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ASMR Deranged Nurse Role-Play

2019/Apr/11 20:20:56


Nurse Buzby is here to search your scalp for lice! And to patch up your little wound :D - B Merch Store: You can get ... School Nurse Gives Lice Check...
2019/Mar/03 00:29:02


This video is sponsored by Sun Basket ^_^ Get 60% off your first box by following my link and clicking Activate Offer at the top of the page! ASMR | School Nurse & Lic...
2019/Feb/22 23:08:26


I dare you to use your imagination. I dare you when you're broke to use your imagination. I dare you when you're rich to use your imagination. I dare you under ... [ASMR] School Nurse Treats Yo...
2018/Mar/13 22:09:59

Latte ASMR

05:12 treating your wound 16:21 doing your check-up 43:47 taking care of you Hello everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I'm your nurse! I will do your check-up and ... Calm and Peaceful Time with N...
2017/Aug/18 23:06:59

ASMR Darling

Back to School! Let Nurse Darling take care of you on your first day of school :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~SOCIALS~ Snapchat ... ASMR School Nurse - First Day...
2016/Nov/29 00:55:14

Isabel imagination ASMR

This video is posted to celebrate the first milion views for my Cranial Nerve Exam video I posted 4 months ago, yay!! In this ASMR video you will recieve an ... ASMR SCHOOL NURSE ANNUAL PHYS...
2019/Apr/05 21:23:03


I remember being in elementary school and going to the nurse almost daily because of upset stomachs. I looked for this type of video yesterday and didn't see ... [ASMR] School Nurse Treats Yo...
2017/Nov/14 20:30:01


Hello everyone! Thanks for being patient waiting for this video :) I had this idea to make a longer nurse video and try to simulate a more realistic hospital ... ❤ Your Night Nurse ❤ ASMR...
2018/Oct/03 21:00:01


hello everyone! this video features something i've wanted to do for a while: some "anti" personal attention. for me, i get the most tingles (in real life) when the ... Evening Nurse's Shift / A...
2016/Nov/28 19:38:47


Other Social Media: Insp. For Look: Rita Hayworth and Vivien Leigh (the latter insp. the accent) 1940's ASMR~ WWII Nurse R...
2019/Apr/12 17:26:56

Jodie Marie ASMR

Hi Everyone, Today your ears are getting some personal attention, lets clean those ears for you, with a cotton bud. Gently removing that wax. Patreon ... ASMR - Nurse Roleplay/Relaxin...
2019/Feb/13 00:03:34


Oh no! A few class mates have been INFESTED with lice, lets check and see if you have them too! “I dare you to use your imagination. I dare you when you're ... [ASMR] School Nurse Lice Chec...
2019/Jan/21 11:28:13

ASMR Shanny

Hey Shan-anigans!! Sorry that this second video was a bit late this week. Still getting over being sick - which is why I still look crazy in this video lol I hope that all ... [ASMR] School Nurse Exam - Ta...
2019/Jan/15 20:35:51

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello lovelies! MERCH: ... [ASMR] School Nurse Lice Chec...
2018/Nov/14 07:55:10

Gissela Romo

Hi! In this video you are in the hospital getting some antibiotics for some cellulitis that is on your leg. I am your night nurse coming on shift. I'll do my assessments ... asmr / medical role play 2019
2019/Apr/06 21:00:02

LottieLoves ASMR

Darlings… I hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow me on instagram: Follow me on ... [ASMR] Relaxing School Nurse ...
2015/May/17 20:08:12

Cosmic Tingles ASMR

Enjoy some ASMR soft spoken personal attention, an up close magnifying glass dermatology exam, glove sounds, writing sounds, eye exam with light triggers ... Nurse Role Play Physical Exa...
2017/Feb/24 06:26:54

Abigale Mandler

In this ASMR video, you have gone to the Doctors office for an exam. Works best WITH HEADPHONES! ASMR triggers: personal attention, fantasy scenario, ... ASMR: Nurse Exam Role Play
2017/Jul/05 19:00:05

Isabel imagination ASMR

In this ASMR role play video, you are rushed of to a field hospital where nurse Isabel is taking care of you. Triggers are: personal attention, breathy whispers, ear ... ASMR Nurse Personal Attention...
2017/Aug/18 00:19:50

Latte ASMR

01:28 checking your wounds 05:41 cleansing the areas 09:39 disinfecting your wounds 12:30 applying some ointment 15:04 attaching bandaids 18:31 scalp ... School Nurse Caring You/ ASMR...
2019/Apr/13 06:41:27

