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What the dolphin saw: Cymatic-Holographic imaging technique

2013/Apr/18 19:56:21


Yes it's been done before but this is the most relaxing shampoo, rubdown, haircut, blowdry and hair-style around! Featuring Jen, my wife guiding you through! ASMR Binaural 3D Holophonic E...
2013/Mar/31 22:51:30

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Enjoy! Laid back girl; Virtual Scalp...
2014/Jun/08 03:14:50

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Get the Mp3 at Charese Ep 2; Flirty Massage...
2013/Apr/16 23:40:37

Air Light АСМР

АСМР ASMR (ENG): "Would you like some coffee? Black or white? Ok..." :) (☊) Binaural recording. Please, Wear headphones (☊). (RUS): "Хотите ли Вы... АСМР Holophonic ASMR
2013/Jan/14 17:25:30


NOW ON iTunes! *Please wear your headphones the correct way ... ASMR Experiment. Binaural / 3...
2014/Nov/10 16:30:29


I recorded one of the most enjoyable sounds of Maria walking on the beach, crushing and dropping seashells. Enjoy this holophonic teleportation to an atlantic ... Experimental Thalassotherapeu...
2014/Jul/04 13:00:04


This clip makes use of holophonic audio, wear headphones for an optimal virtual 3D audio experience. A movie by Dany Leanza, Sound Design by Alessandro ... DAYDREAM [Holophonic - WEAR H...
2014/Oct/06 01:58:40


This video could be scary, but you will like it. Check out my channel to see more video about Holophonic Sound and other stuff. Holophonic Sound (3D) - Psych...
2013/Jan/07 22:59:45

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АСМР Inaudible Multilayered Deep Binaural Asmr / Многоуровневый 3D Асмр Holophonic (ENG): For three days this video doesn't load on YouTube. ☊ Multilayered Deep Binaura...
2010/Aug/24 10:45:41


A series of Holophonic Sounds designed to make your mind imagine and experience different realities. From FinerMinds Holophonic Sounds - Tricking ...
2012/Oct/23 20:55:28

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Put on your headphones and get a nice relaxing asmr virtual haircut from a friendly soft spoken barber. Post your suggestions for future videos in the comments ... Relaxing Virtual ASMR Barber ...
2013/Jan/24 18:08:51


The sounds of me opening things *USE HEADPHONES* This is going to be the Opening track on my forthcoming album of ASMR / Binaural sounds! Opening! ASMR / 3D / Binaural...
2018/Aug/08 20:45:00

cloudwave ASMR sleep sounds

Another in my Tingle Storm Series, consisting of multilayered binaural ASMR audio triggers. This is a binaural (sometimes called holophonic or 3D sound) ... Holophonic ASMR Crinkle & Mou...
2016/Oct/24 17:16:17

Asylum ASMR ASMR Experiment / Holophonic ...
2012/Jan/12 12:07:54

kiwiwhispers ASMR

Please wear headphones. Another hearing session with Professor Tomlin and special guest. Useful for sleep and relaxation purposes. Download Mp3: ... ASMR 3D / Holophonic Session ...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


What the dolphin saw: Cymatic...
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