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2019/Feb/13 07:26:23


Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are having a fantastic year so far. I am back today with a new type of video. This is a tester video, ... ASMR Reddit r/choosingbeggars...
2019/Feb/15 07:49:56


Hey everyone, welcome back to episode 2 of reddit's choosing beggars. I hope everyone is doing amazing. It seems like most of you enjoyed the pilot episode ... ASMR Reddit r/choosingbeggars...
2019/Mar/18 22:19:46


THIS IS AN ASMR VIDEO, FOR ANYONE WHO STUMBLED UPON THIS VIDEO ON ACCIDENT*** Hello everyone. Welcome back for another reddit's ... ASMR Reddit r/choosingbeggars...
2018/Apr/25 01:40:14

Tyson ASMR

hey guys! Scary stories are honestly my favorite! i got this idea from jellybean asmr, she posts some great asmr scary stories. go check out her channel. ASMR 3 True Scary Stories Fro...
2018/Apr/24 06:31:25

Let's Find Out ASMR

I'm back browsing around reddit's famous r/todayilearned. I enjoy these episodes where I can learn and have fun with you all. Thanks for watching and thank you ... ASMR | Browsing Reddit r/toda...
2018/Mar/19 21:07:38

Let's Find Out ASMR

My video software was creating muddy audio. Hear's a clearer version ;D. Thanks for watching! I can't stress how much your subscriptions, likes and comments ... ASMR | Browsing Reddit TIL (S...
2018/Nov/15 00:37:46

Tyson ASMR

Hey guys! Welcome to my first ASMR collab :) I alternate every other story with my stories and his stories. Please enjoy the relaxing male arms voices. Lets get sir ... ASMR True Scary Stories From ...
2018/Aug/12 19:28:26

Let's Find Out ASMR

Your favorite reddit ASMR is back! Lol, I heard some of you politely wondering when this episodic theme might reappear. Thanks for asking, because I really ... Fact ASMR | Reddit's r/To...
2018/Apr/25 07:36:28

Let's Find Out ASMR

This is a reupload of today's episode, with rain sounds for those of you who enjoy them. Thank you for all your warm support these past couple years. â–»Social ... ASMR | Browsing Reddit (with ...
2018/Jun/08 18:50:50

Let's Find Out ASMR

Lets find out whats on reddits r/GetMotivated. Thank you for all your warm support these past couple years. Inspirational, positive, facts, quotes, history, science, ... ASMR | Browsing Reddit r/GetM...
2015/Oct/06 20:21:40

Smilin Observer

Here is another scary reddit readings. You may not have been able to tell but the content of one of the latter story scared me. However I soldiered through to ... ASMR: More Scary Reddit Readi...
2014/Jun/12 11:20:46


Hi everyone. First video, and a little nervous about it. I'm not worried about imperfections, but I'm giving it a shot and hoping I can actually give back to ASMR. ASMR Whispering While Browsin...
2018/Oct/10 17:08:31

TrueCrime Whispers

Hi everyone! This is an ASMR video, so if you are wondering why I am whispering please click on the link provided! I just wanted to jump on here and hang out ... ASMR | Reading a Reddit No Sl...
2018/Dec/26 11:39:17


In this video were just looking at the top of all time reddit posts :) [ASMR] Reddit Top of All Time
2017/Aug/03 16:16:42


Support me on patreon!: Donate via paypal!: Subscribe to my gaming channel: ... [ASMR] True Scary Stories Fro...
2019/Jan/17 07:41:15

Let's Find Out ASMR

sleep to reddit gifs | ASMR L...
2018/Oct/02 03:48:09

TrueCrime Whispers

Hey guys! This was a spur of the moment recording session. I decided to record myself reading through Reddit, looking for the next True Crime case I wanted to ... ASMR | True Crime from Reddit
2015/Oct/17 18:51:12

Heather Feather ASMR

Hi friends! I was invited to participate in the ASMR subreddit's first ever AMA (ask me anything). If you would like to come hang out there and chat with me live via ... Announcement: I am doing an A...
2017/Dec/04 18:45:40

Story time ASMR

Hey guys! I plan to post a lot more often, now that I have found something that I enjoy! much love! ASMR- THREE SCARY STORIES FRO...
2017/Mar/24 19:22:53

ASMR Darling

The link : Take a shot for every time I say "So yeah" ... Ask Me Anything! ASMR Reddit ...
2019/Apr/13 21:00:04

ChavezzSlovakia My Gaming Channel: https:// ... People Of Reddit Who Rage Qui...
2014/Aug/19 20:36:35

Refract ASMR

In this video I'm reading an AskReddit thread titled "What is a completely rational sentence you could speak today, that if you said 20 years ago, people would ... Reading Reddit for ASMR
2015/Feb/14 01:26:27

Smilin Observer

This is the link to the thread that inspired this video: "What's the creepiest thing that has happened to you that still gives you goosebumps when you ... ASMR: Creepy Stories from Re...
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