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ASMR Necromancer Role-Play

2019/Apr/11 22:53:03

mads asmr

Hey loves! Todays video is a very relaxing eye exam with lots of tingly triggers. Triggers include: typing, whispering, personal attention, tapping, inaudible ... ASMR| EYE EXAM (DOCTOR ROLEPLAY)
2019/Apr/12 01:02:38


I make three English videos, then one Spanish video, in that order! Got a question? It might be answered here: Would ... ASMR Emo Roleplay Dyeing &am...
2019/Apr/11 19:30:01

Articulate Design ASMR

For anyone who follows me on social media, you will have seen the disaster set-up this video originated from :D I hope you find it enormously relaxing and can ... ASMR - Ear Cleaning / Sound T...
2019/Mar/16 19:30:02

Karuna Satori ASMR

Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you're new here, I'd like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound ... ASMR Flirty Flight Attendant ...
2019/Apr/07 17:56:02

A. Omanovic

Want to send me fanmail??❤ Adisa Omanovic Brigo AB Kryptongatan 20 Sweden ~SOCALS~ Instagram A_omanovic7 ... [ASMR] Tattoo Shop Roleplay
2019/Apr/11 05:26:53

Kooji VA

3/4 Yandere. =========== Ok, so this is my 2nd longest video yet, and well the funny thing I actually wrote the entire script when my power ran out for 3 straight ... ASMR Possessive Boyfriend kee...
2019/Apr/07 22:41:18

Tori Whispers ASMR

Patreon: Patreon is where you can find the full audio roleplay! :) You've decided that you want to be turned into an ... Vampire Screens You For Vampi...
2019/Apr/12 19:00:00

ASMR Claire

Hi guys! This sleep inducing asmr Haircut roleplay will make you sleep fast..... So many triggers in one video. And don't skip the ultimate asmr scalp massage ... ASMR Haircut Roleplay ✂️ ...
2019/Apr/12 19:38:50

SnowWolf Audio & ASMR

Hi everyone! This may be a little different than what you're used to. But I tried my best to make a relaxing video that has some guided meditation elements in it, ... [ASMR] [Non Roleplay] Guided ...
2019/Apr/10 22:00:52


"I never imagined it would be a man like you. But there we are. All's fair, all's strange." ... So, it's finally happened. You, The Lone One, have been hit. No, not hit ... ASMR Roleplay: Help Me (2) [E...
2019/Apr/10 16:15:32

Unique Beauty ASMR

follow me ♡ Snapchat: chynaunique Instagram: @_chynaunique. ASMR FRIEND DOES YOUR GLAM MA...
2018/Oct/19 19:42:11


this is a re-upload and also one of my favorite videos ive ever done lmfao. psa, juuls are addictive and probably have something weird in them bc i've become ... Edgy High Schooler Juuls in S...
2019/Feb/14 23:34:23

mads asmr

2019/Apr/03 21:39:02

Mint-chan ASMR

Thank you rupee for the beautiful script ❤ My old account I have no access to so i will upload here from now on. Here is the link to my discord channel: ... Girlfriend nightmare help ASM...
2019/Apr/10 18:13:11


KennyKs Video: Pauls Video: Du wolltest schon immer mal wissen, wie eine Operation mit einem ... ASMR Operation Roleplay mit K...
2019/Apr/08 02:28:39

Don Bbw

ASMR #CardiB I posted this at night so y'all could sleep :) Surviving Cardi B ASMR | Role...
2019/Apr/11 00:30:02

Sweet Carol

ASMR em português brasileiro. Acalme-se, hoje vamos dormir comigo, seu anjinho, te acalmando, não fique com medo e nem aflito, estou com você em todos ... ASMR: ROLEPLAY ANJO DA GUARDA
2019/Apr/14 18:47:18


Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy this roleplay! Xoxo Ways you can support my channel! (Because Demonetization) Patreon ... ASMR Men's Shave Roleplay
2019/Apr/14 18:11:09

Rocky ASMR

Welcome to my eye exam! The doctor is ready to see you now. Enjoy! Always feel free to support me : Patreon: ... ASMR Doctor Roleplay - Yearly...
2019/Apr/14 15:00:07

ASMR Sita Sofia

The background of this video is by a channel called "Magical Ambience & ASMR Worlds". I love their amazing content, please go and subscribe too! • Original ... ASMR HARRY POTTER Roleplay ⚡
2019/Apr/12 20:49:55

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Subscribe For More ASMR: #crystalshop #crystalshow #crystalstore Welcome to the Crystal Show & Store! I am your salesman ... Healing Crystals Store Salesp...
2019/Apr/10 04:50:33


