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ASMR Psychologist Ink Blot Test

2016/Jan/07 18:33:59

ASMR Psychetruth

Welcome to your appointment with Dr. Rachel, to discuss your recent feelings of anxiety and low self esteem ♥ 500+ Exclusive Videos For Patreon Supporters ... ASMR Role Play: Psychologist ...
2018/Jul/09 19:30:00

Articulate Design ASMR

Take care of yourselves okay. If you need to reach out to somebody and talk - do it! Please be mindful that this is not a substitute for actual therapy. ASMR - Psychologist Rolepla...
2018/Jun/26 18:30:01


BetterHelp: Sit down with Dr Calm, your Psychologist, whilst she conducts a Rorschach Test otherwise known as ... ASMR Psychologist Ink Blot Test
2017/Apr/23 22:32:10

Articulate Design ASMR

A local psychologist has set up a free scheduled "drop in" session to help anybody suffering with anxiety, depression or perhaps individuals just going through ... ASMR - Psychologist Roleplay
2017/Sep/27 17:53:42

Be calm with Becca ASMR

This video is for relaxation purposes and can help you through a stressful time. Your ASMR psychologist roleplay for reassurance. Not a professional. If you like ... Helpful ASMR psychologist / t...
2016/Dec/01 20:00:36


Other Social Media: Insp. For Look: Isabelle Adjani in The Tenant (1976) 1970's ASMR~ Psychologist...
2017/Mar/02 01:13:02

calliope whispers ASMR

Guess who's back? (Back again.) So my loves – you're in for a visit with Dr. Calliope. We'll be discussing your mental health, which has been quite poor lately, ... A Visit to a Psychologist | A...
2018/Nov/05 04:01:16

ASMR Power Of Sound

ASMR Power Of Sound website: Become a Patron today ! Donate here: ... ASMR Psychologist Roleplay &q...
2014/Oct/30 21:27:23

Cosmic Tingles ASMR

An ear to ear session with a Rorschach inkblot test, word association test with requested trigger words and a pendulum hypnosis to deep relaxation and reunion ... Hypnosis Doctor Role Play wit...
2017/Apr/27 22:41:03

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

I know this video is similar to what I uploaded on Monday... however this one is a little bit more intense (so check yourself if you think you might get triggered, ... ASMR Psychologist Role Play -...
2016/Sep/03 21:02:43

LauraLemurex ASMR

Hello and welcome to an updated 'Inkblot test' rp for your relaxation. I had a great time making this video, so I really hope that both seems apparent and that you ... ASMR Inkblot Test - Psycholog...
2016/Oct/10 18:45:20


Other Social Media: ASMR~ Psychologist Role Play
2017/Mar/02 14:19:22

Sailor Aspasia ASMR

Hi! This is my sixth ASMR video. I hope you enjoy. :) ASMR Psychologist/Therapist ...
2017/Jan/04 19:30:00


Hi everyone. Today I will be testing you with the CAT-H. (This is not intended to be diagnostic, which is why I don't address your responses.) #asmr ... Psychologist Test for ASMR
2018/Apr/27 04:09:09

Peace and Saraity ASMR

1980's Aesthetic....I adore the 80s. Fun fact I was born in 1987! I had a lot of fun with this look in general!!! If you enjoy the 80s you will enjoy this channel as well ... ASMR| 80's Psychologist R...
2017/Dec/01 14:54:44

calliope whispers ASMR

Happy one year anniversary to all of you! It's been exactly one year since I uploaded my first video, a very low quality, basic aura cleansing video! Some of you ... ASMR Psychologist RP | Soft S...
2019/Apr/01 16:45:01

- ̗ ̀Sasha ASMR ̖ ́-

Hello my friends :) Long time no see! I missed you :) In this ASMR video I will ask you a lot of questions and will determine your LOVE language which will help ... ~ ASMR | PSYCHOLOGIST Visit T...
2017/May/16 17:00:03

Derren Brown

Derren takes on a psychologist in a battle of wits. Can he outsmart him? For more subscribe to our channel - Can Derren Brown Fool a Clini...
2019/Apr/26 03:56:24

Equilibrium ASMR

Requested by Anonymous. I really believe mental health should be taken more seriously in society. I had made a previous audio only psychologist role play ... ASMR | Psychologist Role Play...
2018/Mar/21 18:02:54


ASMR Female Stress Psychologist *German Roleplay* Our other ASMR channels: FemaleASMR: ... ASMR Female Stress Psychologi...
2015/Feb/19 17:30:00


Please subscribe if you like my videos! ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** Na ... ASMR - Psychologist Role Play...
2017/Mar/14 23:49:02


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