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Remember... One More Lollipop and Then You All Go Home! Dr. Seuss

2017/Feb/12 23:00:01


Hi again! This video was really fun for me to make and I hope you enjoy it just as much! Hugs!! ✽ My Last Video: Get Ready With Me ... ASMR - Dr. Seuss Reading ⏐ ...
2016/Dec/01 00:11:52

Olivia Kissper ASMR

As a new school student to my ASMR relaxation class, I will give you special personal attention among all others. In this softly spoken school teacher role play, ... ASMR Teacher: Page Turning, E...
2019/Jan/24 20:18:17

Lexie Whispers

Reading "The Cat in the Hat" and "Hop on Pop" in a whisper. Dr. Seuss ASMR Fun! | Whisper...
2017/Nov/12 20:08:49

The Starlight Whisper

Thanks For Watching************* Hope You Enjoyed Love Starlight What Is ASMR??? Take A Look Below :D ... ASMR BEDTIME STORY | READING ...
2013/Oct/16 18:55:38


One of the first times I experienced ASMR was when I was being read to, so I felt it was only right to read a favorite children's author of mine. Hopefully it will relax ... ASMR ~ Reading Dr. Seuss'...
2017/Nov/02 21:30:01

Emily Marie ASMR

The books read in this video are: Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss 1:52-10:38 And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss 10:40-20:56 Go, Dog. Go! by ... ASMR Reading You To Sleep Wit...
2018/Feb/19 15:42:21


Just a little peaceful bedtime story reading of the Lorax. Let me know what you think! Enjoy! Bedtime Story Reading - The L...
2015/Nov/16 02:19:36

Bella ASMR

Good night sleepy friends... What letter sound do you like better? Sorry for the cam quality.. I had to use the built in laptop one and I think the video came out ... ASMR - BedTime Story (Whisper...
2016/Sep/22 13:10:25


Youtube Caption Children Story Books 5845 Subs Hello ⭐ Special Spirits Of Lights, Enjoying Children Story Chewing Fruit Stripes Chewing Gum ... Mouth Sounds ASMR Chewing...
2018/Aug/06 02:50:19

HunniBee ASMR

Hi my little Hunny Beb Lets get into our secret fort and I'll quietly read you some Dr. Seuss hehe Triggers: page turning, close whispering, tapping Xx ... Babysitter Reads You Dr. Seus...
2018/Nov/12 03:14:44

ASMR Reenz

This is my first ASMR Reading Children's Books video (the first of a series too). I made this video for you With the help of Dr. Seuss I hope it brings tranquility To ... ASMR Reading Children's B...
2017/Jun/28 17:24:56

Uniquely ASMR

Here are a few of the books I remember from my childhood! I hope you enjoy this!!! ASMR Favorite Childhood (Dr. ...
2018/Jul/21 00:11:57

Simplistic ASMR

Hello everyone. Welcome back. This lo-fi Friday is another children's book reading, but whispered this time. I read two dr seuss books to help put you to sleep :) I ... Lo-Fi Fridays ASMR Dr Seuss ...
2019/Mar/02 17:30:05

Lexie Whispers

Reading three books in a whisper. "Oh The Thinks You Can Think." "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish." "A Fly Went By."- Mike McClintock. ASMR Whisper with Dr. Seuss B...
2015/Nov/15 07:28:01

Bella ASMR

Let's read bedtime story books in this lazy rainy late afternoon :) I think it's very funny how I say "BedStory Time" Instead of BedTime Story.. Excuse my sleepy ... ASMR BedTime Story (Whisper)H...
2017/Jul/12 01:00:00

Jacob's ASMR

This video is made to help you fall asleep! I will be reading 4 Dr. Seuss books from when i was a kid. My Instagram: Please ... ASMR - Reading Bedtime Storie...
2019/Feb/17 04:06:01

Ashley Nicole

ASMR- Reading Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book by the Fire Place and SHOUT OUT! If you enjoy my videos and would like to make a donation to support my channel, ... ASMR - Dr. Seuss Soft Spoken ...
2017/Jan/20 19:31:15

Javier ASMR Chile

Hope this makes you travel back in time. One of my favs growing up. Sub and like. Stay Awesome. Gear : Canon sx60hs. Rode videomic go. ASMR Gum Chewing Reading Gree...
2017/Jul/04 03:42:44

tappitytingly ASMR

I tuck you in and then read you Dr. Seuss lots of book sounds like page flipping and tapping. Bedtime Story ASMR Whisper
2014/Dec/14 13:28:20


Im really bad at reading so i apologize :'D I loved these books when i was a wee young un so i hope you enjoyed this video :) thanks for watching :) Dr Seuss ASMR - Cat In the Ha...
2018/Nov/06 05:37:20

ASMR Flower Girl

Hello friends Here's the second part of the book reading, hope you enjoy and thank you for watching ! ASMR - reading book Dr. Seuss
2017/Sep/26 22:33:40

Senua ASMR

Trying something new for myself, not sure if it's good for ASMR so please feel free to criticize me. Poem is Green eggs and Ham. Soundtrack is from Sea of Aland ... Experimental ASMR | Dr Seuss...
2019/Apr/14 16:21:44

Fun Stuff From Us

ASMR READING Dr. Seuss Book The Green Big Book of Beginner's Book. Click 1080p HD above to watch actual video quality. Hi everyone this is our new ... ASMR READING Dr. Seuss Book T...
2014/Jun/30 13:34:32


Support me on patreon!: Donate via paypal!: Subscribe to my gaming channel: ... [ASMR] Dalton Reads "The...
2015/Jan/18 15:33:12


A partly inaudible whispered video featuring classic books by Dr. Seuss. Also, mouth sounds, whispering and reading. Enjoy! You can find my other videos ... ASMR ~ Quietly Whisper Readin...
2019/Mar/21 22:58:16

asmr lola zzz

Here is another Whisper Bedtime Story. Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching!! Follow along with me. You can find the book at ... ASMR Whisper Bedtime Story | ...
2017/Feb/25 06:25:47

Xander Baker

Wow my voice is weird. Anyway hope some people get a little joy out of this. Grumpy ASMR Seuss (my voice i...
2012/Dec/24 20:17:32


Happy Christmas! A very last minute christmas special. Apologies, I've been very busy lately. Enjoy! PS. Sorry for the goofy Grinch voice :') Happy Tingling! ~*Dr Seuss' How The Grinc...
2017/Mar/17 07:26:51

Echo Tempus ASMR

Re-upload ASMR | Sinister Seuss #1 Reading Seuss The Cat in the Hat - 0:00 The Cat in the Hat Comes Back - 12:32. ASMR | Sinister Seuss #1
2018/Aug/06 17:28:42

HunniBee ASMR

Sound Edit for you no background noise and treble is reduced. ————— Hi my little Hunny Beb Lets get into our secret fort and I'll quietly read you some ... Babysitter Reads You Dr. Seus...
2017/Jan/17 04:00:30

Echo Tempus ASMR

ASMR | Sinister Seuss #2 Reading Seuss The Butter Battle - 0:00 Oh the Places You'll Go! - 11:09. ASMR | Sinister Seuss #2 Read...
2018/Jun/01 22:00:01


ⅅevoted Ⱳhispers ASMR ⌑ HEADPHONES ON ⌑ It's time for another bedtime story. Let's read Dr. Suess. Oh! The Places you'll go. A classic that has a ... Remember... One More Lollipop...
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