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Making Your Hero Costume ASMR

2019/Feb/27 22:04:51


Amber is back at it again! Merch: US Store: https://teespring.com/stores/vs1-asmr-official EU Store: https://teespring.com/stores/vs1-asmr-official-eu Find me on ... Making Your Hero Costume ASMR
2018/Feb/11 00:19:59


Want to watch My Hero Academia (and more!) FOR FREE!? http://crunchyroll.com/gibi -- Sign up using my URL for 30 days of Premium Crunchyroll, who ... [ASMR] Welcome to Hero School...
2019/Jan/04 18:05:12

VisualSounds1 ASMR

Hi! Allow Amber to measure and fit you with your new hero costume! MERCH SALE NOW ON! With discount code: 'VS1TINGLES' get 15% off everything in my ... Hero Costume Upgrade (ASMR)
2018/Aug/29 01:02:00


Use my link https://vrv.co/gibi to get a 30-day ad-free trial of VRV Premium! AND WATCH SOME MY HERO!! (note, if VRV is not in your region, you can still go to ... [ASMR] Momo Welcomes You to C...
2018/Apr/28 20:38:30


Get CrunchyRoll Ad Free for 30 Days! Sign up at http://crunchyroll.com/gibi They're airing season 3 an hour after it goes live in Japan every Saturday!! Catch up ... [ASMR] Hero School: Sports Fe...
2019/Feb/14 14:06:50

ASMR Shanny

Hey Shan-anigans!! Thank you so much again for 10k subs I honestly cannot believe it! I love you all so so much! I hope you all enjoy this video I know it's a little ... [ASMR] Toga Kidnaps You - My ...
2019/Apr/11 08:18:49

Yagami Yato

I'm so sorry everyone!! The chaos of computer problems had this lovely episode of the best bois delayed! BUT NO LONGER! I got my computer so now I can post ... Todoroki & Deku x Listene...
2019/Jan/31 02:35:32

ASMR Shanny

Hey Shan-anigans!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day and night! I have been wanting to do a My Hero Academia Roleplay for a while now but I didn't ... [ASMR] Mei Hatsume Fixes You ...
2019/Feb/08 20:36:07

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

Welcome new student! You live in a world where people have special abilities called "quirks". You are an aspiring hero with a powerful quirk, and you have just ... ASMR - HERO SCHOOL ~ Invisibl...
2019/Mar/11 20:22:50


Name: Beatrice Busy Quirk: Potato Launch - launches hot potatoes at her opponents Affiliation: U.A. High School Closets Birthday: 02/20 Height: 167cm Blood ... Measuring You ASMR ~ B Measur...
2019/Jan/18 06:58:17


Superlovers~! With a twist... You are cornered by a hero you know all too well... the one you made you what you were now, a Villain. Will she let you express ... Hero x Villain!Listener~ Corn...
2019/Jan/26 19:19:42

lili Va

Sorry that I haven't posted any videos lately I didn't have internet access for a month and I didn't have any inspiration. Thanks dad for giving me the cool idea ... A villain out to kill you,her...
2018/Sep/24 13:14:30

Miss Rivers Audio

So you are the one who has been messing with my plans. So tell me, what should I do with you... This script was written by my wonderful subscriber and a friend, ... ASMR Super Villain Roleplay: ...
2019/Mar/26 08:16:32

Yagami Yato

AH MIDOrIA MY BOI YOU DID A GREAT JOB PLUS ULTRA DOING PAPA PROUD! But seriously, hi everyone!! I love you lots and hope you enjoy this ... Izuku Midoriya(Deku) x listen...
2019/Apr/08 08:05:17

Yagami Yato

Kirishima is one of my favorite characters and this bittersweet episode paints a picture of the aftermath of the epical conflict! Or perhaps the beginning of a new ... Kirishima Eijirou x listener ...
2015/Oct/09 18:16:24

Soft Serenity ASMR

You have just pulled the Master Sword from it's pedestal. As you turn to leave, you see a mysterious stranger in the shadows. Unbeknownst to you, this stranger ... "I've Been Waiting F...
2018/May/13 00:25:26


Heroes Never Die!!!! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this video since my cosplay walkthrough: And it's finally here!! I hope I did it justice D: The ... [ASMR] Mercy Roleplay - Welco...
2017/Jun/05 19:41:45

Vixie Voice

A long night at the club later you see a girl who isn't exactly in an ideal situation. When you try to intervene, things get a little physical. Hello all! Since this is my ... You Saved Me... - Hero Roleplay
2018/May/18 23:36:18

ASMR [The road that even a GPS cannot find]

Note: Please wear headphones and turn up the volume is possible! Welcome to the League Of Villains! A place where crazy and evil live side by side. Speaking ... My Hero Academia - League Of ...
2018/Sep/27 17:42:24


An attempt was made. if you would like to leave me a tip then click here : https://digitaltipjar.com/asmrrose?_e... If you wanna follow me on twitter and keep up ... Tsuyu Welcomes You to the Her...
2019/Apr/08 08:16:41

