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Arixmethes EDH Deck Tech - Sea Monster Time! soft spoken

2018/Sep/30 23:02:01

VisualSounds1 ASMR

The first in my Halloween series this year! These videos are always my favourite to make, I hope you enjoy them too! Find me on social media: Facebook: ... The Monster
2019/Apr/02 19:53:18

Hana Mae VA

Patreon - ➣ Merch: ➣ [Website Opening Soon] ➣ Ko - Fi ... Monster Girl x Listener [Hunt...
2016/Oct/11 18:00:01

Ephemeral Rift

Let the power of the Monster Hands compel you into a higher state of relaxation, concentration, sleep and other such similar words of the English lexicon that ... Monster Hands ASMR
2019/Jan/28 13:57:08

Dark and Twisted Whisper

Happy Ending: Tragic Ending: Artwork by my best girl Raina~ ... ASMR Yandere Monster Boy Role...
2019/Apr/11 14:47:16

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I show my dental health dinner. : D Humans have a finite number of permanent teeth. Also Implants are expensive. So I tried a special course dish for a ... FULL-COURSE DISH FOR TOOTH HE...
2016/Nov/18 00:14:49

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

2Girls1TentacleMonster :3 COLLAB TIME!! This video was fully edited and produced by IndigoStars. Enjoy her amazing editing skillz! In this video Callidora and ... ASMR COLLAB w/ IndigoStars! ~...
2017/Feb/22 01:09:40

ASMR Scientist

Headphones Preferred. • More videos @ • Thanks For Watching! • WHAT IS ASMR? • Autonomous Sensory Meridian ... [ASMR] Cared For By A Monster...
2018/Sep/10 03:26:06

Forenza Audio

Art used WITH permission by MartinaSaviane on Deviantart. Check it out, like and watch her work there at her Facebook- ... ASMR Roleplay| Monster Girlfr...
2018/Sep/23 04:09:55

Dark and Twisted Whisper

Sometimes it's hard to tell someone how you feel... Artwork by Spirutts, huge thanks! Please, donate I'd love some ... ASMR Best friend confesses lo...
2016/Mar/28 16:35:40


Welcome to Fangs and Brainz Dentistry Practice. You are here today to get your teeth, fangs.... or whatever you have, cleaned as well as have the dentist ... ☠ ASMR - Dentist for Monst...
2016/Oct/17 19:58:31

The ASMR Gamer

The ASMR Monster Under My Bed Check out my last video if you enjoyed this one: Playlists: Triggers: ... The ASMR Monster Under My Bed
2019/Mar/22 17:05:29

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I found an elephant. But this elephant stole my banana. : ( So I ate something similar to banana. ^_^ It has an elephant. Elephant meat is really soft and ... Eating unbelievable ELEPHANT ...
2018/Mar/03 08:27:33

Property of Mysterion

Horse Waifu is here! You can kiss her, but if you try to have sex with her you'll be arrested for animal cruelty! ✨✨✨ Neigh neigh b*tch! Centorea ~ "Monster Musu...
2017/Mar/23 16:15:10


Other Social Media: ASMR~ Teraturina Discusses Oc...
2019/Jan/26 19:59:22


You've been kidnapped by a man-eating, humanoid beast. Sorry for crap audio quality. Tumblr: Pt.1: Kidnapped by a Monster ...
2018/Aug/20 17:29:14


Welcome to the spa for monsters and creatures! Madame ZZ will be taking care of you today, doing everything from a facial to a scalp massage. It's hard work ... ASMR - Spa for Monsters and C...
2017/Nov/20 22:44:51


Failing at Monster Hunter :) ASMR ▶ Playstation Portable
2018/Oct/07 18:21:34

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

We're going back to the land of Garm'nar Nar with NyaaaaanyaaaAaAanyaaaaa. Forgive her for being a little irritated and quirky, but she's working hard to repel ... Protecting You From Monsters ...
2019/Apr/17 10:21:14

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I found a wild skunk. : ) This wild skunk is very fierce and scary. ^^;; Besides, it fires an incredibly powerful fart. Especially you watch out for the flame. HOW TO DEFEND AGAINST WILD SK...
2018/Mar/05 06:32:47

