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Protective Ghost Role-Play ASMR Happy Halloween

2016/Jun/12 16:04:40

MinxLaura123 ASMR

Enjoy the spooky true accounts of Ghosts of the London Underground in the U.K. ASMR whispered binaural sound. Enjoy getting these spooky stories! :) please ... Asmr Whispered Ghosts of the ...
2018/Dec/23 19:58:13

ASMR Weekly

It's Christmas time at Hogwarts!! The Ghosts are playing a little Game, They took your presents and hid them Somewhere in the Castle! Now, you must follow the ... The Ghosts of Hogwarts Chris...
2018/Sep/21 08:37:26

Lisabelle ASMR

Hi every one, this is based entirely on Supernaturals. Being a crazy fan myself, I really enjoyed making this. Thank you so much watching my videos. Happy ... ASMR RP Supernatural Hunter- ...
2018/Oct/27 08:09:15

Relaxing Soundscapes

Haunted House - Halloween Ambience - Ghosts and Tingles ASMR So tonight you ended up in what appears to be a haunted house. You booked a weekend ... Haunted House - Halloween AS...
2016/Jul/16 18:39:05

ASMR Warm Puppy

In which beautiful Britain has a dark underbelly. MUSIC CREDIT: "Ossuary 6 - Air" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By ... [ASMR] Creepy - British ghost...
2018/Oct/13 01:22:09

GeekWares ASMR

Not so spooky stories about one of my favorite places on earth. Hope you like it! ASMR | Ghosts of DisneyWorld ...
2019/Feb/09 19:53:55


I tried talking to ghosts with a pendulum.. ASMR triggers .. Haunted doll SUBSCRIBE! New videos every week! FOLLOW ME! ... I Tried Talking to GHOSTS in ...
2017/Jul/01 21:53:37

WhispersNight ASMR

OOoooooooooOOOOoouuuuOoOooo Huge thanks to La_Asesina for the awesome artwork!! Hope you didn't get too spooked though! ASMR Ghost BOYFRIEND Roleplay...
2018/Dec/23 19:13:27

Jellybean Green ASMR

This clip is just my part in a much longer collaboration organized and edited by ASMR Weekly! All the visual effects in this are his work. :) The full version will be ... The Ghosts of Hogwarts: Aunt ...
2017/May/29 18:53:23

fata morgana ASMR

Hello, friend! Quick, come in out of the world and let me take your mind off things. Today, we'll be savoring this spooky, old book my mother recently let me ... ASMR "Ghosts of My Frie...
2018/Aug/06 20:51:31

ASMR Shitposter

If you see this, please sign my petition to get Post Malone on Queer Eye. I'm also on: Patreon: Instagram: ... [ASMR] Storytime: Hunting gho...
2016/May/02 16:29:48

ASMR Psychetruth

Join Mika as she reads about strange unexplained mysteries. ♥ 500+ Exclusive Videos For Patreon Supporters ♥Free Trial ... Spooky ASMR Bedtime Stories S...
2018/Sep/12 21:14:15


Pure Raw evidence of spirit and the afterlife.Ghost hunting at it`s finest at pengersick castle cornwall.ASMR Enjoy.Make sure you hit the bell button on subscribe ... GHOSTS OF PENGERSICK CASTLE I...
2018/Dec/23 19:04:02


This is my part from ASMR Weekly's Christmas Special "The Ghosts of Hogwarts"! I feel very honored to be part of this, ASMR Weekly is a very talented creator, ... Christmas ASMR - Slytherin Gh...
2017/Jun/19 07:08:16

Nyla Vox ASMR

This video contains a couple of special treats for my warriors and warrior princesses. There is soft spoken storytelling from one of my favorite books Weird New ... [ASMR] Proof of Ghosts? EVP
2019/Feb/21 17:21:56

Shannon 'Roar' Mallory

Recorded on Feb 20 at the grindstone theater wide open mic. turn up the volume for the ghosty bit at the end. Now with ASMR ghosts
2016/Oct/25 19:49:15

ASMR Psychetruth

Extended Edition - ♥ Help Support This Channel @ ↓ Follow Me! ASMR Paranormal Activity Ghos...
2014/Apr/01 23:26:18

Air Light АСМР

Что такое асмр? АСМР по-русски. Русский АСМР. Украинский АСМР ASMR ○ AilLy & Michael Jackson "Ghosts" [scary 3D sound ]: Dedicated to the... ASMR | АСМР ● AilLy &am...
2018/Dec/23 20:00:00

