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Ephemeral Rift : The Jedi Apprentice (Star Wars ASMR Parody)

ASMR Parody ASMR Parody
2016/Aug/23 14:22:08

The Sean Ward Show

the Joker is here with his own ASMR video with soothing and relaxing sounds like metal-on-metal, knife sharpening, metal on fabric, guns clicks, smooth sounds ... Relax with THE JOKER - ASMR w...
2017/Aug/25 01:27:58

Best In Class

in this episode i do some very relaxing ASMR that will help you sleep and relax, and it's a parody! Hope you enjoy! My Big Fat Assistant: ... The Most RELAXING Whispering ...
2018/Oct/18 15:00:05

The Real Deal Khaleel

LIFE WITH MAK POLICE PARODY | SASSY POLICE ASMR A Sassy POLICE Officer Pulls over a YG 1 Like= $1 to help me pay off this ticket :) This Video depicts ... ASMR POLICE Pulled ME Over** ...
2018/Dec/04 23:09:43

ASMR Culture

As stated in Wikipedia, in his blog on applied neuroscience, senior lecturer in neurology at Yale University, Stephen Novella notes the lack of scientific research ... ASMR 100 TRIGGERS parody 100 ...
2017/Sep/07 09:10:42


Welcome to Xiaxue's beauty salon! Sit back, relax and enjoy an ASMR experience you won't forget. If you don't know what ASMR is, you should DEFINITELY ... ASMR Parody - Xiaxue's Gu...
2019/Feb/13 19:11:18

Asmr Aspen

This video is fake obviously, it's an asmr parody, and a complete joke for comedic purposes. so no I in fact did not eat my grandmother's ashes hopefully you ... Eating Nana's Ashes ASMR ...
2019/Apr/07 17:30:17

The Real Deal Khaleel

ASMR Ice Cream Shop Parody In this Episode, A YG goes into a dessert shop to get some sweets but then gets disrespected by a rude employee. Instead of ... ASMR Cookie Lady Is OKAY ‍...
2018/Jan/15 07:36:09


Just so you know: this video is not suited for actual ASMR. I highly recommend that you don't use this video to relax. I just wanted to show what it looks like when ... [ASMR Parody] - FASTEST TINGL...
2018/Sep/06 19:59:01

Emery Bingham Instagram....@emerybbusiness Sub to Uncle Tyler......Bingler Check out my Cameo profile: ... ASMR *parody* Emery Bingham
2010/Dec/05 03:49:50


Another ball tingling Bob Ross Parody. Leave a comment, remember spell check is optional (nobody with a life gives two shits about spelling). The Best Bob Ross Parody ASMR
2018/Sep/08 12:15:00

Cheetoh Studios

Godzilla quietly destroys the city with his relaxing ASMR mouth sounds No offense to anyone who makes ASMR videos. I personally find them relaxing and ... ASMR GODZILLA (ASMR cartoon p...
2014/Jun/29 18:17:32

Wyatt Kane

Ever wonder what an ASMR haircut might look like? Click Here To Subscribe! ▻ Want Muffin Email Updates? The World's Worst Relaxin...
2019/Mar/31 20:00:00

The White Rabbit ASMR

YAY for collabs!!! So grateful for these AMAZING ladies for having me be a part of such a fab 5 parter series! Bringing you guys all of the sassy, tingly triggers that ... ✨Kim Kardashian Styles You!...
2018/Nov/13 20:25:49

Dan Haddin

Do you like diabetics? Do you like ASMR with mouth-noises and lots of tapping on random objects? Do you like humor? boy, do I have the video for you. Diabetic ASMR Parody
2019/Mar/19 20:58:41

Creative Calm ASMR

Welcome you! In tonight's video in this parody special we join Khloe as she explores ASMR. Now listen on Spotify: ... Khloe Kardashian Explores ASM...
2013/Feb/10 09:43:52

Wyatt Kane

ASMR? What the heck is it? Well if you don't know already, check out the links below. It's the Bob Ross feeling! After watching tons of videos on YouTube, ... Relaxing Kidnapping (ASMR Par...
2019/Jan/21 22:50:35

Jakob Pryce

Thanks for watching! ---Find Me Here--- YouTube: Patreon: ... If ASMR Was An Anime [Parody]
2019/Apr/13 18:40:57

