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Holocaust survivor’s body found charred, stabbed 11 times in Paris apartment — RT World News

A man was arrested after the body of an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor was found in her incinerated Paris apartment with 11 stab wounds. French-Jewish groups are calling on police to find out if the crime was anti-Semitic. RT.COM
2019/Feb/25 20:44:59

Lovely asmr S

In today's video I wanted to show you guys my full collection of knifes that I've been collecting through out the years. I'm a huge fan of weapons and knifes... it ... ASMR knife collection⚔️| ...
2017/Sep/02 17:14:26


IMPORTANT: In this particular case I recommend you to watch this video without headphones. It can be way more pleasant to listen to the sound through ... ASMR Knife sharpening
2018/Jul/25 17:38:27

All Tingles ASMR

Welcome to this asmr video where I stick the blade in my mouth and make some sounds. 2. Please don't try this at home, I'm just really fucked in the head :) (ASMR) Knife on Teeth 2 | All...
2017/Mar/15 19:38:53


i got a lot of requests for my knife collection,,,(its nothing special) a viewer gave me the idea for a knife salesman,, i just kinda free styled it but hopefully lots of ... EDC ASMR
2017/May/19 18:08:08


Hello everyone, The idea of making a video in which I would cut through styrofoam models with a thermal knife has been in my mind since the end of the last ... ASMR Styrofoam models vs ther...
2018/Nov/05 13:09:02

Asmr Before sleep

Bob Ross knife only (special)
2012/Jun/27 17:05:23


Relax as I sharpen my pen knife. My trusty pen knife was getting dull so I thought I'd sharpen it. I had cut some tape recently so I first had to remove the sticky ... ASMR Knife Sharpening
2015/Nov/25 19:52:33

Prometheus ASMR

This is a simple presentation of the knives I've carried and used over many years of camping, hiking, and just everyday paper, box, rope, plastic, cardboard, ... Knife collection ASMR
2016/Oct/29 17:03:23


Follow me on my quest to create the perfect Kinetic Sand video:) This time with sharp cutting, knife stroking, cookie cutter shaping and more (don´t forget ... ASMR Kinetic Sand Satisfactio...
2013/Jul/18 00:17:31

Sweet Sirens Song ASMR

Soothing sounds to help you relax & sleep* This ASMR video is of me playing with a display stainless steel Bowie Knife I love the sound of unsheathing the knife ... ASMR Playing with my Bowie Kn...
2018/Jun/23 06:37:54

GunsyBoy ASMR

I'm back from New York! So because I'm getting back to my normal routine after being away I just wanted to do something chill tonight. I hope you'll enjoy ... ASMR: My knife collection an...
2019/Mar/08 13:01:44

ZzzZiggy ASMR

Just a little collection we have that is growing! Check out my twitter page for notifications and a way to connect with me. Let me know what you thought about this ... ASMR - Collectors Knife Inven...
2018/Feb/27 11:59:43


Rain is moving in. Relax and drift off to sleep to the sound of rain as I take care of a simple chore. My videos are best enjoyed using headphones or earbuds. Sharpening a Pocket Knife - R...
2017/Sep/22 03:17:13

Jak's ASMR

[ASMR] Knife Collection
2017/Apr/06 13:42:59

DaiTime Television

Hey loves! First thing, Apologies! I realized 3 things: The New camera I'm using has a rrrreally sensitive mic, I caressed the sh*t outta those blades, and I rambled ... ASMR| Whispered Knife Obsessi...
2018/Aug/01 13:40:54


Knife Therapy, or Daoliao, is an ancient Chinese therapy where they massage you with large butcher knives. Today we head to Taipei, Taiwan to find ... I Try the Ancient Art of Knif...
2019/Apr/05 19:17:32

Jeff the Killer ASMR

Jeff the Killer ASMR Knife Sharpening. Yes, technically, this is knife HONING but that's all I needed to keep my blades sharp for now. A proper wetstone knife ... ASMR Knife Sharpening
2019/Feb/24 21:36:50

Jeff the Killer ASMR

Jeff the Killer ASMR Karambit only Mic Scratching ( no talking ) I bring out everyone's favorite little pocket knife, my beautiful Karambit for some INTENSE mic ... ASMR Karambit Only Mic Scratc...
2019/Mar/22 22:22:38

Jeff the Killer ASMR

Jeff the Killer ASMR Mic Scratching | Dual Karambits Everyone falls asleep to the sound of the Karambit knife scratching the mic. Double the knives, double the ... ASMR Mic Scratching | Dual Ka...
2019/Apr/02 20:31:17

Parker Mae ASMR

Welcome to my first official ASMR video haha. In this video I do some pretty intense microphone scratching with a knife! I thought these sounds were pretty ... ASMR Intense Mic Scratching (...
2016/Feb/07 20:30:00

Ricky Odriosola ASMR

My Personal Attention Website - Become a member for exclusive content! Just some of my classic ASMR triggers for your ... ASMR - Beard & Knife Soun...
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