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Denisovan - Wikipedia


Neanderthal genes could explain the shape of our skulls, study finds - CNN


Why Am I Denisovan?


ASMR Head Exam in Polish l Skull, Scalp, Eye Exam & Head

2017/Aug/20 18:27:41


Skull Forking ASMR Binaural 60FPS (MickelousProductions) Skull Forking ASMR Binaural (...
2016/Feb/29 20:34:09

Phoenician Sailor

Join me as I conduct a series of extremely unscientific experiments on the effect reverb from the bony plates of the skull has on the perception of perceived ... The Binaural Skull [ASMR]
2019/Feb/01 01:09:46

Ancient Whispers ASMR

Dear Tingle Minion, Tingle Scientists have a difficult job. Stealing the skulls of faithful Tingle Minions isn't easy, but I managed to fandangle yours off of your neck ... Let Me Massage Your Skull |...
2018/Oct/15 01:00:02

Nite Shift ASMR

ASMR Fast/Aggressive/Rhythmic Tapping On Skulls With Effects Tonite we tap on a couple of skulls from some tingle victims to bring in the Halloween season. ASMR | SKULL TAPPING FOR BONE...
2018/Aug/20 14:11:54


The name speaks for itself, i'll let the tapping do the rest! ;)~ Support my ASMR channel?!: ... ASMR Super Skull Tapping For ...
2016/Nov/10 17:30:23


Welcome to your appointment! 00:36 - 6:57 skull bones examination 07:02 - 10:40 head measurement 10:52 - 16:40 scalp examination 16:43 - 20:35 eye ... ASMR Head Exam in Polish l Sk...
2018/Oct/31 23:02:29


Spooooooooky B here :D haha I hope you guys like it. Also, HEY! I got merch! Check it out here: - B Send me letters! Spooky ASMR ~ Tapping & S...
2018/Feb/05 21:34:59


Need help dealing with the stress of anatomy class? Learn the basic bones of the skull and some key structures, all in a whispered/softly spoken format. What is ... Learn anatomy with ASMR! Bone...
2017/Apr/12 02:32:15

The Asmr Dealer

Lol, type ydhdh in the comments and I'll shout you out for reading the description. {ASMR} MOST INTENSE AND AGGRE...
2019/Mar/13 22:00:26


Other Social Media: ASMR~ Performing Necromancy {...
2018/Jan/30 22:51:07


In this ASMR Roleplay, the listener is awoken from a bad dream by Guzma. Team Skull's Boss might not be sure exactly what happened, but he assures the ... ASMR Roleplay: Guzma's Ni...
2014/Feb/22 22:00:02

WhispersRed ASMR

A Show & Tell request of things with Skulls! It may be an ASMR head area fascination who knows? I love them anyway and here are a few items I have with them ... (●_●)ASMR Skulls(●_●)...
2016/Oct/29 13:51:10


Hi guys! Eating this skull with a hat on Halloween lollipop to soothe and entertain you. The taste surprised me as I was expecting a different flavor. Love, Ann. ASMR Skull with hat Halloween...
2016/Oct/28 02:21:38

Northern whisper ASMR

Murray, the mighty demonic skull and I speak softly, try to give you ASMR and make you evil! Support me with Tad: ... ASMR - Soft Speaking With Mur...
2018/Mar/25 18:29:06


Skull Foramen and Cranial Nerve Intro - learn more at - Anatomy, Assessment, Treatment - Evidence based content. ASMR Exam Review Skull Forame...
2013/Oct/04 10:24:21

ASMR Sounds by Sophie / Xcentricity Body Painting

Please LIKE and SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Thank you lovely friends. (in a soft whisper voice) Hello my Friends, I'd like to share the relaxing ... ASMR Sugar Skull Sounds with ...
2016/Oct/03 20:46:51

Miss VintageTingles ASMR

Please subscribe and like this video :) Let me know what brush you prefered the sound of on the skull. And I'll make a longer version of it :) ASMR LET ME BRUSH YOUR SKULL ...
2018/Apr/20 14:48:42


My cat was so annoying lol I'm sorry. ASMR SKULL TAPPING AND BRUSHING
2018/Oct/30 20:39:44

N.E Let's Eat

Hi FamJam!! Happy Halloween for those who are celebrating Halloween this year!! Hope all the kids get a lot of candy :) don't forget to share Be safe trick or ... ASMR CANDY Apple + Giant Choc...
2019/Apr/15 16:00:04

Josefin ASMR

Mer info här nere ↓↓↓ (För bästa upplevelse med ASMR, använd hörlurar) Välkommen hit fina du! Jag gör ASMR på svenska för att ge tillbaka till er så som ... ASMR Långsamma & Sömnig...
2018/Oct/20 15:29:42

MinxLaura123 ASMR

asmr #halloweenasmr #tingles #fasttapping #tingles #acmp #relaxing Enjoy the video! Please click like comment subscribe! Ooooo and please smash that ... Asmr Skull !!!!! FAST TAPPING...
2018/Oct/01 20:27:23

DarkestStar ASMR

Halloween starts now! Hope you like it! Dont forgett to hit subscribe! That way you wont miss any new videos! Much love and tingle on! There cant be any light, ... *ASMR* Dr. DOOMS SKULL SHOP
2017/Oct/08 19:44:20

Miss VintageTingles ASMR

Please subscribe and like this video. :) ASMR * AGGRESSIVE SOUNDS OF T...
2017/Feb/10 23:00:02


Hello my babies! :3 Get comfortable and relax with Miku! I'm back from my temporary hiatus to bring you some nice scull tapping sounds featuring Hatsune Miku! ASMR Skull Tapping with Hatsu...
2012/Sep/29 19:49:17

Ephemeral Rift

In this makeup tutorial I show you how easy it is for anyone to create a skull face using black and white face paint makeup creme, whether for Halloween or any ... Skull Face Painting Makeup Tu...
2016/Oct/05 21:57:07

Miss VintageTingles ASMR

Please subscribe and like this video :) ASMR LET ME TAP ~ SCRATCH ~ B...
2018/Mar/09 02:33:22


Hey there, I think you are due for a 5 star tapping massage providing premium tingles, using my favorite skull / scalp triggers! This is the best tapping massage ... ASMR Tapping Massage For Your...
2015/Nov/15 22:41:47

Brittany ASMR and Family Vlogs

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION for update on the next PO Box Holiday Project! Look for me now on iTunes and Spotify!!! (And other media streaming sites) NEW ... ASMR Sugar Skull Cookie Decor...
2018/Sep/30 23:44:40

brooke love asmr

Hello my little rainbow muffins I hope you enjoyed today's video Thank you for 50 subscribers. Instagram @ unicornbob139 #ASMR #Sleep. ASMR Close up tapping on a v...
2018/Sep/07 03:19:14

Shy Girl ASMR

Skull Nail Tapping glass ASMR
2016/Aug/04 22:15:31

Miss VintageTingles ASMR

Please subscribe and like this video :) **ASMR** LET ME BRUSH YOUR SK...
2013/Oct/10 16:06:03


Soft spoken video with Halloween themed props. Has tapping and scratching. ASMR Request: Mummy Tapping a...
2019/Jan/28 13:35:15

The Proper Gentleman

Just messing around with a piece of scrap leather. @thepropergentleman @jimmycompton. Leather tooling a skull in on...
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