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Images, Crustal Ages of the Ocean Floor | NCEI

Images derived from data offered by the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) and collocated World Data Service for Geophysics. NOAA.GOV
2019/Mar/22 17:09:16

Amuse Asmr

This is a softly spoken asmr classroom / geography teacher roleplay (which is code for I have no clue what I'm talking about :) In this video we will point out and ... Asmr - Geography Class - Soft...
2017/Aug/18 00:56:25

Indiee ASMR

Thanks for watching! I hope the new mic sounds good. [ASMR] Whispered Geography Qu...
2019/Feb/22 21:00:04

Miss Bell ASMR

ASMR Landforms Lesson - Geography Teacher Roleplay - Soft Spoken Learn, Relax, and Fall Asleep in 22 Minutes. Hi students, I hope you like this soft-spoken ... [ASMR] Landforms Lesson - Geo...
2017/Oct/20 20:46:56

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello there my lovelies! I'm not abandoning you I promise I just don't have time very much recently so there will still be uploads but maybe not as much ... ASMR~ Terrible Geography Teac...
2018/Apr/02 13:59:59


Talking about what I've learned so far about the historic movements of the tectonic plates of the earth – in this Soft Spoken Geography Show & Tell ASMR video ... ASMRctica ASMR - ASMR Relief ...
2018/Mar/11 04:26:23


Other Social Media: ASMR~ Geography Teacher (Part I)
2018/Mar/30 17:56:00

Zacksworld ASMR

Hello students! come learn where all of the US states are. For people not in the states it can be a fun way of learning all of the different state names and locations ... ASMR United States Geography ...
2019/Mar/12 02:00:01

tingles with flyby ASMR

Sadly Mr. Jones has not yet discovered the concept of Rehab, but fortunately, this leaves me once again with all of you lovely students in his class. Today we'll ... Teaching You South American G...
2019/Feb/05 03:00:02

tingles with flyby ASMR

Today we'll be looking at Asia, and the countries that make up this continent, with their symbol of nationhood - the flag. Buckle up, because there are a lot of ... Asian Countries and Flags (Ge...
2017/Jun/09 21:00:00

TheWhisperCorner ASMR

Filling in the countries on a blank map of Europe. I changed the border between England, Scotland and Wales with a stroke of a pen but after today's General ... European Geography Whisper (...
2017/Aug/06 23:00:00

tingles with flyby ASMR

Since we learned the countries, I thought we could now talk a bit more about the regions of Africa, from Sahara to Savannah. -- Glad you checked out this video! ASMR Geography of Africa ...
2019/Jan/17 21:54:36

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Subscribe For More ASMR: #ASMR #tonybomboni #teacher Hi Poopsie students! No don't talk. Let me have my ... Geography Teacher RolePlay (A...
2017/Aug/21 20:26:54

CalmingEscape ASMR

Prepping For Your Final, Geography Tutor Session Soft Spoken Writing Page Flipping Reading Study Session ✨This Month My Channel Is Dedicated to ... Geography Tutor Session ASMR ...
2018/Jan/06 02:10:34

ASMR Curls

I'm trying out some new things with this video! I narrate where over the globe I have been using NatGeo map maker, softly speaking you to sleep. Let me know ... ASMR Geography To Put You To ...
2014/Mar/21 03:54:13

CalmingEscape ASMR

Here is a new RP for you all, I hope you enjoy it. I've gotten a lot of requests for another school video so here you go. Yes I know I say alright about ten million ... ASMR Geography Class RP || Re...
2019/Mar/29 19:47:45


Can you answer these 21 geography questions that everyone should know? I only scored 9/21 let me know how you did! ASMR whispered geography quiz...
2017/Sep/17 23:00:02

tingles with flyby ASMR

An overview of the physical geography of the North American continent, talking about the five main areas, with lots of lakes up in Canada. Tune in every Monday ... ASMR North American Geography...
2012/Apr/18 21:25:56


I wasnt good prepaired for that vid, I guess :))) I tried to make everything smooth, so maybe u like it in a asmr way ;D Please tell me, if ;D Have a nice day! Thx for ... A little bit german geography...
2018/Apr/04 04:29:47

ASMR Geography

Grab a pair of head phones, sit back, and watch me take a map quiz of the USA Want to see me do your country? Leave a comment down below! ASMR Geography Quiz- Map of U...
2018/Apr/28 07:44:53

ASMR Abstractions

I found these quizzes on the internet and decided to try them in this video You can find these quizzes here: ... ASMR Learning European Geogr...
2017/Oct/24 21:57:11

TheWhisperCorner ASMR

My video about European geography a few months ago had some errors pointed out to me. Here is my revised video. 100% accurate. A Lesson In European Geograph...
2017/Nov/07 22:40:35


Skip Intro 1:38 Map Drawing starts at 12:50 I learn geography and draw a map of Ireland and the United Kingdom while soft speaking - Trying to pronounce ... ASMR Drawing Map of Great Bri...
2017/Oct/02 20:53:35

Indiee ASMR

Thanks for checking out part 2 of my quiet geography quizzes! Leave suggestions for the next part in the comments! [ASMR] Soft-Spoken Geography ...
2017/Jul/23 23:00:03

tingles with flyby ASMR

I wanted to do a video about the basics of African Geography, and then realised I really knew very little of the placement of different countries, so in this video ... ASMR Countries of Africa (Geo...
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