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Green Investment Fund

2018/Nov/10 02:15:03


Having trouble falling asleep? This little green witch can help with that. Enjoy this soft spoken ASMR with crinkling, tapping, and trigger words. ASMR Green Witch Helps You Sl...
2017/Mar/10 00:05:13

Jellybean Green ASMR

TRY ONLINE THERAPY: Y'all, I've done a LOT of in-person therapy, and I found online therapy with ... ASMR Medical Exam Role Play: ...
2018/Sep/13 00:02:37


゚ .。。*゚ • my instagram [feel free to always reach out to me]: @miasmrr • if you would like to make a donation to my channel: ... ASMR - green triggers
2018/Nov/19 19:15:51


Hi my Phan Club! Today I am enjoying one of my favorite Vietnamese desserts which is called Bánh phu thê or bánh xu xê. This is also known as Husband and ... ASMR NEON GREEN SQUISHY CAKE ...
2018/Jun/27 14:03:00


ASMR Japan green grapes Jelly (STICKY eating sounds)| LINH-ASMR Please visit my second channel ... ASMR Japan green grapes Jelly...
2019/Mar/24 16:11:41

JaeYeol ASMR 재열

이번엔 진짜 유행중인 검정색 왕포도젤리 쿄호젤리랑 새로운맛 청포도 쿄호젤리 비교 먹방입니다! 해외직구 도쿄야에서 구입했습니다. GREEN &... ASMR 청포도 쿄호젤리 V...
2018/Mar/14 01:55:17

Oddly Satisfying Videos

GREEN Ice Eating ASMR Compilations - INCREDIBLE Satisfying Ice Eating / Chewing with Juices In It ▻ Subscribe Oddly Satisfying Video to see more: ... GREEN Ice Eating ASMR Compila...
2018/Mar/03 14:00:02

Ephemeral Rift

Green Man pays you a visit to help you relax, tingle, sleep, take a nap, or any other reason including but not limited to: playing video games, studying, meditating ... ASMR Green Man
2017/Sep/19 19:00:02

dani ASMR

As requested by You... I made a FLORAL FOAM video! I'm doing some POKING, crushing, breaking, TAPPING, scratching and more with this block of floral ... ALL GREENASMR ♥ Playing wit...
2019/Apr/11 11:00:05


오늘은 청포도 젤리와 포도 봉봉을 준비해봤어요 오늘은 핵인싸 조합 포도 + 포도 조합 인건가요? ㅎㅎ 처음 방문하신 분들은 구독(알람설정)좋... 청포도 젤리(샤인머스...
2016/Jan/24 17:37:22

Ephemeral Rift

Due to the challenges in finding members of the medical community who are willing or brave enough to join the prestigious staff at Arkham Sanitarium, once in a ... ASMR Session with Dr. Green Man
2019/Apr/24 19:16:06


Hi guys, today's menu is the second bottle of jelly in my present box that I have mentioned before (check out the first one here). If the first one is mandarine with a ... ASMR GREEN APRICOT (YOUNG PEA...
2018/Mar/14 16:45:26


Hi friend! Thanks so much for watching this video. I hope you felt relaxed and connected. Here are more ways you can connect with me, if you're interested! ASMR GREEN AESTHETICS
2017/May/02 22:33:46

Solfrid ASMR

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds | Green Spring Tomato Salad | Mukbang / Eating Show ♡ My Vlog Channel ➜ My Personal Instagram ... ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds | ...
2017/Dec/05 20:00:03

dani ASMR

Video super requested by you with this new angle! By popular demand, finally a new SUPER NAIL-SCRATCHING ear-to-ear A.S.M.R. video with TAPPING ... Velvet-Metallic GREEN themeSu...
2019/May/02 19:52:15

ASMR Psychetruth

Corrina gives Adrienne a spa treatment with matcha facial and tree oils. ♥ 500+ Exclusive Videos For Patreon Supporters: ... Matcha Green Tea Beauty Mask ...
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