/Oct/05 01:27:46

Bill MaxVoxPax

just a show and tell, with a few of my elephants, cd's, books etc. show and tell
2016/Dec/09 22:23:23

Towel folding tutorial

This video is slightly different from the other "2 Ways to Fold Towel Elephants." I wanted to make a more secure elephant heads, and I came up with using rubber ... Two Ways to Fold Towel Elepha...
2018/Oct/07 18:53:50

Tattoo ASMR

wooden elephants asmr for sleep fast, asmr elefantes de madera para dormir rapido * El ASMR en ocasiones me ha ayudado mucho más que ningún tipo de ... ELEFANTES DE MADERA ASMR | ...
2010/Dec/03 05:36:16


More videos/info: Doodling Snakes + Graphs: Doodling Stars: ... Doodling in Math Class: Infin...
2019/Mar/27 23:36:47

Peace and Calm ASMR

Hello and Welcome to my channel!! Hope you enjoy this video! :) ASMR~Elephants
2016/Aug/19 17:45:06

Towel folding tutorial

This video shows you how to fold elephants in 2 different ways using large and small cotton towels. The eyes can be cut out from colored paper, fabric, ... 2 Ways To Fold Elephants Vide...
2018/Aug/08 13:34:52

Yung Yosef

It's true. Painkilliers can kill elephan...
2017/Apr/20 09:49:25

AmandineLeloup ASMR

Hello dear friends, a couple of my subscribers on my old channel 2012/14 asked me to reupload this video about a short story (NGOs & protection of animals, ... ASMR: stories about elephants...
2017/Jun/01 02:55:07


Just a little of what I have been up too. Follow my IG- lilnuggget. Elephants and Unintentional ASMR
2011/May/30 00:26:45


Zoo elephants playing in the water. Elephants in the pool ASMR
2014/Oct/03 06:43:32


Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to be back! I haven't posted a video in a few months and it has sucked. For real. This video is and unboxing of my band's recently ... ASMR Barefoot Elephants Album...
2016/Dec/10 00:55:23

Relaxing Videos

How to fold elephant using a large and small cotton towels. You can place this towel elephant on a bed for decoration. If you prefer videos with music, please ... Relaxing video. Folding Towel...
2013/Jul/10 05:20:30

teenywhispers ASMR

Long time no whisper, everyone! So sorry. I have just had a long couple of months; good and bad. I'm sorry. I hope this video suffices a little. I will Make it up, ... Whispering Facts About Elepha...
2015/Mar/24 12:39:17


My huge BBC Earth colouring book...if you want to see more of this book leave a comment! {ASMR} BBC Earth Colouring El...
2019/Apr/15 16:29:24

ASMR TingleSpace

Sharing my elephants with you | Soft talking | Stroking | Scratching Elephants from Tanzania and Laos. Loved making this for you! TingleSpace x. ASMR RELAX WITH ELEPHANTS
2019/Feb/13 18:23:59

Skanda Vale

Valli and Lakshmi – two temple elephants on their daily walk in the forest at Skanda Vale Ashram. You can see more of our elephant videos here: ... Elephants holding tails at Sk...
2016/Mar/02 06:51:08


ASMR whispered facts and information about Pandas and Elephants. Relax and release stress while exciting your mind. Listen to facts about the largest land ... ASMR Whisper Animal Facts - P...
2014/Oct/26 00:30:26

MaharajaXpress Menu "MaharajaXpress Indian Festival of Colours Video" "Holi Phagwa" "Phagawa" "Phagua" "Colorful Elephants" [ASMR] Ear to Taste ... "Indian Festival of Colo...
2016/May/10 02:48:46

Astral ASMR

So this was something I drew as a mother's day gift. I figured, my mum loves elephants, she loves steampunk, so drawing an elephant with some gears and cogs ... ASMR Art 7: Steampunk Elephant
2015/Jul/26 09:26:53


NOW has pleasure in presenting... Created By Popular Request... ELEPHANT Trunk Girth Hypnosis Biokinesis Alpha Male Transformation ... Elephant Trunk Girth Hypnosis...
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