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ASMR Chilling Outside of a Party Muffled music, Soft Spoken Whisper

2018/Oct/02 03:52:41

Goodnight Moon

I made a playlist of the songs in this video here: Chatting Outside of Party #2 ...
2017/Mar/12 23:36:49


Lucy the Tease by Allan Rayman, Family and Genus by Shakey Graves, Blue by Willow Beats, Master of None by Beach House, and Back Again by Flor. ASMR Chilling Outside of a Pa...
2017/Jun/12 16:21:52

ASMR People

I had a couple of dust masks laying around so I decided to try a muffled dome effect on sound to hear how it sounded. Let me know what you think. Social Media: ... Binaural Muffled Sound Trigge...
2016/Aug/15 02:57:02

Kevin Miller ASMR

Hello, how's it going? It's been a while... This is a short ASMR video featuring some attempt at removing safety headphones using various and highly effective ... (ASMR) "Muffled Ears&quo...
2018/Feb/14 02:50:17

Jaime's Girl ASMR

Hi my sweet lovelies :) I'm running super late with my upload today, I thought I wouldn't make it. But here I am with an intense tingly ASMR video. I'll be placing ... Intense Binaural ASMR Ear to ...
2018/Apr/08 22:31:45

Lina Beana ASMR

a bit of an experiment, hope you like! inspired by the muffled speaking softly galoshes does. links down here ~ CUSTOM VIDEOS + rewards available on my ... ASMR - Muffled soft speaking ...
2018/Jul/12 02:40:02

Tyson ASMR

Hey guys! I have been wanting to make a haircut/ barber role-play for a long time! I'm really excited about this video! I put a lot of work into it and i really hope the ... ASMR Relaxing Haircut Rolepla...
2017/May/23 20:07:34

WhispersRed ASMR

Ultra sticky microphones for sticky finger ASMR sounds, No talking, Sounds only. Just a little muffled Hello at the start! If this is your trigger I hope you enjoy the ... STICKtacular Mics !! ✨ DEEP...
2018/Aug/25 03:19:54

Flannel Brothers

This is just something I threw together for the fun of it. There are little snippets of the boys talking, but some of it is muffled! I feel like that sorta adds to the effect ... Sleeping In The Back Of The I...
2018/Oct/25 04:13:58


I edited this instead of doing my historical arts context paper, you're welcome. ALSO FOR SOME REASON THE GRAMMAR MESSED UP ON SCREEN AFTER I ... Sleeping in the Avengers towe...
2018/Aug/22 19:53:17

ASMR Goofball

experimenting with new triggers i think of! asmr muffled card throwing vi...
2018/Dec/18 01:04:58

Tyson ASMR

Hey guys! I have had the idea to turn songs into asmr for a long time and PJ dreams beat me to it. Hope you like it. Don't forget to like and subscribe and hit the ... My Favorite Songs Made Into A...
2014/Oct/22 04:47:29


If you'd like to help support the growth of my channel or my mommy who is suffering from Stage IV lung cancer: GoFundMe: ... [ASMR] Muffled Mic Bassy Mech...
2018/Sep/20 13:15:19

SuperNish ASMR

How many times do I have to tell you to stop f**king with these crazy girls? This one is at your door demanding for you to open it and I think she's a demon. Demonic Ex Girlfriend || (Muf...
2019/Feb/16 19:58:14

ASMR Weekly

Thank you for Watching! Comment what you would like to see next! ⋄ Instagram : ⋄ Tingles App, you can watch ... Car ride in the Rain ️ [ASM...
2018/Sep/19 01:28:51

Tyson ASMR

hey guys! I sister sliced off my hair. I really hope the buzzing from the clippers wasn't too loud i adjusted the audio as well as added muffled music. I hope you ... Cutting My Hair For ASMR - (M...
2018/Apr/15 09:30:13

Cheryl M ASMR

Relaxing you in the queue for Berlin's most exclusive nightclub - the Berghain! Please wear headphones for this one or you won't hear the background noise as ... Chilling Outside a Party ASMR...
2018/Oct/17 23:49:59

Tyson ASMR

Hey guys! I know i have done a few videos where i get into some more personal parts of my life, but i wanted to make a facts about me video so you guys can ... ASMR - 25 Interesting Facts A...
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