Soundscape Theatre

"After a grueling week of training with the pro hero Bloodhound Girl you return to HQ only to hear of a disaster that has taken place in the city of Steelshore. ASMR Your First Mission! My ...
2019/Feb/05 20:26:57

Tixine Voice

Toga saw you and wants to talk. I've been wactching you. I've been watching My Hero Academia and it seem to be pretty good. Toga stood out to me because ... Toga saw you...(Toga himiko x...
2019/Apr/13 14:03:14

Yagami Yato

Ah denki the pinnacle of lovely and cute and all things good and a best boi for sure! This episode mr. Kaminari tries to give a great date, but maybe 8/8 if he's ... Denki Kaminari x listener p7 ...
2019/Feb/10 02:00:00

Easton and Emmary Audios

Salutations, This was one of the hardest voices I've done so far on this channel and I'm so happy to have pushed myself to do it and hope to improve it over time. Yandere Girl Criminal Clown &...
2019/Apr/15 02:00:17

Yagami Yato

Aizawa is such a lovely character and one that I think captures the conflict of his series with a class that the other bois can't yet reach! Hopefully you all like him ... Aizawa Shota x listener p4 AS...
2018/Nov/14 02:02:02


The new girl at school. Moved from Norway. She shy and nice. She meets a boy and he saves her from a other boy that was trying to get with her. He walks her ... ASMR Roleplay: New girl and h...
2018/Nov/22 05:34:55

Asmr Waifu

Hey there! Let me help you get enrolled for your hero studies at UA. Your amazing quirk (butt blades) helped you pass the test and now you're on your way to ... My Hero Academia ASMR - Enrol...
2017/Jul/20 15:59:23


'I'm not being kind. I'm telling the truth. You're amazing' ... Wouldn't it be wonderful to think that someone has been helped by what you do? I think so. So here's ... I’m Your Biggest Fan - Fan ...
2019/Apr/21 14:00:06

Genelyn Sandaga

100 Layers of Lip Gloss | ASMR Tagalog Whispering My Hero Academia | Philippines SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! Like • Subscribe • Comment • Share Kindly ... 100 Layers of Lip Gloss | ASM...
2019/Apr/21 07:22:29

Yagami Yato

Sorry it was a bit late everyone!! My network card made this take many many times longer than it should have! Sorry for the delay!! Bakugou is such a tsun-tsun ... Bakugou x listener B-day Spec...
2019/Apr/18 20:31:13

Yagami Yato

So Mirio is a real bean. Also his last name sounds like toga so I'm totally doubly happy about this :3 I hope you all enjoy the enthusiasm best boi! Soon there ... Mirio Togata x listener p1 AS...
2019/Jan/20 15:30:00

Miss. Cellaneous

Hey Tubers! New year, new content! ASMR has been highly requested on this channel. So I gave it a shot. I think I missed the tingles aspect, but I tried. My Hero Academia Invisible Gi...
2019/Jan/28 11:28:20

Soundscape Theatre

"Doing well in the sports festive you were requested for internship at S.A.R TEC, The largest search and rescue company in the country. Under your mentor and ... ASMR Starting Your Internship...
2019/Feb/03 21:44:16

Hidden Audio

first try at this asmr thing, i already have a new mic so the quality will be up next time. also this was ad libbed so no script was used. Dabi Kidnaps You: My Hero Aca...
2019/Mar/28 23:18:33

Miss Rivers Audio

Oh a deal you say? My oh my, you really know how to get a woman's attention! So lets hear that deal of yours, hero? The biggest thank you to Lance for making ... ASMR Supervillain Roleplay: T...
2017/Sep/07 14:58:37


'No, I'm totally calm. Okay, maybe I'm not totally calm, but I'm adjusting, I'm accepting.' … Before it became a commission, I noticed that a lot of you guys wanted ... You're a Superhero? - Gir...
2018/Mar/03 01:58:15


I'm more used to this kind of role! My favorite roles to play are ingenues, princesses, damsels in distress, etc. I just adore them. Likewise, as much as I love a ... Damsel in Distress | Audio Ro...
2019/Apr/29 21:11:29

Dark Mysty ASMR

I have been wanting to make a video like this for quite some time. I have created my own little spin on the My hero academia series by creating my own character ... [ASMR] My little hero I have ...
2019/Apr/29 02:26:00

Yagami Yato

Midoriya is such a bean and this episode was a bit painful as someone that really loves his character but also really telling and hopefully a really fun listen! Izuku Midoriya(Deku) x listen...
2019/May/02 06:41:16

Yagami Yato

What a loving and special bean Tamaki is! I love voicing the shy Amajiki and figuring out how the improv will come out :3 That's most of the fun of it! Painting the ... Tamaki Amajiki x listener p5 ...
2019/Apr/19 12:15:01


This is an Official SuitorLP Channel MY MERCH: https://teespring.com/de/stores/sui-merchstore Patreons: -Helen Taylor -Amadine -kinkhunterjay -Tanya B. Dont Look Away - Boku no Hero...
2019/Feb/19 23:27:28


"Hey! What are you doing? Why would you do that? Have you no respect for a superhuman's identity?" ... Some punks have decided to make your bad day even ... ASMR Roleplay: Your Hero [Sup...
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