Thank you Moscool for sending me the cool sunglasses for the video! If you guys are interested in their glasses checkout their website and use code a 20% OFF ... ASMR Oceans Beach Shop Roleplay
2019/Apr/15 00:00:01

ASMR Taíssa Rubim

ASMRroleplayPortuguês #ASMR ASMR roleplay. ”Ontem namorada, noiva, agora sua mulher” atenção pessoal, sons com a boca, toque na tela, muitos ... [ASMR] ESPOSA CARINHOSA Roleplay
2019/Apr/14 22:29:40

[Esc] reality

Smash that like button like you would me if I was your roommate ;) Just in case there are ads, just use adblock idc I don't make a cent from them. For your ... Marilyn Manson Songs for [ASM...
2019/Apr/14 19:01:21

BioByPau & ASMR

Je vous fais une vidéo maquillage absolument pas maquillée. ASMR FRANÇAIS ROLEPLAY - une...
2019/Apr/13 01:00:00


IMPORTANTE LEER *El término ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response en inglés : 'Respuesta Sensorial Meridiana Autónoma') es un neologismo ... ASMR | ROLEPLAY | BUCHONA SAL...
2019/Apr/12 14:46:28


Hi gorgeous! BEFORE THE VIDEO... I'VE STARTED A VLOG CHANNEL If you want to check it out (please do) then head over to SANDRA SWEETIE. ASMR Relaxing SLEEP CLINIC Ro...
2019/Apr/12 00:00:56

Xev Bellringer

please subscribe to see more of my sensual and sexy asmr. please don't say things about my boobs or something like that and don't compare me to those ... GIRLFRIEND GIVING YOU A GIFT ...
2019/Apr/16 23:32:45

mads asmr

Hey loves! Today's videos ft. triggers such as face touching/brushing, inaudible whispering, trigger words, personal attention, etc. Hope you love it ... ASMR| SEMI INAUDIBLY/INAUDIBL...
2019/Apr/15 17:26:59

ASMR Angel

Just a little F.Y.I * This is a satirical video, obviously I know the P stands for 'Playing games' (JK) * I didn't borrow my sons games (the only child I have is a fur ... [ASMR] Game Store Roleplay - ...
2019/Apr/13 12:11:09

Mint-chan ASMR

Join my discord server for a more personal experience with updates, early releases and interaction The art is not mine own and I do ... Medusa x blind listener ASMR;...
2019/Apr/16 03:42:13

SouthernASMR Sounds

Hello, Mr. Abernathy. Le's go over the schedule of events for tomorrow before you leave for the evening. ASMR Roleplay | Personal Assi...
2019/Apr/15 03:01:37


Hope you all have a lovely week :) Business: Paypal (aka tip jar!) : Instagram: ... ASMR Doing Your Spring Makeup...
2019/Apr/12 13:55:37

Mint-chan ASMR

Join my discord server for a more personal experience with updates, early releases and interaction The art is not mine own and I do ... Lamia girl curious about huma...
2019/Apr/17 01:48:32

Kasy Kawaii

It's your last day of high school, and college is looming ahead of your future. Although, you just can't imagine yourself being happy when you're miles away from ... Rainy Day Love Confession (Vo...
2019/Apr/15 18:59:35

Dangerous ASMR

Hey, baby, it's me... gosh, I've missed you. I forgive you, you know, for leaving me like you did. And I know we can be a family again. I just need to bring you ... Stalked by a Love-Crazed Yand...
2017/May/15 23:04:13

Sabrina ASMR

ASMR, Vídeo para relaxar, Vídeo para dar sono, Vídeo para dormir Loja de Games Vem comigo? Contato profissional: ... ASMR Roleplay Loja de Games |...
2019/Apr/15 19:30:02


Hola! Bienvenidos a la clínica del sueño. Hoy haremos un test para medir tus niveles de sensibilidad y relajación con un montón de sonidos muy muy relajantes ... ASMR | Roleplay: Clínica de...
2019/Apr/14 14:16:04

The French Whisperer

Meet Jean-François, realtor and life coach, helping gold-digger Charity with her new life as a Parisienne. SouthernASMR Sounds: ... Rude ASMR Roleplay: Obnoxious...
2019/Apr/20 03:52:43

Marno ASMR

Hey guys, it's Gabe. Marno is in jail. Thanks for watching! ASMR Roleplay Where You Don't know what Roleplay it is [No.1]: ... The ASMR Roleplay Where You D...
2019/Apr/20 13:59:40

Didi en vrai

2019/Apr/17 18:03:31

gracie K

Hey flower children!!! Thanks for watching this video! ⭐ I love you and you are amazing. I appreciate your support ❤ I'm so grateful for all of you. You guys ... ASMR Sleep Clinic ROLEPLAY (T...
2019/Apr/19 02:00:00


