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Sprites and Sprite Halos imaged at 1000 fps

2012/Dec/20 15:18:55


Subscribe to keep track of upcoming videos: In this video you can hear very relaxing sounds of matchbox and matches. I'll be lighting, ... ASMR Lighting matches. Playin...
2018/Dec/24 00:30:02

Diddly ASMR

In this video I'll simply be lighting some matches for you to relax ♥ I personally find the crackling and sizzling sounds of a fire to be very comforting, I hope you ... ASMR Lighting Matches for Rel...
2018/Oct/25 05:18:59

ASMR Weekly

Thank you for Watching! Comment what you would like to see next! ⋄ Tingles App, you can watch & support me there. Profile: ... Normal ✔ ASMR ? #10 ⋄ Sp...
2019/Jan/28 06:13:22


Hey guys! ♀ I just wanted to upload a video to say hello! Ly add me on my social media below!! I am now on tingles!! click the link here ... Lighting Candles | Hand movem...
2018/Nov/28 23:00:05

ASMR Relaxation Ride

Hey ASMR family, stay positive and check our other ASMR videos out! Comment your favourite trigger below! NEW video with matches is up now! ASMR Lighting Playing With Ma...
2019/Mar/03 03:20:04

Totally Tee ASMR

Someone needs to take these matches away from me lol Don't try this at home folks ASMR Lighting Matches Satisfying Sounds For Sleep and ... ASMR Lighting Matches Satisf...
2019/Mar/12 22:02:20

Life With Momma MaK

Hi Everyone! I'm Nichole, better known as Life With MaK's mom! ❤️Please VOTE for my daughter LIFE WITH MAK at: ... ASMR~ Match Lighting Triggers...
2014/Mar/21 22:00:04


Surpriiiiise!! That's right, we're back to two videos a week for a bit! Aren't you lucky?! The nice, quiet noises of lighting matches and things burning... :-) Twitter: ... ASMR Lighting things on Fire ...
2019/Mar/29 22:30:34

ASMR Relaxation Ride

Hey ASMR family, Here is the part 2 of the matches video that you guys really liked! Comment your video requests below! Love, ASMR Relaxation Ride. ASMR Lighting Playing With Ma...
2019/Apr/04 19:30:01

Joules Opia

I'm back with another match lighting ASMR video - this time with EXTRA LONG matches. I think these matches are supposed to be for lighting a fire in fireplaces ... Long Matches - Match Lighting...
2018/Aug/27 19:30:00

Karuna Satori ASMR

Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you're new here, welcome to our family! I encourage you to introduce yourself in the comments, there is ALWAYS ... ASMR Relaxing Candle Lighting...
2018/Jan/17 21:53:45


In this requested video I am playing the role of an office secretary. I rip up paper, light it on fire, tap, and do a few random sounds. I hope you enjoy~ Who I am: I ... ASMR Ripping paper/ ASMR ligh...
2019/Mar/01 08:48:51

ASMR Whale

This video was requested a couple months ago. Sorry I'm so late. Hope you enjoy If you'd like to support me: Paypal: Thank you for ... ASMR Lighting Matches and Ex...
2019/Apr/02 04:23:32

LacyLuna Asmr

They guys this video is just a little bit different but I really like it and had fun making it! So enjoy and like always feel free to comment any asmr requests and I'll let ... Asmr lighting dryer sheets on...
2018/Oct/26 23:43:27

Sara Rios

ASMR Fast tapping on candle w...
2019/Apr/29 01:00:02


Get the BenQ ScreenBar Lite here: ... RELAXING REVIEWS | BenQ Scree...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


Sprites and Sprite Halos imag...
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