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The Hum - Wikipedia

2018/Sep/27 21:47:18


Use my link or text GIBI to 500-500 to get a free book and 30 day free trial. (Look up the 5k Training Audible Original if any of you are ... [ASMR] Humming & 3DIO Tri...
2019/Jan/16 00:55:24


Check out AylienMimi on Twitch! She's the reason I got this mixer and now have fun echo sounds ^.^: I actually have another ... [ASMR] Echo Humming & Ear...
2019/Mar/08 18:00:11

ASMR Cherry Crush

Spotify - Instagram - Support the channel - my music playlist: ... Asmr ♥ Humming you to sleep...
2017/Sep/09 05:16:12

FrivolousFox ASMR

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood Riptide - Vance Joy Umbrella - Rihanna Malibu - Miley Cyrus ... ASMR Softly Singing and Hummi...
2019/Jan/24 21:28:57

Ozley ASMR

Hey, guys! Several of you requested a singing/humming ASMR video, so I decided to deliver -- even though I was a little bit nervous about it (and by a bit I mean ... [ASMR] Softly Humming & S...
2018/May/16 21:41:03


Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes face brushing, humming, soft singing, personal attention, tweezers sounds, cotton sounds, face touching, ... ASMR Closeup Personal Attenti...
2018/Jan/14 21:34:53

WhispersRed ASMR

A soft crackling fire ASMR sleep video. Sleepy fireside personal attention with humming, brushing, singing, affirmations, anxiety relief, love and hand movements ... Sleepy Fireside ASMR | Hummin...
2019/Apr/08 20:40:42

ASMR MaryJLeeee

ASMR Gently Humming You To Sleep | Worship Songs Please Like, Subscribe, & Leave me a comment! I read them all :D Thanks for watching ♡♡♡ My ... ASMR Gently Humming You To Sl...
2015/Sep/28 22:05:01

Hailey Rose

Singing you a soft lullaby. if you enjoy this and would like to hear more in depth lullabies, click here: ... Musical ASMR: Softly humming ...
2019/Feb/15 03:02:21

Ozley ASMR

First, WOW WHAT?? — we are at 20k subscribers!! I am so amazed by the love and support of this community, and I love you all!! This ASMR video is my ... ASMR - Humming & Singing ...
2017/Oct/16 17:00:02

ASMR Cherry Crush

hope you like :) muah! You can also find me - Vlog channel ... ASMR - Whispering & hummi...
2019/Feb/15 18:00:03

ASMR Cherry Crush

Spotify - Instagram - Support the channel - Patreon ... ASMR - Super Tingly // Tape, ...
2018/Jun/02 18:54:22

Catplant ASMR

Try this: Hum your favorite song for the next 20 seconds. Now don't you feel better? - psychologytoday p.s will go back to gaming asmr videos but just wanted to ... ASMR Gently Whispering & Humm...
2018/Jul/18 00:44:03

FrivolousFox ASMR

brought back the mcFluffFloofs for yall. enjoy :D and request any songs you think would sound good hummed ... ASMR Fluffy Tingles ~ Humming...
2018/May/09 22:47:00

threemilk reuploads

ASMR Humming Etc 鼻歌
2019/Apr/09 00:00:42

Slow Asmr

Hi everyone, in tonight's video I'll be brushing your gorgeous face while humming slow songs. Enjoy and subscribe. •ASMR•slow movements•br...
2018/Oct/26 17:00:05

ASMR Cherry Crush

Audio was flipped, Fixed Version - ❤ Vlog channel - ... Cozy trigger words & Kali...
2018/Dec/08 23:23:13


Forgive me looking at my phone -- I sometimes get lost in the song if I'm not looking at the lyrics ha! MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAAAAYS My shirt says ... [ASMR] Happy Christmas Song H...
2019/Jan/16 19:12:00

jay ASMR

As requested 1 hour version with just Gibi's humming -Amazon link (i get small commission) ... Gibi ASMR 1 hour HALO theme h...
2015/May/01 07:25:39


This ASMR Korean Heart Beat, Humming. You can support my channel if you want! -////- PATREON : Live Streaming ... (SUB) ASMR Heart Beat and Qui...
2019/Mar/08 02:05:39

ASMR MaryJLeeee

Please Like, Subscribe, & Leave me a comment! I read them all :D Thanks for watching ♡♡♡ My ASMR Album is officially released!!! ♀ Buy for ad-free ... Fairy ASMR | Personal Attenti...
2017/Sep/04 17:00:01

ASMR Cherry Crush

Whispering, Kisses, Ear cupping, Ear eating, Humming, singing Don't forget to hit like and Subscribe :) You can also find me ... ASMR ♡ Ear Eating // Kisses...
2018/Jul/26 05:01:21


So I definitely hear that buzzing noise in the background, it's my lamp, which I will be turning off next time I film lol. So sorry about that! I couldn't hear it while I ... [ASMR] Humming Relaxation w/E...
2019/Apr/02 01:53:13

Slow Asmr

Hi everyone, so in this video there's... SLOW HAND MOVEMENTS, you didn't see that coming and a hum here and there hope it's not too loud thanks for ... •ASMR•Slow hand movements...
2015/Aug/09 00:19:56

Arabbel ASMR

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response - perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, ... Humming Video Game Songs whil...
2017/Dec/07 21:31:03

WhispersRed ASMR

Tucking you in to sleep ASMR with intense fabric sounds, head massage, facial pampering, humming, putting you to sleep and pottering around the room till you ... Sleep Time Tucking You In | ...
2016/Feb/16 22:02:44

ASMR Cherry Crush

Hi there I hope you enjoy this ASMR video ! So this video is going to have a few different triggers for you to enjoy!. Humming, Singing, & Whispering ... ASMR - Binaural Humming Singi...
2015/Jan/15 17:25:35


Gentle Folding and Gentle Humming ASMR. With towel petting sounds, light towel scratching, some light tapping, and gentle hand movements. Care to keep me ... Gentle Folding & Gentle H...
2019/Apr/23 22:26:54


Omg hi is ASMR humming you to sleep and brushing your face to help you sleep. i use a giant feather to brush the mic and lense in order to help ... ASMR ♡ HUMMING YOU TO SLEEP...
2019/Apr/23 08:01:11


USE HEADPHONES* Hello, it's been a long time! I know I sound out of tune but still I hope it's comforting in some ways. :-) I was an insomniac before discovering ... ASMR: Humming lullabies for y...
2018/Oct/29 05:27:48


A Siren humming her lullaby to lure sailors into the depths with her. ---- Time Stamps: 00:00 First lullaby 03:45 Just wave sounds and water dripping 07:30 ... ASMR - Siren's Lullaby - ...
2019/Apr/25 18:28:13

Ozley ASMR

This video was making me sleepy to edit, no lie, so I hope that's a sign that it's a good one, and not that I'm just really sleepy today. This video has humming and ... ASMR - Putting You To Sleep -...
2019/Apr/28 19:00:08

Ozley ASMR

I have gotten sooo many requests to do a video like this and I am finally doing it! The readings are from Psalms 116 and 139. I love you all! xo ... Heavenly ASMR (mirrored touch...
2017/Jul/26 02:00:01

Mystical ASMR

I finally decided to make an extended version of the humming in my Water Nymph RP video since I had several people saying they liked it and a couple of ... Water Nymph Humming Sleep/Stu...
2018/Apr/09 11:21:10

VisualSounds1 ASMR

Thought I'd try something new! Let me know what you think! Find me on social media: Vlogging Channel: Facebook: ... ASMR Humming Movie Themes
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