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NOOB Surgeon ASMR?

2018/Oct/16 16:55:50

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

This video was made as per many, many requests. If you dislike horror or blood (although there isn't too much) then this is not the video for you. Also, I apologize ... ASMR Horror Story - Kidnapped...
2016/Oct/27 17:40:02


Twitter: ASMR - REAL PERSON Female Face Surgeon *Awesome Trigger Sounds* (Fe)MaleASMR. ASMR - REAL PERSON Female Fac...
2014/Oct/28 15:43:27

Infinite Existence

Hello my lovelys. I'm sorry I took my time uploading this video. I am still unsure if I like it as much as the others and was in two minds about uploading it. ASMR Surgery with the Surgeon
2016/Nov/09 13:01:23


This is just the beginning of your transformation... Hey, guys! Once again, I must thank you all for your growing attention towards my channel, but this video is ... ASMR~ Plastic Surgeon (Secret...
2018/Sep/06 13:44:44

Life & Love journey ASMR

2019/Feb/03 01:45:13

ASMR twodae

I will be uploading frequently so don't be a stranger! ❤ 〔UPLOAD SCHEDULE〕 Every Wednesday and Sunday GMT+8 or Tuesday and Saturday if you're in ... *ASMR* Plastic Surgeon Rolepl...
2017/May/14 22:01:17


Doing a request by Ludmilla Banks and Chels ASMR. The shady doc tries out a little plastic surgery. ASMR Request Shady Plastic Su...
2016/Sep/11 02:23:26


Hello! ^_^ *PLEASE EXCUSE MY MESSY HAIR :( * Had some time on my hands (pun intended) so I decided to make a surgery ASMR video...pertaining to ... Surgeon ASMR
2016/Feb/01 19:39:51

ASMR Psychetruth

In this ASMR Video Corrina Roleplay's a plastic surgeon doctor's office visit. ♥ 500+ Exclusive Videos For Patreon Supporters ... ASMR Plastic Surgeon Clinic V...
2019/Jan/27 19:45:00

Audrey ASMRelaxation

Bonjour , bonsoir à vous, Vous, qui cherchez le sommeil , la détente ou la relaxation. BIENVENUE SUR MA CHAINE ASMR #roleplay #asmrfrancais #asmr ... Roleplay ASMR Chirurgien Mede...
2019/Feb/06 19:13:49


Doing a request by prettyboiijay84. Creepy surgeon roleplay. I will say it is a bit creepy but leaning more towards psychotic lol. This was very fun to do and may ... ASMR Request Creepy Surgeon R...
2016/Oct/19 12:18:39

Austrasmr ASMR

Hi guys! Here's a surgeon role play. Hope you like it! Leave us a comment with any requests or feedback. ASMR - Surgeon Roleplay - Whi...
2016/Oct/02 03:47:00


I am so lucky to be able to be a part of such a massive collaboration with TirarADeguello and so many other talented ASMR artists. This is a roleplay centered ... The Surgeon | ASMR Dr. Wobble...
2018/Apr/24 09:56:55


Hi guys, I tried to make this video with background noise deliberately as it is not quiet on a ward as I have had a few surgeries myself. Clock sounds and white ... ASMR Medical Surgeon Roleplay
2018/Sep/02 22:59:32


Hi! Guys! thank you all of you for coming! I hope to streaming more often! :) Have great weekend! ASMR Surgeon 2
2016/Jul/08 05:16:52


Sorry for the heavy breathing. I was wearing a real bulletproof helmet and vest amd filming in 100 degree heat. Also this was like the 10th take. ASMR Battlefield Surgeon
2017/Mar/22 05:53:59

ElleBelle ASMR

A little bit of botox in my life, a little bit of botox by my side. A little bit of Botox is all I need, a little bit of botox is what I see. ;) (Name that tune) Hope you enjoyed ... ASMR Plastic Surgeon BOTOX Ro...
2013/Sep/14 18:00:33

The Most Gentle Sounds

Hey guys, in my last video, some people didn't like the echo and some did. It was not done on purpose, but some did, there for i am re-uploading the surgeon rp ... ♥ASMR♥ Surgeon•Re-Uploa...
2016/Mar/11 15:11:51

Дмитрий Расколов

ASMR Surgeons Look to the pat...
2019/May/02 05:24:51

ASMR Surgeons

Hi guys I hope you like today's video. Cheek surgery | part 2 of sur...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


NOOB Surgeon ASMR?
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