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

Watch as part of the full collab here: Huge thanks to ASMR Weekly for including me and putting this together. Even though I'm like ... The Ghosts of Hogwarts The G...
2018/Oct/25 21:03:34

ASMR Weekly

Welcome to the Deathday Party of Nearly Headless Nick, that Coincidentally happens in the same date as Halloween! One of the castle's dungeons is decorated ... Nearly Headless Nick Deathday...
2015/Oct/02 21:45:22


Doctor Andrew Michaels would like to invite you to enter the Control Room for the 13 Ghosts Project. An interactive menu allows you to click on all the different ... ASMR- 13 Ghosts Of Halloween ...
2016/Nov/02 13:48:35

Hermetic Kitten ASMR

Please check out my Blog/website (I am often writing there now) Kiki the Witch is finally back!This was a very emotional video, it is ... ▲Halloween Special ASMR ▲...
2017/Sep/19 23:16:16

LesleyS ASMR

Hi guys! Sorry I've been absent for a while. With October coming up soon, I hope to do more roleplays for you, so stay tuned! In this video, I talk about random ... ASMR Soft Spoken Rambling: Ar...
2018/Oct/03 20:36:29

King Moonracer

This video will help you see the things that lie just outside of our normal range of perception. Best viewed with headphones in a dark room. This video helps you see ghos...
2018/Oct/30 00:00:28


HIII PEOOOOPLE!! So FINALLY here it is! I let the ghosts in my basement choose my makeup. I had the idea for weeks but was too scared to film. I didn't expect ... I LET GHOSTS CHOOSE MY MAKEUP...
2015/Jan/21 18:16:41


Hi everyone! Welcome to Spa Transylvania - a relaxing escape for monsters, ghosts, and demons. Today, you will be receiving both a facial as well as a scalp ... ASMR - Spa Treatments for Mon...
2018/Dec/23 21:29:30

ASMR Alysaa

Keep Reading For More Information and Thank you For Checking out my Content, Sharing and Commenting! I hope You enjoy the Video ...........✨............. . ASMR Repeating Words and Phra...
2018/Dec/14 01:09:04

Old Bubbles Studios

the music in the mall clearly isn't ours ~ chelsea UMMMMM IDK ~kaitlyn and do enjoy chelsea's voice crack~ chelsea and ummmmmm plsdont get offended if ur ... VLOGMAS DAY 1 || ASMR, RANTS,...
2018/Jun/27 15:50:54

ASMR Warm Puppy

In which Enya plays no part, mercifully. == Send me dachshunds! - == Why am I talking like this? What madness be am here? [ASMR] RETRO! Ghouls 'n G...
2018/Mar/12 00:39:53


Unboxing the most underrated Call of Duty, CoD Ghosts Prestige Edition for Xbox 360. Actually USEFUL collector's edition. Physical copy, season, survival rope ... Call of Duty Ghosts PRESTIGE ...
2018/Dec/23 19:29:35

Nebula ASMR

asmr #hogwarts #harrypotter This is my part of the Ghosts of Hogwarts Christmas Special Collab! The full collab featuring 13 Asmrtists is on ASMR Weekly ... ASMR The Ghosts of Hogwarts ...
2018/Dec/23 18:00:03

ASMR Attack

Another collab with ASMR Weekly and many other amazing ASMR peeps :) Channels below: ASMR Weekly ... ASMR| The Ghosts of Hogwarts ...
2017/Jun/25 11:38:10

Best Unintentional ASMR

Original video: Original channel: David Bull Info on the series (no affiliation): His Patreon: ... Unintentional ASMR Japanese ...
2015/Oct/07 18:39:27


En attendant le collector de COD Black Ops 3 Vidéo explicative du phénomène ASMR : Unboxing du collector de COD ...
2018/Oct/31 16:09:00

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

Happy Halloween and welcome to the Tingle House! Please, stay close to your guide. There are lots of ghosts in this house and well... we're not totally sure that ... Welcome to the Tingle House -...
2015/Jul/20 11:53:43

SensorAdi ASMR

Do we record ghosts sounds or something? ;) Check this and leave a comment what you think! - NOT ASMR VIDEO. Link to this full video: ... Ghosts recorded/caught while ...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


Protective Ghost Role-Play AS...
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