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ASMR Glass Sounds That Will 100% Put You In A Coma

2018/Feb/08 04:33:16


Tonite I have glass sounds that will make you fall into that deep sleep you always aim for. With the help of my effects you will be guided into some great tingles, ... ASMR Glass Sounds That Will 1...
2017/Oct/31 21:06:53


Thank you to my Patron, Raymond, who submitted this idea for the monthly lottery! It was supposed to be glass bottle tapping/blowing but the bottle blowing ... [ASMR] Binaural Tapping on Gl...
2019/Mar/17 20:00:06


Hiihiii!!! WELCOME if you are new to my channel :D Hope this video was relaxing and gave you tingles tingles tingles! ♡ LOVE YALL!! Finally recorded a ... ASMR Ear To Ear Glass Tapping...
2018/Jul/04 03:21:15

Nite Shift ASMR

Tonite we have a part 2 of some different glass sounds that will make you fall into that deep sleep. With the help of my effects you will be guided into an asmr ... ASMR Glass Sounds That Will 2...
2019/Mar/02 19:53:40

Life with MaK

Welcome back... to Life With MaK! Or if this is your first time on my channel, hello! I am MaK (Makenna) and I'm a 13 year old ASMRtist. I am known for my ... ASMR~ Eating GLASS....
2016/Nov/06 20:30:00


Hey guys, I found this small glass bowl in my cupboard and I thought the Zoom H1 windshield might fit in there. And it did! I think these are very unique sounds, ... ASMR. Glass over the Mic (Tap...
2018/Jun/10 01:30:00

ASMR Bakery

Hello! My favourite perfume bottle tapping sounds, also including some lid sounds. Timestamp: 00:00 preview 00:38 Versace Bright Crystal 08:00 Burberry ... ASMR Glass Perfume Bottle Tap...
2018/Jun/01 23:10:31

Marno ASMR

Classy glass tapping. Thank you for watching! People use ASMR for different reasons, but I try to make every video one... ASMR Glass Tapping [Layered]
2019/Feb/22 11:47:15

Chynaunique ASMR

2018/Jul/30 20:30:00

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello there Lovelies! Subscribe to my new channel to be the first to see vlogs, Fashion and lifestyle content from me! [ASMR] Glass Tapping for Sleep
2015/Nov/20 01:52:40

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Hello hello ! :) How are you? In this sounds video I will show you a couple of cool things made of glass as I tap on them slowly as well as fast and softly speak to ... .○.○.Tap That Glass.○....
2017/Oct/10 11:43:57

Rapunzel ASMR

Check out my NEW VIDEO: It is not over 9000 this time, but right at the 9000 mark. Super Tingly Glass Eye ... This Glass Eye Dropper Will G...
2019/Jan/12 13:00:04


Hi My Phan Club!!!! I just wanted to say how thankful and happy I am to have such amazing people in my life. Thank you so much for all the love and support you ... ASMR GLASS CANDIED FRUITS Tan...
2017/Apr/28 18:27:49

Solfrid ASMR

ASMR Glass Nail Tapping (No Talking) ♡ My Vlog Channel ➜ My Personal Instagram ➜ Join my Fluffy ... ASMR Glass Tapping (No Talking)
2019/Apr/03 19:30:00

Karuna Satori ASMR

Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you're new here, I'd like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound ... ASMR Tapping & Scratching...
2018/Nov/19 23:49:24

Chynaunique ASMR

Hi loves ! today's video is inspired by talisa tossell & Life With Mak ❤ Hope you enjoy! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••... ASMR | Glass breaking
2019/Mar/19 21:35:10


Omg those CRUNCHY SOUNDS! PS: This was totally inspired by the wonderful chynaunique asmr. Go check her out if you don't know her yet. ASMR BREAKING GLASS
2019/Jan/05 16:32:28


100% Spine Chills guaranteed my good friend. You've come to the right place!! Today/Tonight I have glass sounds that will make you fall into that deep sleep ... ASMR Glass Sounds That Will 1...
2018/Oct/19 15:07:38

Kluna Tik

I MELTED a glass sphere and it became transparent slime! ➜ SUBSCRIBE: New video EVERY WEEK! ➜ Hi, I'm Kluna and together with my ... LIQUID GLASS FOR DINNER!! Kl...
2018/Mar/15 15:14:43

Dark Panther Productions

The most satisfying videos in the world | glass making satisfying video Affiliate Links: To buy products like in video links are below : ... The most satisfying videos in...
2018/Jul/04 01:30:01

