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ASMR | Highly Scientific Survey Roleplay

2014/Jul/31 19:20:53


The other day, my boyfriend and I were at the mall when some people asked us to take a survey from them to make a little money! Of course we did it and we ... ASMR Taste Test Survey Rolepl...
2014/Feb/18 22:07:53

Gentle Whispering ASMR

ASMR Survey: THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! :*D Amazon MP3 ... ☆ASMR Survey. ☆Please par...
2016/Aug/08 17:30:02

Springbok ASMR

For the most realistic experience, answer my call just as you're about to sit down for a hot meal. Seriously though, I hope it will be more relaxing than most ... ASMR Research Survey Phone Ca...
2018/Feb/22 03:24:13

Amuse Asmr

A soft spoken asmr roleplay - would you like to do a survey today? Come to my nice quiet office:) With computer/ typing sounds, paper sounds, circular/ ... Asmr - A Survey Roleplay
2017/Nov/19 21:56:01


This role play was requested. Yes, occasionally requests actually get filled. In it I fill you in on the process of the study you're participating in. You get to fill in 5 ... Survey Research - ASMR soft s...
2018/Apr/16 00:24:38


This survey idea was inspired by a subscriber! Enjoy :) Find Me: ... ASMR Skincare Survey/Customer...
2019/Jan/15 18:35:14

calliope whispers ASMR

Greetings & salutations, my loves. This is a part two of my pet project which I am calling the “Raddest ASMR Done Solely by Roleplays Experiment” or the ... ASMR Experiment Survey RP | W...
2019/Jan/14 03:04:42

ASMR Gleam

Hello, In this video I am conducting a survey about you and things you like. I hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for being absent on this channel for so long. ASMR Survey ✦ Interviewing ...
2019/Jan/30 22:00:11

Mauve ASMR

You're at a dating agency to find a date for Valentine's Day, but first you have to fill in some forms with the matchmaker. She's nice but the typing and writing in ... ASMR Dating Agency Survey ♡...
2017/Mar/12 01:53:37

Slight Sounds ASMR

Welcome to the ASMR Office! Abby will be guiding you through a survey asking you about all things ASMR! Triggers include: soft speaking, personal attention ... Take the ASMR Survey at our A...
2017/Aug/16 00:40:25


Right, I need you to participate in the most relaxing & most scientific ASMR survey yet. This will help to determine what type of ASMR you should be watching in ... ASMR | Highly Scientific Surv...
2015/Dec/05 23:36:19

The Auracle

For maximum effect please use headphones.☆ Big thanks for Reed McLauglin for this request, Enjoy! This video is intended to help you relax. You may find ... [ASMR] Telephone Survey ★ R...
2013/Oct/24 21:12:38


ASMR: HD, Whispered - Wear Earphones Roleplay Survey: Airport Theme More to follow... Enjoy! ASMR Airport Survey HD Whispe...
2012/Mar/28 06:47:29

QueenOfSerene ASMR

A customer satisfaction survey over the phone for a website, I am typing the responses on my computer keyboard. Using soft voice and typing gently. ASMR Telemarketer Survey/ Key...
2014/Mar/22 01:46:56

A SMall Request

This was just a quick recording i did today in the midst of coming and going. I was not sure if I should publish this as I look horrrible and it's short and so on, but ... Phone Survey - keyboard typin...
2017/Jul/11 17:19:23

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello my lovelies! I love typing sounds so I got so excited to do this roleplay. this video has lots of typing sounds and soft spoken sounds :) Please support me on ... ASMR ROLE PLAY: LOTS OF TYPIN...
2015/Jul/15 07:43:13

Ocean ASMR

I ask you questions. :) ASMR Survey Roleplay (Persona...
2015/Jan/25 22:12:53


This is a sort of sequel to my first survey roleplay (you can watch it here where you tried a drink and crackers. Test bunny tingle time! /(^...
2016/Sep/13 05:36:14

Mike Bryant ASMR

Helloooo! Grab your headphones! Typing, whispering, soft speaking, and intermittent tapping fills this video, as I take you through a survey concerning your ... ASMR: Sleep Survey Role Play ...
2016/Feb/25 02:54:57

CalmingEscape ASMR

Hello and Welcome to an ASMR Survey. Sit back and relax to our Typing and Soft Spoken words =) -- ❤ ❤ ❤ - - - This Video was made for ASMR. ASMR can be ... ❇ASMR❇ Survey RP Typing &...
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