Property of Mysterion

Slime Waifu is wet for you... She is slime after all... Suu! ~ "Monster Musume&q...
2018/Feb/06 03:49:56

Dark and Twisted Whisper

Oh, guess the storm left... kewl. ASMR Male Yandere Monster (Lo...
2018/Jul/28 16:14:13


Welcome back to Fangs and Brainz Dentistry Practice. Today you will be seeing Dr. Dentin, a new dentist at the practice. You will be getting your teeth cleaned ... ☠ ASMR - Dentist for Monste...
2017/Jan/04 01:12:07

ASMR Destiny

Oh hi! I hope you don't mind my new look - in this ASMR video, I'm going to be brushing the mic for your rest and relaxation! Enjoy and please like, share, ... The Friendly ASMR Monster ✦...
2018/May/20 12:46:45

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I made chocolate with clay. But someone stole my chocolate. : ( I can not forgive him. So I ate him. XD Don't forget the subscribe me! How to Eat A Wild Duck with C...
2018/Apr/10 19:00:03

Kitti Minx

While wandering the Forest you get lost and stumble upon Arachna. Who is she and what are her plans for you? Less than 3 days to get a waifu Iphone case! Kitti Minx ASMR - Caught In A...
2018/Mar/24 09:57:18

MonsterMeal ASMR

Do you know that? LARVA & WORMS are high protein foods. So today I'll happily eat them. Do you want to eat together? : ) Don't forget the subscribe me! Eating A Living LARVA & W...
2018/Jun/04 13:00:05

Ice Cream Rolls

Monster Ice Cream Rolls | how to make Monster Energy Ice Cream rolled ice cream recipe with Monster Energy Drink ASMR Video / Food ... Monster Ice Cream Rolls | how...
2018/Aug/31 12:54:10

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I show you how to make a beautiful nose in 3 minutes. This method is so easy and simple that anyone can do it at home. Is your nose a complex? How to make a beautiful nose ...
2019/Apr/22 17:00:36

Tori Whispers ASMR

Patreon: Patreon is where you can find the full audio roleplay :) You rescued a slime monster girl from someone who ... Slime Girl Wants to Goo You U...
2018/Dec/16 01:43:12

Winged Unicorn

Oh dear! you seem to have lost your dog...while looking for them, you yourself got lost in the woods...during winter. Can it get any worse! It's a good thing monster ... {ASMR Roleplay} The Friendly ...
2019/Jan/20 21:50:00

Dareon Audio

A horror roleplay to make something a bit different this time. A serial killer is out there causing panic in the city, it's all over the news. But what are the odds of ... ASMR Roleplay: A different ki...
2019/Apr/25 19:12:34

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I challenge new spaghetti. :) It is a spaghetti made with paint brush. ^^;; This spaghetti can be painted on walls or furniture. : D Of course, I can eat it as a ... PAINT BRUSH SPAGHETTI FOR DIN...
2019/May/01 08:22:55

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I played table tennis. : ) By the way, I was very hungry and I made egg fry with a table tennis ball. And now I don't have a table tennis ball. ^^ ;; Oh! Cow ... EATING FRESH MILKY PING-PONG!...
2018/Dec/29 18:34:27

MonsterMeal ASMR

Today I have the largest bee in the world. The size of this bee is over 30cm. Also This bee likes honey and is very aggressive. Especially, the skill of this giant ... Eating The World's Larges...
2018/Jul/18 03:00:59

MonsterMeal ASMR

Have you ever seen Tinker Bell in a fairy tale? Today I caught this magic fairy. Look out! Magic powder of Tinker Bell can blow everything away. But don't worry. How to catch a Tinker Bell | ...
2018/Jul/30 14:16:45

MonsterMeal ASMR

Do you like Mc And cheese? I love it too. So today I am going to show you a new Mac & Cheese recipe. In fact, macaroni lacks protein. So I used new ingredients ... Eating Worms Macaroni (Mac &a...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


Arixmethes EDH Deck Tech - Se...
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