ASMR Bakery

Welcome back to my channel! This video includes fast tapping on various glass and ceramic objects. Timestamp: 00:00 preview 00:38 ceramic plate 08:26 glass ... ASMR Fast Tapping on Glass/Ce...
2018/Sep/14 15:44:30

gracie K

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this video!!! Love u!!!!! You are amazing. ASMR~ Glass Tapping/Scratching
2019/Jan/11 04:16:07

Ruby True ASMR

A intense ASMR videos for the most intense tingles and brain massage. Relax with headphones on and feel your body react to the ASMR tapping sounds. ASMR Tapping, NO Talking for ...
2018/Jun/05 00:03:53

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Hello :) In this video we'll take a closer look at beauty oils, their consistency and potency as well as their benefits. 00:00 - teaser of what comes at 23:11 ;) 00:30 ... Oil for Your SOUL ASMR ○ ...
2016/Jul/02 21:31:30

Nightmarecatcher17 ASMR

I've had lots of requests for this so here ya go:) Also, this is last of the prerecorded videos. Breaking Glass #1- ... [ASMR] Breaking Glass #2
2019/Apr/22 18:00:19

Rose Petals

Hello.Guys I Hope Everyone is doing fine today ... Well I am seeing alot of new Rose petals⚘... on this channel thank you for enjoying this amazing channel. Asmr Glass Kissing
2019/Apr/22 17:36:57

asmr choa

Hi guys It's edible cup (chocolate) ASMR ! enjoy xx ----------------------------------------- You can share this video. But, You can NOT reupload this video without ... EDIBLE CUP ASMR EDIBLE CHOCOL...
2019/Mar/26 01:44:58

JayLynn ASMR

Hello, and welcome to my channel! Please enjoy these sounds of scratching and tapping on textured glass candles. This is a no talking video.I also light the ... ASMR Scratching & Tapping...
2018/Nov/24 23:59:31

JayLynn ASMR

Hello, and welcome to my channel! I received many comments and emails to create a longer video of textured glass scratching, and I didn't want to disappoint ... ASMR Scratching on Textured G...
2019/Apr/27 00:35:09


It's time for the fastest glass tapping you've ever heard, so fresh and so clean. Welcome to this fast tapping video for fast tingles. Mega Relaxation will be had on ... ASMR Fastest Glass Tapping fo...
2019/Apr/22 23:12:34

JayLynn ASMR

Hello, and welcome to my channel! Please enjoy this video of tapping on a variety of different glass objects! The tapping varies in speed, but for the most part, ... ASMR Glass Tapping [No Talking]
2018/Jun/13 01:55:38

Tapping Whispers ASMR

Hi guys, I hope you enjoy today's video! A fast glass tapping session for you, no talking after intro. Happy Drifting Please Subscribe ❤️ ASMR Fast Glass Tapping
2019/Jan/31 00:19:04

Cloudy ASMR

hello! personal instagram + snapchat - @jordancrgtn my mom's website to view all of the lovely natural based + vegan healthcare and skincare products that she ... asmr : tapping on glass + mou...
2017/Jul/23 03:43:52

Latte ASMR

00:01 plastic cleansing water bottle - tapping 04:40 plastic cleansing water bottle - shaking 05:46 plastic cleansing water bottle & glass bottle shaking 06:55 ... ASMR 11 Tapping, Water Bottle...
2017/Jul/10 02:06:57

Nite Shift ASMR

Hey Nite Crew! In this one we use tempered glass to make some great sounds. From tapping, to waving, scraping, to ear cupping, and shattering the glass you ... ASMR Tempered Glass
2018/Sep/12 15:12:18


wow it really sounds like icecubes in a glass cup? some people like that sound and some people dont, I understand if it's not for you, it's just an experiment, so let ... ASMR Glass Jar Surprises| Int...
2016/Oct/12 06:09:49

Solfrid ASMR

ASMR Glass Nail Tapping (No Talking) ♡ Join my Fluffy Teddy Bear squad ➜ My Vlog Channel ➜ ♡ Hello my Fluffy ... ASMR Glass Tapping (No Talking)
2019/Jan/24 01:19:36

JayLynn ASMR

Hello, and welcome to my channel! I seem to go back to this trigger a lot, because I absolutely love, love, LOVE textured glass scratching. Did I mention I love it? ASMR Textured Glass Scratchin...
2018/Mar/19 00:30:02

ASMR Bakery

ASMR no talking different wine glass and cup tapping and ringing sounds. Sorry about the noise coming from upstairs. I tried to cut some of them out. Please ... ASMR No Talking Glass Tapping...
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