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ASMR Doctor's Visit Memory test (soft spoken/whisper/personal attention)

2018/Dec/20 20:42:45

Nebula ASMR

cyberpunk #asmr ♡Where Else to Find Me : I'm now on the Tingles app (where you can watch ASMR without any ads! ) ... Cyberpunk ASMR ~ Memory Erasi...
2014/Nov/28 21:51:02


Hello, my friends & fellow Tingleheads! I have a new medical role play for you today that was inspired by the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (if you've ... Remember, it's okay to fo...
2017/Aug/02 02:25:13


Hello, my friends & fellow Tingleheads! This role play is a follow-up to my Memory Erasure Role Play (based on the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), ... ASMR | Don't forget, it&#...
2017/Jun/25 18:07:03


오글주의. 손발주의. *타임라인 Timeline* 1. 전화 Call 00:18 - 1:56 2. 왜 깨셨나요...? Why are you awake..? 1:58 - 3:37 3. 깬 김에 능력자랑 Showing you the ... [ASMR](ENG SUB)정체불명 ...
2016/Sep/28 20:11:17


Hello! My name is Isabel and I'm Dutch. I've been crazy about ASMR for about 4 years now and I am finally posting my very own ASMR video's since the 20th of ... ASMR Doctor's Visit Memory te...
2016/Nov/26 20:28:51

ASMR TinglePlay

Entertainment video and relaxing role play for relaxation and ASMR tingles. Test ASMR Role Play ASMR Hearing Exam Doctor ... Relaxing ASMR Role Play Memor...
2017/Sep/21 18:08:08


Hello everyone, Every word I say to you, I'm always in hope you grasp my intentions and direction for this beautiful journey I get to call OUR channel. NOTE: it ... ASMR- reenacting most nostalg...
2016/Sep/10 04:18:40


Here at the Memory Removal Clinic, we can erase painful memories that you no longer wish to live with. Our technician, Dr. Andrew Michaels, will assist you in ... 360° ASMR Memory Removal Clinic
2019/Mar/16 21:33:05


i hope u all enjoy this video :D tried my best haha, its been too long since i have done one of these videos!!! aaaaaa RECENT VIDEO: shirt scratching + ... Dr. Rose Checks your Head Inj...
2016/Dec/20 00:05:45


Doctor Andrew Michaels helps you work out your Christmas Finances in time to keep you from being "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Now you can have many ... Overdrawn At The Memory Bank ...
2017/May/31 18:00:01

H4Happiness - Relaxed Focus Music

Study music will calm a busy mind which allows focus, concentration on the task at hand. This means you can study without difficulty or distraction, enjoy your ... Ambient Study Music for Focus...
2016/Dec/24 12:40:57

ASMR Creations

Get abducted by this alien & have your brain picked through. This is relaxing despite your memories being replaced to become one of us. Happy Tingles! Please ... Alien Abduction Roleplay - Br...
2018/Feb/09 17:02:59


It's a little cold in the guest room, love... mind if I pop in for a bit? Could you spare a cup of coffee? All of the money raised will go towards helping my son move ... ASMR Roleplay: Let me stay in...
2015/Jan/10 12:06:21

True Binaural & ASMR

Binaural, ear to ear, whispered. Guided meditation and an invitation for you to leave a comment and I may visit your happy memory in a future video. Be good ... ASMR [happy memory group #1] ...
2018/Feb/22 22:38:58

Juliet Says ASMR

You'll find lots of ASMR light triggers, personal attention, positive affirmations, soft speaking, visual triggers, and keyboard sounds in this video! ASMR Memory Erasure
2017/Aug/24 05:41:58

Solfrid ASMR

ASMR Memory Card Game Sorting | Long Natural Nail Tapping & Scratching (No Talking) My Vlog Channel ➜ My Daily Life Instagram ... ASMR Memory Card Game | Nail ...
2019/Jan/05 20:30:16

Virtual Dreams Entertainment

We built all of this together. An Extended NSFW version can be found on Patreon (Must be 18+): ... ASMR - Unconditional Love [Di...
2015/Oct/28 23:00:00

Olivia Kissper ASMR

TRY ONLINE THERAPY: Many people reach out to me with questions about anxiety or depression. While I try my best to help ... TORTURE With MEMORY Hypnosis:...
2017/Dec/09 19:54:43

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Today we'll smoosh and squish and poke and rub this awesome memory foam pillow and admire it's softness ☁ ☁ 0 - Soft sticky hands 08:08 - Brush 1 ... Smoosh ☁️ ASMR ☁️ Sat...
2017/Jun/10 13:50:51

Dark and Twisted Whisper

Welp, I guess you're not going to remember this description... NOT THAT ANYONE LOOKS ANYWAY!!! Sorry, I don't mean to take my anger out on you. ASMR Kidnapping 2: Memory
2018/Sep/13 13:00:03

공부의신 강성태

[집중력 올리는 소리] 집중력을 올려주는 피아노 소리 ASMR [무료] 공부법은 물론, 습관까지 만들어 드려요. ▷ [공부의신 페이스북]... 강성태가 공부할 때 ...
2018/Jul/24 07:52:56

ASMR. Massages for a holistic wellbeing

Can you experience the upholding push of overcoming events You can rest, back is upholding you, feel the push Serene and powerful For more information visit ... ASMR Memory in lower back
2019/Mar/20 21:00:04

Mauve ASMR

You have amnesia. To confirm some information, I'll use a magnifying glass to check the dilation of your pupils, then write down your responses. Don't think ... ASMR Amnesia + Memory Test ...
2018/Jul/04 21:49:44

Epsilon Emerald ASMR

In this video I will attempt to name the first 151 Pokemon from memory, in Pokedex order! My kitten Cookie tried to help me, but she's not really that smart. What is ... ASMR Naming the First 151 Pok...
2019/Apr/07 03:08:02

ASMR Spanglish

A GIFT FOR YOU! ▻ UN REGALO PARA TI! ▻ v=lC2IICmuPPY Hey ... ASMR Alpha Waves Improve your...
2016/Aug/20 14:31:07

ASMR Meditations

It's important to keep that memory sharp! Here's a fun way - matching games. I made hand drawn cards so you can follow along as I play this memory game with ... ASMR Memory Game | Talking
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