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Oracle Bone

2019/Mar/13 08:17:06

ASMR with Anna

Hello Everybody, Welcome to ASMR with Anna. This is my fifth ASMR video in my series of fantasy role-plays called Kellswake: The Land Between Dreams and ... The Oracle of Ardendale//ASMR...
2018/Jan/27 00:51:05

Karuna Satori ASMR

Welcome back to our channel family! If you're new here, I want to welcome you to our little family. You are in an extremely safe place, where we only allow love ... ASMR ORACLE CARD READING
2018/Aug/23 23:14:05

Miss Synchronicity

Animal Oracle words most commonly found within Druidry. Today I try to softly pronounce for ASMR some Scottish, Irish and Welsh Gaelic words from my Druid ... ASMR Scottish, Irish, Welsh G...
2017/Nov/13 03:58:39

Peace and Saraity ASMR

Take a deep breath. Relax. Clear your mind. Think of the question you are seeking or perhaps what you may need guidance on. The cards will reveal your ... ASMR| Relaxing Oracle Card Re...
2017/Jun/28 22:00:07

Karuna Satori ASMR

Welcome. Remember that. You're ALWAYS welcome here. Know every single person who comes to my channel, I am thankful for. Humbled for. This is our ... ASMR GODDESS ORACLE READING (...
2017/Jan/11 02:09:51

Karuna Satori ASMR

Welcome back to my channel everyone! If you're new here or returning, I hope you stick around, and know that I am EXTREMELY humbled to have you! Today's ... ASMR GODDESS ORACLE CARD READING
2017/Aug/01 22:05:11

CalmingEscape ASMR

Oracle ASMR Role Play (Barbara Gordon) Featuring Typing, Clicking & A Phone Effect. Takes place in Gotham City (DC Universe) ✨This Month My Channel Is ... Oracle ASMR Role Play Typing...
2017/May/31 12:32:36

pochama119 / nanoflower

冷蔵庫の音とイヤホンから漏れる音、何とかします……… nomusic binaural、再びどうぞ. 【re-ASMR?】hit sound only:...
2018/Jun/18 00:29:04

BreadandButter ASMR

Hi friends! I hope you find this oracle card reading roleplay calming. ♥ PayPal tip jar: Patreon: ... ASMR Calming Oracle Card Read...
2014/Aug/21 05:02:28

Wise Woman Whispers ASMR

An Oracle Card reading Role Play for your entertainment. As this is an ASMR video there is lots of whispering, tapping and card flipping. ASMR ~ ROLE PLAY Oracle Card ...
2015/Sep/05 20:42:38

ASMRuby ASMR ~* mermaid oracle card r...
2018/Apr/11 19:00:38

Sandra Relaxation ASMR

Bonsoir ! Pour cette vidéo ASMR, je te propose un roleplay où je te fais tirer des cartes positives (il s'agit de l'Oracle de Krystal de Corine Madelain). Je te créé ... ASMR Attention personnelle ...
2016/Feb/18 03:00:04

Wise Woman Whispers ASMR

At long last I've finally filmed one of my most requested videos. I talk about how I do my Oracle card readings, and a show and tell of the cards in my collection. ASMR ~ Oracle Cards Show &...
2015/Dec/27 22:03:24


Unboxing my new liquid Crystal Oracle cards! soft talks some whisper and cards. Enjoy. Opening My New Oracle Liquid ...
2018/Apr/20 12:00:01

Somni Rosae

ENGLISH │CASTELLANO (Spanish) Hello everyone! This video goes out to "Writing With Angels", which was a YouTube channel I used to watch back in 2009 ... ASMR │Oracle Card Reader Ro...
2017/Nov/27 17:58:25

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

FYI - There is music in this video so if music with ASMR is not your cup of tea, you may want to find something else to watch. This video is a project I've wanted to ... The Neverending Story - South...
2018/Dec/30 16:58:46

Wise Woman Whispers ASMR

Hello Gentle Viewers, in case you weren't aware, I had to move house over the holidays so I am in yet another new recording space. The audio has an echo and ... ASMR ~ Oracle Card Reading Ja...
2013/Sep/20 22:07:35

Olivia Kissper ASMR

In this ASMR video, I am softly introducing you to Mah Jongg Chinese oracle cards and then giving you a reading. You can have a question in mind so the ... relaxing CARD reading ASMR so...
2017/Apr/11 08:41:04

La Bulle d'Anne ASMR

Tu as une question sans réponse ? Viens me la poser :) J'espère que ce petit roleplay vous détendra :) mail : Pour me soutenir ... ASMR ☪ L'Oracle Des Cha...
2018/May/24 12:53:45

Wise Woman Whispers ASMR

Welcome to your monthly ASMR Oracle Card Reading. I encourage you to tap into your own inner wisdom as you watch the video and honour what comes up for ... ASMR ~ Oracle Card Reading Fo...
2018/Aug/17 09:38:23

Moonbeam ASMR

Join me Darling, Tonight we will go over some tips from the universe & lend an ear to a friend (you)! thank you so much for joining us for this unique reading that ... ASMR Lo-fi Personal Attention...
2016/Oct/05 22:45:32

ASMRuby ASMR ♡ CARD READING : oracl...
2018/May/22 01:49:39

White Enlightening

Good day all! This was my first time ever using the Oracle of Rama cards. I do not know how they are traditionally used so I went with the flow of my normal card ... ASMR Oracle of Rama, Angel Ca...
2018/Oct/23 21:00:05

Mauve ASMR

Here's my tarot deck collection -- lots of indie decks and some oracle decks at the end. All tarot deck names listed at the bottom. This is the only thing I collect ... ASMR Tarot Deck Collection ...
2015/May/21 21:48:56

Muirgenrelax ASMR

Bonsoir, Revue sur l'oracle de l'Ange indigo de Doreen Virtue et Charles Virtue qui est un de mes coups de coeur du moment, qui aide au développement ... ASMR - Revue Oracle de l'...
2018/May/23 21:06:29

Autumn Mystic ASMR

This video is meant to be relaxing. I pull 3 oracle cards from 3 different oracle card decks and read you the meanings of each card. I pull cards from: The Wisdom ... ASMR Oracle Card Reading Soft...
2019/Feb/02 01:05:42

Whimsy ASMR

Welcome to Whimsy ASMR's first ASMR video, and first of a series about Dreamers Vale and the mystery of Queen Mab. You are a lost traveler, who wakes to up ... ASMR | Fantasy Roleplay | The...
2018/May/20 23:06:14

LoLo Whispers ASMR

Hey Loves! Welcome to my ASMR channel! For my first video I wanted to give you an oracle angel card reading :) With lots of tapping, whispers, crinkles...etc ... ASMR Oracle Angel Card Readin...
2019/Mar/28 13:25:55

Wise Woman Whispers ASMR

Welcome to your monthly ASMR Oracle Card Reading. I encourage you to tap into your own inner wisdom as you watch the video and honour what comes up for ... ASMR ~ April 2019 Oracle Card...
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