If you enjoy my content & would like to support my channel check out my Patreon - NSFW Patreon (18+) - Feet only Patreon ... Girlfriend Relaxes You after ...
2019/Apr/19 22:30:10

Kooji VA

Another song of ice and fire. =========== Alright, this was quite a tough video to make, I have such a good/weird sleeping schedule that I get really sleepy at ... ASMR Todoroki confesses to yo...
2015/Nov/16 14:56:57


TRY ONLINE THERAPY: Hey guys, if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health ... ASMR Roleplay: Comfort for a ...
2018/Oct/22 21:46:34

Grapes LeafASMR

Come and get ya eyebrows lookin good at my salon. Here is the link to my patreon! Lets party on social media IG: ... ASMR eyebrow salon roleplay, ...
2018/Dec/03 20:30:53

ASMR da Maru

Se inscreve! Ativa o sininho! Compartilha e VOLTE SEMPRE! E não esquece de comentar! Deixe sempre seu feedback, opinião e ideias! Confira também meu ... ASMR Escurinho com Roleplay d...
2019/Apr/17 20:00:01

Asmr With Sasha

Hola mis amores, necesitas un oculista? Tienes necesidad de un examen de la vista con un oftalmólogo de confianza? Pues si ese es el caso no te pierdas ... Examen de la vista. Oftalmól...
2019/Jan/16 13:30:00

ASMR Suna 꿀꿀선아

오늘의 asmr영상은 미용실 롤플레이 상황극입니다! 선아의 미용실에서 커트도 하고 샴푸도 받고 드라이와 고데기도 해보실 수 있어요영상 스토리는... 선아의 숲속 미용실 AS...
2019/Mar/19 19:30:01

Karuna Satori ASMR

Hey guys!! Welcome to my channel! I'm going to try some ASMR and put on your makeup!! I hope you like it!!” *On a real note, welcome back to OUR channel, ... The Original ASMR Makeup Role...
2019/Apr/18 01:00:01

Easton and Emmary ASMR

Salutations, I find it fascinating how many people have been requesting more sadistic characters from me. Lucky that they're some of my favorite to play. Sadistic Yandere Vampire Hunt...
2019/Apr/21 22:15:20

Mother Child

This art is only temporary until my artist can make something! The artist for the thumbnail image is dishwasher1910 on Deviant art ... Godzilla-chan Roleplay ASMR (...
2019/Apr/20 22:27:00


This is all acting as a fictional character. It's for ASMR / Entertainment purposes only. Enjoy! :) Patreon → ✨ Instagram ... ASMR Roleplay - Magic Elf Ins...
2019/Apr/21 19:01:08

Kasy Kawaii

Rest seems to be the only way you can relax and temporarily escape the situation you're in. Doing your peaceful slumber, you're slowly and suddenly pulled out ... Two Yanderes Kidnap You 3 (18...
2019/Apr/21 01:29:47


Patreon pledges got early access to this roleplay! ➜ ♥ Kaa'tiiri wishes to give you an examination! ♥ ♥ Best ... ♥ Waifu ASMR | Let Me Exami...
2019/Apr/21 01:01:27


Resources: ... ASMR Mermaid Roleplay ~ Unin...
2019/Apr/21 00:00:02

Easton and Emmary ASMR

Greetings, A thank you to Ayn from our Discord server for providing this art piece to help us bring our AU Garry to life. We had such a blast doing a Mad Father ... Trapped With A Male Turned Ya...
2019/Apr/21 18:30:00

Sara J. ASMR

Oggi sono la tua sarta e stilista! Seguimi su INSTAGRAM❤ @sarajasmr ABOUT ME:❤ Ciao, Il mio nome è Sara. Questo è il mio spazio dove troverai video ... LA STILISTA TROVA IL VESTITO ...
2019/Apr/22 01:10:47

Wolfykinz Whisper

Happy Easter! I hope you guys enjoyed this little audio I quickly made ^w^ Triggers Include: whispering soft spoken hair/head stroking personal attention ... Ayana the Angel Bunny Girl Co...
2019/Apr/21 19:00:01

the uniys asmr

Cute and cozy (and aesthetically pleasing ) manga library roleplay asmr as a cute librarian with soft speaking in Japanese and English and with tapping ... ASMR Manga Library Roleplay |...
2019/Apr/23 01:00:03

Captain ASMR

"Dear Mr. ZoidBok, aka "The Relic Collector" I have not yet received payment for the Artifacts I brought you last cycle, nor have any of your people gotten in ... [ASMR] Relic Collector Rolepl...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


ASMR Necromancer Role-Play
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