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Ampullae of Lorenzini - Wikipedia

2018/Apr/28 14:24:59

Kluna Tik

I drank fortnite POTION (Chug Jug) & ATE shark/chomp jr ➜ SUBSCRIBE: New video EVERY WEEK! ➜ Hi, I'm Kluna and together with my ... Real life FORTNITE for DINNER...
2018/Feb/18 11:01:51


I got this one as a gift. Thank you ❤ I had to be extra careful this time because in every video I watched they always snapped the teeth in half. I managed to ... ASMR│Shark Tooth Dig Kit ...
2013/Aug/14 01:07:57


Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay getting another video up. I'm back in action now! This is for those of you who like books and whispering. I'll do a non-whisper ... ASMR Sharkweek Whisper
2018/Nov/17 21:22:08

Maple ASMR

Finally the 1 hour version! short version For PRIVATE LIVESTREAMS and Custom Videos ... ASMR 1 HOUR Baby Shark Whispe...
2018/Nov/17 16:15:00

Maple ASMR

Baby shark doo doo doo doo 1 hour version For PRIVATE LIVESTREAMS and Custom Videos ... ASMR BabyShark Whisper Ear To...
2016/Oct/13 19:51:35

Miller Wilson

On this adventure I went out to a huge saltwater river near my house and caught a juvenile bullshark. After the great fight, I show you how to Fillet, Cook and eat ... Shark fishing - Catch n Cook! HD
2018/Jun/05 11:29:14

Technique Life

New Video Every everyday at 8 PM GET READY...things are about to get Primitive Skills Technology Channel - CAMBODIA! Awesome Cooking: Cook a Big ... Awesome Cooking: Cook a Big S...
2018/Jun/03 09:00:05

Survival Time

Primitive Technology: Cooking a Shark With Waterwheel in the Forest | Primitive Cooking ASMR Eating. ▻ More videos: 1. ASMR Eating Burmese grape in the ... Primitive Technology: Cooking...
2018/May/03 22:00:00

Roger Carleton

Food chain - Developer said lots of various fish to eat. I did some recording, but swam around for ... ASMR SHARK - FOOD CHAIN
2016/Oct/19 01:00:01

Beverly Fashion

This is super exciting!But i found that the rock was too hard to dig!But i love making these kinds of videos hope you like it!Please like comment and subscribe for ... ASMR Shark Teeth Dig kit!
2018/Jul/26 22:06:49

ASMR Yumi Jimmi

Enjoy the art. Yes it is that time of the year or month. IM NOT TAKING REQUESTS Last time I was here in my kitchen I remember you moving me the same. SHARK WEEK- ASMR TAPPING ART...
2018/Nov/24 15:09:32

Kluna Tik Compilations Channel

FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE REAL LIFE SHARK FOR DINNER ➜ Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATION channel! Here we create compilations from ... FORTNITE FUNNY MOMENT SHARK A...
2017/Jan/27 21:51:59


The Great White as we know it today is believed to have been around for 70 million years. Great whites may have some of the fastest healing rates known in the ... White Shark Soft Spoken~ASMR ...
2018/Sep/22 18:32:25

Catplant ASMR

Thanks for not dying. Support me? - (if you'd like to help support my channel, this is beyond kind and I truly appreciate it thank ... ASMR Sunstrider Fortnite Cosp...
2017/Jan/28 10:44:35


The Great White Shark is a much misunderstood and mysterious creature. Marine Dynamics and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust are leaders, in using the ... White Shark Soft Spoken ASMR ...
2014/Aug/27 19:42:56


ASMR ROAR :P Follow me on twitter for updates: Like on facebook for updates: Camera used: ... #ASMR: WHISPER AND SCRATCHING...
2014/Jan/16 23:32:24


He's pissed! Not ASMR Profanity. That Damn ASMR Shark is Back ...
2014/Dec/29 19:17:23

The ASMRCast

Hello everyone, welcome back to another ASMR video. Today in GTA V, we fulfil our promise of hitting 1000 subscribers by going back to the old abandoned ... ASMR GTA V - Diving Into An A...
2014/Nov/12 13:18:02

Springbok ASMR

Let's go fishing for some tingles! ASMR demo of 3D Sharks and 3D Koi Pond living desktop backgrounds. Includes water sounds, bubbles, mouse clicking, and ... ASMR Live Desktop Demo: Shark...
2017/Sep/08 18:15:55


This is the aquarium footage with under water sounds. Please use it for work, sleep,relaxation, meditation, etc. 【ASMR】Sardine and Shark i...
2018/Aug/11 05:00:01


Hey guys here is my book flip through of Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face with the Ocean's Endangered Predator. WANT TO PURCHASE? (Amazon Affiliate ... SHARKS | BOOK FLIP THROUGH ASMR
2018/Nov/04 06:14:00


Hey everyone, welcome back to another video. This video idea just came to me all of a sudden, and I thought it would be fun to make it. It's literally just me ... Baby Shark But In ASMR (Whisp...
2017/Dec/16 02:51:08

DoraPods Inc.

Shark ASMR: Eating Watermelon.
2013/Dec/22 17:04:22


The ASMR Shark Has a Softly Spoken, Almost Whispering Announcement: Submit your answers before he gets hungry! ASMR has been a very welcome ... The ASMR Shark Has a Softly S...
2018/Nov/09 02:04:15

Delightful Sensation ASMR

Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo! Please turn on post notifications and subscribe to my channel! ((huggies)) My second channel ... ASMR Baby Shark!
2014/Oct/23 07:07:12


Hey friends, Im back for a bit more tingles with our gummy friends. I mumbled a bit throughout the video because I was just tired lol my bad. Asmr gummy sharks
2018/Dec/06 00:40:18

Druinn Barkhimer

Hello Everyone ! How are you guys ? Baby shark dance but in asmr Use code “DREWBARKHIMER20” for 20% off on ... baby shark dance but in asmr
2019/Mar/29 03:03:13

NaturalDirt Queen

Shark, Coins, Crunch, ASMR Tapping, Rock Salt Play, Crevice & Turbo Tools Ok, so I'm done spoiling y'all No more videos ‼ The Shark got tired on ... Shark ASMR Big Mess Tests + A...
2017/Sep/23 00:30:28

Simply ASMR

2018/Dec/14 02:40:48


meet my new mascot I'm on Tingles now, join me! Patreon email (lemme sponsor your ... ASMR: Tapping and shirt scrat...
2013/Apr/25 06:01:06


eating gummy sharks late at night after the gym lol.....oh and a tiny bit of nail tapping against glass. Gummy Sharks!!! ASMR!!!
2017/Sep/09 22:49:49

ASMR Wally

(Requested Video) If you do not like the music just mute the video because there was no sound anyway... enjoy :) 3 people said they liked the music and 2 said ... ASMR Massage with Q-Flex from...
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