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Satellites - What was Canada's first satellite?


Did Venus Give Earth the Moon? Wild New Theory | Space

Researchers look into the origin of the moon — and suggest that it may have come from Venus, which once had a moon and then lost it. ASMR SPACE

Centennial Challenges | NASA brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. NASA
2018/Jul/18 01:50:04

Quantum ASMR

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! Push the bell for notifications on video uploads ❤ * Hello Everyone! And welcome to my channel, Quantum ASMR! ASMR | ROLEPLAY: SPACE MISSIO...
2013/Feb/23 13:53:09


Hiya my fellow Tingleheads, I missed you! Thank you all for being patient with me :D It's been a very busy time for me lately but, with the little free time available, ... Departure Ep. 1: Departure (o...
2016/Oct/04 07:26:16

Lina Grace

Featuring "Eve" and "Eva" - your personal Intergalactic Travel Assistants, helping you relax and fall asleep. Close your eyes and make a wish, you never know ... Hypnotic Sleep Story (with Au...
2018/Sep/18 00:59:17

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Dear Astronaut, Today I will check your vitals and reflexes before your mission to mars, we'll measure you for a helmet 17:45 and try it on 23:50 , I'll make some ... Space Mission Check-up ‍ H...
2019/Feb/05 01:12:23

Fabled Fawn ASMR

I hope u all learn as much as I did hehe Yes I got mascara on my eyelid and it 100% bothers me more than it bothers u. ASMR || Tingly Facts About Sp...
2019/Jan/24 20:46:04


There are some big plans for the ASMR community.... they just dont know it yet... for when the time is right T.I. will announce the new,,, "requirements" for all ... They Put ASMR In Space!
2019/Mar/22 21:15:19

ASMR Facts

Enjoy almost 30 minutes of various whispered facts about space. 109:24:12 Armstrong: Okay. I'm going to step off the LM now. (Long Pause) [Neil has his right ... [ASMR] Ear to Ear Whispered F...
2019/Mar/02 21:00:01

Miss Bell ASMR

Explore Mars - Teacher Roleplay - Space Series. Hi Students, we continue our space series today. I hope enjoy this lesson and learn all about martians. Please ... [ASMR] Explore Mars - Teacher...
2016/Dec/09 21:43:57

The ASMR Geek

PLEASE READ: My entire channel (along with many ambience channels) has been demonetized by YouTube in October 2018. Support via Patreon, PayPal or ... Spaceship Bedroom Ambience ...
2014/Jun/13 07:41:51


Hello my friends! - Today in 'Interstellar: An ASMR journey to the the Cosmos' - I will take you on a intergalactic space flight to the stars, so sit back and relax. 96: ASMR Space Travel with sp...
2019/Mar/27 15:08:03

The French Whisperer

This soft spoken space ASMR story is an introduction to Project Orion, an interplanetary exploration project from the 1950's and 1960's. Join me to understand ... ASMR - Interplanetary Travel:...
2017/Nov/19 17:24:49

The White Rabbit ASMR

Hello Wonderlanders!! ♡ I hope you're doing well! Today we're going to take it sci-fi and do a little physical exam.... IN SPACE. I'm playing 2 different characters ... ASMR | Physical Exam IN SPACE
2019/Apr/19 01:07:29

The French Whisperer

ASMR soft spoken space journey from the Sun to Pluto. In this video, you are invited to a slow cruise to every single planet orbiting our star, and more. We will ... ASMR - 1hr+ Solar System Spac...
2016/Jun/12 16:00:02

Be calm with Becca ASMR

This ASMR is a POV ASMR guided sleep roleplay on board of a spaceship. Sci fi ASMR video made for the purpose of ASMR and sleep and relaxation. Virtual ASMR Sci-fi space pod...
2017/May/31 08:38:56

DreamMaker ASMR

ASMR sci-fi role play: "Astra Travel" space travel agency. You want to go on vacation. Triggers: soft spoken, personal attention, keybord sounds. ✓Subscribe: ... ASMR Space Travel Agency &quo...
2018/Apr/25 09:00:33

VisualSounds1 ASMR

Meeting a nymph in space! WARNING! There are flashing lights in this video starting at 21:55 Find me on social media: Vlogging Channel: ... Floating with a Space Nymph A...
2019/Mar/01 10:25:46


ASMR Ways to Die in Space: #3...
2017/Aug/14 19:44:31

Martin Amos

zzzZZZzz.... ZZZZzzzzzZzzZZZ....... (ASMR) Deep Sleep in Deep Space
2019/Apr/24 23:57:44


Think of me as a man of opportunity. Not as high and mighty as some, but it's as legitimate a job as any other. Click to Subscribe ▻ ... ASMR Voice: The Bounty Hunter...
2018/Apr/25 15:00:01

FerieMay ASMR

Stila is a nurse in space, living on planet Bespin in the galaxy of Tingles. She teleported you up from Earth and she needs to give you a health examination ... ASMR Nurse Exam In Space | Ro...
2019/May/02 17:13:22

Lynn Cinnamon ASMR Beauty

TTDeye colored contact lenses are so beautiful and comfortable. ✨Use code ”lynncinnamon” for 10% off! I'm wearing Queen Blue in this video TTDeye ... ASMR Alien Witch does your ma...
2015/Apr/09 22:58:15

VisualSounds1 ASMR

You've been on an away mission to Mars and were contaminated by an alien being! Let me examine you on the space shuttle. Happy ASMR Day! Sounds Used: ... Space Mission ASMR
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


Neal Adams - Science: 06 - Co...
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