Ginger ASMR

Hello Loves☺ I hope you enjoy this Eye Exam Nurse RP ASMR Video!!❤ ☺ **IF YOU WANT MORE GINGER** Check out my Patreon for really affordable ... [ASMR] Eye Exam Nurse RP
2019/Apr/07 20:18:06


Welcome to my ASMR channel :) This is a reupload of one of my very first videos. I kind of felt nostalgic. So many things have changed since the day of it's ... ASMR First Aid Nurse RP
2017/Dec/04 00:00:02

Randy ASMR

Thank you for being so cooperative today, it looks like you will be just fine. Go out there and make new friends, do not be so nervous! You will find your people ... [ASMR] School Nurse Roleplay ...
2019/Mar/16 19:37:12


The Escape - Become a member of The Escape for exclusive ASMR/ girlfriend videos! Become A Patreon ... ASMR NURSE
2015/Nov/21 15:00:00


Hello, I'm your ASMR nurse today! This video features some medical asmr, whispering, inaudible whispering (for sleep), and a head massage to help you rest. ☾ Your Bedside Nurse ☽ AS...
2019/Mar/03 21:30:00

GwenGwiz ASMR

Sit back and relax as Nurse Gwen checks your head for lice! This medical themed roleplay features whispers, soft speaking, hair brushing, scalp exam, personal ... ASMR Lice Check School Nurse ...
2019/Mar/19 21:05:55

Equilibrium ASMR

ASMR at home nurse visit
2018/Sep/12 17:27:10

ASMR Videos

2019/Apr/19 04:38:50

three girls

Sassy ASMR nurse
2019/Apr/24 18:49:51


Today I play a nurse, doing a check up! ( I'm just acting in this & obviously I'm not a real nurse, so the things I'm doing & saying are probably not correct, just for ... ASMR Nurse Role Play
2019/Apr/25 20:00:02

Tingting ASMR

Welcome back to another super tingly lice check with nurse Tingting. Enjoy realistic sounds as I gently part your hair and examine your scalp with latex gloves, ... [ASMR] School Nurse Lice Check
2018/Nov/22 18:43:27


Include subtitles Check my Patreon page Exclusive ASMR videos, My photos: ♡ ♡ Find me in the app. Tingles ... ASMR TWIN NURSE DEEP EAR Cle...
2018/Feb/05 01:06:23

Mystical ASMR

So this is a little different than my usual characters because I made it on request for a friend :) It was fun doing a different character and a little challenging ... 1940s Nurse ASMR Roleplay
2019/Apr/28 18:59:05


ASMR Sleep Clinic Part 2 Welcome to our 2.Therapy. Trigger: - Breathing in different ways - hand movements - shhh Leave me a comment if you can´t sleep :) ASMR Nurse Role Play - Heavy ...
2018/Jan/11 20:00:00

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello there lovelies! Welcome to anyone who is recently new to my channel, thank you for joining me. I hope you really enjoy the videos I have to come as I've ... ASMR~ School Nurse Roleplay
2019/Apr/28 17:29:17

Tori Whispers ASMR

Patreon: Patreon is where you can find the full audio roleplay ;) Triggers: personal attention, light triggers, soft ... Nurse Gives You a Cranial Ner...
2018/Jan/12 02:11:04


After taking a long sabbatical from the ASMR Private Hospital, she's back! xoxo See for our list of upcoming public videos. ASMR - Natalie The ASMR Nurse...
2017/Mar/12 19:45:01

Valeriya ASMR

Hello guys! Today will be a medical roleplay. I will be your nurse and I will gently wake you up and make your medical examination with gloves. I will check your ... ASMRCaring Nurse will gently ...
2019/Feb/20 17:00:02

Tea Dracula

゚BETTER WITH HEADPHONES・゚✧ Support me? Support my patreon:- ❝───Nurse Aria gets all close and personal for ... Yandere Nurse ASMR Roleplay
2019/May/01 21:00:00

SusurrosdelSurr ASMR

Únete a los soñadores : TicoTico ASMR: Si realmente te gusta lo que ... NURSE ANN | Creepy Roleplay ...
2019/May/04 13:15:23

Ginger ASMR

Even if you get yourself into trouble I will be here to take care of YOU! **IF YOU WANT MORE GINGER** Check out my Patreon for really affordable extras! Nurse Caring for YOU ASMR | U...
2019/May/04 15:50:12

Fernando R

if the creator aftynrose has any problem with that I have uploaded the video I can remove it instantly but do not report it to me pls #asmr #earlicking. ASMR Nurse ear licking
2015/Mar/04 01:57:58


Got a question? It might be answered here: PATREON : OFFICIAL SITE: ... [BINAURAL ASMR] Nurse Rolepl...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


ASMR Deranged Nurse Role-Play
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