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ASMR | Highly Scientific Survey Roleplay

2014/Jul/31 19:20:53


The other day, my boyfriend and I were at the mall when some people asked us to take a survey from them to make a little money! Of course we did it and we ... ASMR Taste Test Survey Rolepl...
2014/Feb/18 22:07:53

Gentle Whispering ASMR

ASMR Survey: THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! :*D Amazon MP3 ... ☆ASMR Survey. ☆Please par...
2016/Aug/08 17:30:02

Springbok ASMR

For the most realistic experience, answer my call just as you're about to sit down for a hot meal. Seriously though, I hope it will be more relaxing than most ... ASMR Research Survey Phone Ca...
2018/Feb/22 03:24:13

Amuse Asmr

A soft spoken asmr roleplay - would you like to do a survey today? Come to my nice quiet office:) With computer/ typing sounds, paper sounds, circular/ ... Asmr - A Survey Roleplay
2017/Nov/19 21:56:01


This role play was requested. Yes, occasionally requests actually get filled. In it I fill you in on the process of the study you're participating in. You get to fill in 5 ... Survey Research - ASMR soft s...
2018/Apr/16 00:24:38


This survey idea was inspired by a subscriber! Enjoy :) Find Me: ... ASMR Skincare Survey/Customer...
2019/Jan/15 18:35:14

calliope whispers ASMR

Greetings & salutations, my loves. This is a part two of my pet project which I am calling the “Raddest ASMR Done Solely by Roleplays Experiment” or the ... ASMR Experiment Survey RP | W...
2019/Jan/14 03:04:42

ASMR Gleam

Hello, In this video I am conducting a survey about you and things you like. I hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for being absent on this channel for so long. ASMR Survey ✦ Interviewing ...
2019/Jan/30 22:00:11

Mauve ASMR

You're at a dating agency to find a date for Valentine's Day, but first you have to fill in some forms with the matchmaker. She's nice but the typing and writing in ... ASMR Dating Agency Survey ♡...
2017/Mar/12 01:53:37

Slight Sounds ASMR

Welcome to the ASMR Office! Abby will be guiding you through a survey asking you about all things ASMR! Triggers include: soft speaking, personal attention ... Take the ASMR Survey at our A...
2017/Aug/16 00:40:25


Right, I need you to participate in the most relaxing & most scientific ASMR survey yet. This will help to determine what type of ASMR you should be watching in ... ASMR | Highly Scientific Surv...
2015/Dec/05 23:36:19

The Auracle

For maximum effect please use headphones.☆ Big thanks for Reed McLauglin for this request, Enjoy! This video is intended to help you relax. You may find ... [ASMR] Telephone Survey ★ R...
2013/Oct/24 21:12:38


ASMR: HD, Whispered - Wear Earphones Roleplay Survey: Airport Theme More to follow... Enjoy! ASMR Airport Survey HD Whispe...
2012/Mar/28 06:47:29

QueenOfSerene ASMR

A customer satisfaction survey over the phone for a website, I am typing the responses on my computer keyboard. Using soft voice and typing gently. ASMR Telemarketer Survey/ Key...
2014/Mar/22 01:46:56

A SMall Request

This was just a quick recording i did today in the midst of coming and going. I was not sure if I should publish this as I look horrrible and it's short and so on, but ... Phone Survey - keyboard typin...
2017/Jul/11 17:19:23

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello my lovelies! I love typing sounds so I got so excited to do this roleplay. this video has lots of typing sounds and soft spoken sounds :) Please support me on ... ASMR ROLE PLAY: LOTS OF TYPIN...
2015/Jul/15 07:43:13

Ocean ASMR

I ask you questions. :) ASMR Survey Roleplay (Persona...
2015/Jan/25 22:12:53


This is a sort of sequel to my first survey roleplay (you can watch it here where you tried a drink and crackers. Test bunny tingle time! /(^...
2016/Sep/13 05:36:14

Mike Bryant ASMR

Helloooo! Grab your headphones! Typing, whispering, soft speaking, and intermittent tapping fills this video, as I take you through a survey concerning your ... ASMR: Sleep Survey Role Play ...
2016/Feb/25 02:54:57

CalmingEscape ASMR

Hello and Welcome to an ASMR Survey. Sit back and relax to our Typing and Soft Spoken words =) -- ❤ ❤ ❤ - - - This Video was made for ASMR. ASMR can be ... ❇ASMR❇ Survey RP Typing &...
2018/Mar/26 19:00:03

SurveySMR !

ASMR Survey Roleplay of the Myers-Briggs Personality test with a brief intro. Soft-Spoken British Accent with Writing Sounds, and even running water, because I ... ASMR Survey Roleplay Your Per...
2013/Apr/08 22:39:54


Hi guys! A requested roleplay to get you nice and rested in time for ASMR day! Happy ASMR day! As the customer satisfaction representative of ASMR travels, ... Phone Survey Roleplay about y...
1970/Jan/01 00:00:00


2019/Apr/24 21:35:30

Szepcząca w Sieci ASMR

Pozwól, że zadam Ci kilka pytań na temat ASMR... [ASMR] po polsku. Ankieta na ...
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