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Complex engineering and metal-work discovered beneath ancient Greek 'pyramid' | World news | The Guardian

Latest find on Cyclades’ Keros includes evidence of metal-working and suggests the beginnings of an urban centre, say archaeologists THEGUARDIAN
2016/Jun/25 09:44:13

Miss Synchronicity

In this ASMR video I whisper to you about some of the more controversial topics surrounding the pyramids and our ancient history. I figure you all know the story ... ASMR Storytime Ancient Egypti...
2014/Feb/23 16:55:30

The French Whisperer

Hello my friends, more history today with this presentation about the Pyramids of Egypt. As always I hope you find it relaxing and interesting. VOTES ARE NOW ... ASMR - Egyptian Pyramids
2017/Aug/12 16:56:50

Pipilika ASMR

A show and tell style decorating homemade concrete pyramids with peagravel, amber glass and slate pebbles for lovely sounds. Voiceover readings from The ... Pyramids, scrunchy peagravel ...
2017/Dec/27 20:24:21


Spray Paint ASMR Blue pyramids on a strange grid. One can only imagine what those squares might represent... Enjoy the sights and sounds of cans, spraying ... Blue Pyramids Under a Night S...
2018/Feb/25 22:12:00

Viewtiful ASMR

307 more subs to go b4 Remonetization... Thank You for Watching, Please like and subscribe Right click the video and click "Loop" to repeat Videos =) Assassin's Creed: Origins...
2016/Nov/18 21:43:09

The Whisper Gamer

ASMR Facts | The History of Egyptian Pyramids | - Watch Dogs The Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt. ASMR Facts | The History of E...
2019/Apr/20 22:11:30

-Flike- -Kiniar-

The illuminati is real but I am realer and just looking at me takes us all the way back to paradise. RebeccaRed is my Reddit name, enjoi love! Masons are bad if ... Eye Brain Snaps that make Pyr...
2012/Jan/02 05:03:12


Joe Rogans Thought On The Egyptian Pyramids - Taken From Podcast #42. Audio - Jon Piper. For Similar Video's Check Out My Channel. Thank You For Your ... Joe Rogans - Thoughts On The ...
2019/Apr/18 20:31:15

A Satisfying M R

ASMR Amazing Crunch Sounds Cutting and Squishing Kinetic Sand Pyramids Hope this video gives you tingles and is relaxing and satisfying. If you enjoy ... ASMR Amazing Crunch Sounds Cu...
2018/May/08 15:14:02

Universe Inside You

Support and keep this channel alive on Patreon: or here: I would be forever grateful ... Pyramids True Purpose FINALLY...
2019/May/04 15:27:04

Alice Giuditta

I record and make various sounds at the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. They are, in fact, not in the middle of the dessert but basicaly in Cairo, and very busy (as you ... ASMR at the ▲ PYRAMIDS!! (W...
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