The Real Deal Khaleel

ASMR Mommy Cleans Your Ears Parody In this episode, I attend my ear doctor appointment and to my surprise, the doctor was trying to hit on me! I wasn't sure if ... ASMR Ear Doctor Wont Stop Pla...
2019/Apr/11 23:00:00

Miss Bell ASMR

[ASMR] It's A Jeopardy Parody. All ASMR Related Trivia (Whispered) Please enroll in my class by clicking that SUBSCRIBE button : ) Please follow me on ... [ASMR] It's A Jeopardy Pa...
2019/Jan/19 12:07:03

The Real Deal Khaleel

ASMR Job Interview Parody 1 Like= Another Job Interview :) This video depicts the struggles of a young black man looking for a job. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ... ASMR Interviewer gets Intervi...
2019/Apr/19 19:39:18

Mad ASMR Triggers

Watch me Eat a Hot Dog and Doritos *Crunchy Eating Sounds* 7 Eleven Food Eating Show and Talking! This a Trisha Paytas Parody Mukbang cuz I love her so ... ASMR Mukbang *Trisha Paytas P...
2019/Mar/20 00:28:16


Be sure to wear headphones for the best experience! Or, until you're uncomfortable and take them off ♂ Like, Comment, and Subscribe For More! Patreon: ... [ASMR] Hitman Kidnaps You (Pa...
2019/Apr/22 23:36:31

The Real Deal Khaleel

Serial Killer Victim Role Play Parody In this episode, I was just hanging out with my best friend... When all of a sudden... He starts to act really suspicious, as if he ... ASMR Serial Killer (PARODY)
2019/Apr/21 20:58:15

Creative Calm ASMR

Welcome you! In tonight's video in this Easter Special Bridget Jones's Diary parody, Bridget is dressed as..... some kind of bunny, and has joined the children on ... ASMR Bridget's VERY Naugh...
2019/Apr/21 18:37:46

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

For those of you who like the bitchy/sassy type RP's... :) Also - this was recorded at a higher gain for people harder of hearing so you may want to adjust your ... (ASMR) Lucille Bluth Does You...
2019/Jan/23 21:58:11

Creative Calm ASMR

Lauren's Channel link: 2nd Collab link: ... [ASMR PARODY] 2 CRAZY Girls E...
2015/May/18 11:30:01

Wyatt Kane

Nurse Matt is back to answer all of your questions.... or ruin them and make you never want to return. Leave your questions for next time in the comments! CLICK ... Ask Nurse Matt 8 (ASMR Parody)
2017/Aug/25 15:33:59

The Sean Ward Show

the Joker is back with more ASMR! Enjoy soothing and relaxing sounds like metal-on-metal, knife sharpening, metal on fabric, guns clicks, smooth sounds and ... Relax with The Joker - ASMR w...
2019/Apr/23 17:13:11

LT lick Me

I went to the store and this happened.. Featuring: Inspired by: ... [ASMR] Game Store took the wr...
2019/Apr/23 15:54:10


Thanks for 50 Subs❤ Shoutout @therealdealkhaleel and @mattytingles NEW EDITED DESCRIPTION COMING SOON NEXT❤ Thanks for watching. ASMR Russel from UP! (PARODY)
2019/Apr/29 22:03:10

The Real Deal Khaleel

Nun Takes Care of You In Bed Parody In this episode, A YG has became very sick by a very deadly disease. Some wonder.... Will he survive???? Can the nun ... ASMR Nun Takes Care of ME (PA...
2017/Feb/07 22:32:26


ASMR Parody
2019/Mar/05 21:01:20


A huge thank you to everyone who participated :'D The other ASMRtists are so freaking talented and deserve all the love! I JUST FINISHED FRIENDS FOR THE ... Monica | A FRIENDS ASMR Parod...
2019/Mar/02 06:01:28


pink asmr regretting her life decisions eating salmon - aloe vera - honey comb etc These videos are for comedy purposes only. Do not hate on PINK ASMR ... pink asmr regretting her deci...
2018/Sep/22 11:17:31

Asia Febbraio

APRITE ** Che cos'è l'ASMR? Con questo mio video non intendo offendere in alcun ... ASMR (parodia) - ASMR (parody)
2013/Dec/10 00:30:50

Hailey Rose

Check out my new website! Hey guys, This is Hailey WhisperingRose... today I wanted to try something a little different: I wanted to try ... ASMR: Allan Chumak 'Parod...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


Ephemeral Rift : The Jedi App...
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