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The Island Where People Forget to Die - The New York Times

Unraveling the mystery of why the inhabitants of Ikaria, an island of 99 square miles that is home to almost 10,000 Greek nationals, live so long and so well. NEWYORKTIMES
2016/May/11 15:27:17

Relaxing Soundzzz

Ocean waves on tropical island Maldives ambience sound. Paradise beach sounds for relaxation, sleeping, meditation & studying. This is ONLY the sound of ... Ocean Waves On Tropical Isla...
2016/Jul/21 22:57:35

Isabel imagination ASMR

Hello! My name is Isabel and I'm Dutch. I've been crazy about ASMR for about 4 years now and I am finally posting my very own ASMR video's! This is my 17th ... ASMR Fantasy Role Play Strand...
2019/Mar/17 22:00:02

cara0cara ASMR

Thank you again so much for 3000 subscribers! :) (This video was pre-filmed which is why I don't say anything about it in the video). The special ASMR video will ... ASMR Island Show & Tell (...
2018/Aug/04 16:12:22

Rapunzel ASMR

Check out my NEW VIDEO: Tending To Your Wounds - ASMR - Washed Ashore On "deserted" Island ... Tending To Your Wounds - ASMR...
2018/Dec/18 15:39:05

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

For most of my viewers the dark, cold wintery hell has just begun. So let's take a tropical vacation to Mermaid Island! In this video you are discovered in the water ... ASMR - MERMAID RESCUE ~ Perso...
2018/May/08 19:00:02

Creative Calm ASMR

Welcome to the Palm Princess, Hotel Resort and Spa on this beautiful tropical island. Today you'll be getting checked in to the hotel and we'll also talk you ... [ASMR] Island Hotel and Spa C...
2016/Oct/28 14:49:29

PJ Dreams ASMR

Hey dreamers! This is a completly spur of the moment idea, i was in bed when the idea popped into my head so i got it all ready for the morning and then jsut ... ASMR Arrow Role Play (Lost on...
2017/Mar/07 21:00:01

Creative Calm ASMR

Welcome to the Island Spa Relaxation Centre. Come on in and let Melanie take care of you. At our luxury resort, we pride ourselves on offering the very best ... [ASMR] Island Spa Massage Rel...
2011/Apr/08 22:05:19


Hey guys :) In this video, you will be receiving a relaxing massage in a Paradise Island while listening to ocean waves brush the shore. This relaxation will be in ... # 112 - *Soft Spoken* Paradis...
2017/Jul/24 12:02:34


Other Social Media: ASMR~ The Coney Island Queen ...
2013/May/06 02:55:54

Victorious Asmr

Hi Guys:) So I wanted to test this out with some candlelight & cricket nightime sounds! It's pretty cool~ It's kind of my take on the movie "The Blue lagoon:The ... *ASMR* Shipwrecked on Island ...
2018/Sep/16 22:35:50

AlienLamb Asmr

Neko stranded on an island As...
2018/Feb/22 17:00:01

Ephemeral Rift

It's April 1979, weeks after the accident that occurred on March 28 at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, where a partial meltdown resulted in the release of ... Three Mile Island Accident Me...
2018/May/29 03:20:20

Remoraa ASMR

Clay finds you washed up ashore on a deserted island after your plane crashes. (ASMR) Rescued on a Deserted ...
2019/Feb/20 00:00:01

Somniferous Island

6 meses após a entrevista, está na hora do exame médico para você fazer parte do grupo de voluntários de Somniferous Island. Será que você vai se sair bem? ASMR em português: Exame Mé...
2016/Sep/24 09:11:43

Isabel imagination ASMR

Hello! My name is Isabel and I'm Dutch. I've been crazy about ASMR for about 4 years now and I am finally posting my very own ASMR video's since the 20th of ... ASMR Ibiza Island Beach Relax...
2018/Apr/26 01:00:51

Sweet as Honey

Darling, we might be stranded on a desert island, but that does not mean that you shouldn't take the time to relax. All of that stress and worry is doing you no ... ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Par...
2016/Jun/07 17:05:24

Cutebunny992 ASMR

Hello everyone! If you have been in the ASMR community for a long time, then you will probably have heard of WhisperCrystal. She was active back at the start ... ❀ Paradise Island Spa Massa...
2018/Apr/23 22:50:40

Denis A

I need you to subscribe to my channel, i need that 1000 subscribers !!! Luodong women free massage co...
2016/Feb/28 22:40:42

earbuds ASMR

Finally, a whisper video! Thanks to those of you that enjoy my whisper videos, so much for being patient (and some not-so-patient) through my second ... ASMR (Close Up Whisper Ramble...
2015/Oct/04 20:26:23

Creative Calm ASMR

Join me on a journey to paradise as you let yourself sink into another world of relaxation and calm. Let me calmly talk you in to a deep relaxation in a spa type ... [ASMR] Island Sleep Relaxation
2019/Mar/08 14:11:08

Ceyda Ateş

Luodong women free massage coney island beach asmr luo dong channel pleas subscribe to my new channel i have all asmr massage video. head massage. Luodong women free massage co...
2018/Apr/11 19:23:38


Exploring a deserted island by walking on ice - Relaxing nature sounds from snow, feet, birds, trains, tapping + Soft spoken Show & tell about some unexpected ... ASMR Swedish Desert Island in...
2019/Feb/09 19:00:14

Sir Lord of Play ASMR

I made this last year and am reposting it. A relaxing video with an ASMR instructor. Using the Blue Yeti microphone. TIP JAR ... ASMR | Island ASMR Instructor...
2013/Mar/07 20:12:02


Asmr- (Wear headphones for best results) In this video, I guide you through a tropical island, down to the ocean, and into your subconcious mind. You can close ... ASMR (HD) ☼"The Tropic...
2016/Dec/05 16:43:29

Rayy SMR

I was so close to getting a unique thumbnail for this video it's crazy. Also this video kind of evolved strangely, but here it is. Hopefully I remembered to include all ... ASMR - The Island Personality...
2015/Dec/29 05:50:03


Join the Potato Army: ✓ Follow me on Twitch: ✓ Join our Official Discord Chat ... ASMR Minecraft | Flying Islands
2018/Mar/30 14:45:09


Roleplay high end cloth Gucci...
2017/Jun/30 18:42:04

CalmingEscape ASMR

Let's Book Your Amity Island Vacation Rental!!! Amity Means Friendship, I Just Know You'll Love Your Vacation With Us! Soft Spoken⚓Typing⚓Writing⚓Role ... Amity Island Vacation Rental ...
2016/Jan/14 20:31:48

Springbok ASMR

Welcome to my private island! So, after completing all major quests and a lot of wandering, I finally got excited about Fallout 4 settlements. Here, I take you on a ... ASMR Guided Tour of Spectacle...
2019/Apr/01 17:47:51


Welcome to the first of many Minecraft ASMR videos with Sausage!!! Enjoy the smooth whispers, nature sounds, and my dog Bubbles eating some treats!!!.... oh ... MINECRAFT ASMR ► CUSTOM ISL...
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