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What does BiPolar fundamentally mean? : Bipolar Disorder Forum - Psych forums

For example, multiple sclerosis, is a syndrome where there are instances of multiple sclerosis , which are lesions on the cns. Scelerosis = Lesion Multiple ... ASMR PSYCHOLOGY

Half of people shot by police are mentally ill, investigation finds |

A Maine-based study found a lack of training and oversight and a system that justifies deadly use of force ASMR PSYCHOLOGY

ASMR Psychologist Role Play - When You Need to be Admitted

2017/Nov/07 22:03:40

ASMR Psychetruth

Free Massage & ASMR Psychetruth Plus! @ Help Support This Channel & Get Exclusive Videos! Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs...
2017/Apr/08 05:47:00


Hope this is relaxing for you! Sorry for all the study videos, my school year is coming to an end so I promise it won't last forever! Sweet dreams. Psychology Studying :) *ASMR*...
2017/Nov/04 16:01:08

Indiee ASMR

Hey everyone hope you enjoyed my first ASMR lesson focused podcast! This one talks about psychology, but the possibilities for the future are endless! [ASMR][Soft-Spoken] Psycholog...
2014/Mar/24 02:43:25


Here's the revised audio! I ran it through Audacity, and the levels on both sides are now even. If you're hearing a difference I swear to god it's not me because I ... FIXED- Roleplay: ASMR Psychol...
2019/Jan/04 19:42:43


ASMR personality test to reveal what your soul is infused with. This relaxing video features snow sounds, whisper, softly spoken voice, positive energy and many ... [ASMR] Snowflake Personality ...
2018/Apr/17 20:48:07

Indiee ASMR

I hope everyone enjoyed this! Feel free to request future psych podcasts! To support my channel, visit my patreon! [ASMR] Psychology Lesson 2: E...
2018/Apr/05 01:18:32


This is a new series I will be doing on my channel, Psych Chats! I will be discussing various psychology related content in a soft spoken or whispered manner. ASMR Psych Chats #1--Adult At...
2017/Apr/10 05:22:02

ElleBelle ASMR

I felt this character was a little crazy, inappropriate, and bitchy all at the same time. I also felt that this character was super cool, fun, understanding, and sweet too ... ASMR Crazy Inappropriate Psyc...
2017/Mar/08 22:51:26

LauraLemurex ASMR

Hello everybody! Welcome to a new video. In this video, relax and unwind as I take you through a guided visual journey to discovering a part of your 'inner self'. ASMR 'First, Imagine A Cu...
2018/Jun/04 22:40:13

glitterdoll ASMR

Hello Friends, Welcome! Today I whisper to you about one of my favorite subjects in the whole entire world! That is Psychology! I hope with all my little heart that ... ASMR Psychology Facts! Super ...
2018/Aug/19 21:18:45


Today you're ordering some academic and scholarly journals for your office! In this video you'll learn of some special interests of mine as a professional by the ... ASMR Customer Service- Psycho...
2016/Jul/21 00:00:01

Olivia Kissper ASMR

ASMR psychology testing is one of the most consistent request I've been getting! So here goes. It will reveal interesting insights into your relationships. In this ... ASMR Psychological Test: Draw...
2019/Feb/08 10:29:01

ASMR Facts

Enjoy 25+ minutes of various whispered and mind-blowing facts about psychology. Fact #1: I cannot guarantee that any of these acts are actually true or ... [ASMR] Ear to Ear Whispered F...
2014/Mar/12 02:52:31


Ready for some bullshit science? Yeeeessss. xxx Sorry for the delay. It's exams and my computer broke. But hey! I m strugglin on. xxx DONATE: ... Roleplay: ASMR Psychology Exp...
2017/Apr/27 22:41:03


I know this video is similar to what I uploaded on Monday... however this one is a little bit more intense (so check yourself if you think you might get triggered, ... ASMR Psychologist Role Play -...
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