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NOVAerial Robotics — Coming Soon

2015/Aug/01 21:00:29


Relax as I show and talk about the handheld devices I've used over the years. Technology has come a long way in such a short time, allowing us to simplify our ... Tech Trek - FULL! ASMR Sleep Aid
2018/Feb/08 00:19:07


Hey everyone! In this binaural ASMR video, I read various facts about technology into your ears. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching! Facebook: ... [ASMR] Binaural Technology Facts
2018/Nov/23 19:30:01


T. I. has some new technology that will help you relax, unwind, sleep and maybe tingle.. we've once again invented new tech for your asmr-relaxation needs. 40 Minutes Of ASMR Plasma The...
2014/Feb/22 04:37:24

ASMR Counting Sheep

Playing with my iPad and new keyboard. Nothing fancy, but hopefully a trigger or two for you. :0) Pleasant dreams. ASMR Technology Trigger
2018/Feb/07 20:32:34


Today we build a highly advanced piece of ASMR technology that all ASMRist's would love to get their hands on..... "THE TINGLE REACTOR"! Its up to all ... Every ASMRist Wants This!
2017/Mar/17 19:03:42


i was going to name this video "noisy stomach makes asmrst have mental break down and delete video because he didn't hear any tummy noises until he was ... ASMR Technology Breakthrough
2018/Sep/05 19:00:01


In this video we concentrate on sound creation through cutting dense foam and a new discovery for tingle creation mixed with soft spoken technology.. enjoy and ... Lets Experiment ASMR
2019/Apr/01 16:58:43

Emerald Rose ASMR

Hey there, lovelies! Eve has found herself in the year 2019 and she has no idea what's going on. Don't forget to subscribe! Check out the other videos on my ... Kidnapping Eve I Weekly ASMR:...
2019/Apr/16 01:04:40

Luu Family

Japan massage ASMR technology Japan massage ASMR technology Body massage treatment with Japanese Style and Shiatsu acupressure ... Japan massage ASMR technology...
2018/Jun/05 11:55:44

Tema Zeah Official

Hi, all friend well come to visit my channel in this channel show you how to cook food recipe and village food factory. I try to make Yummy food for every. Please ... Primitive Technology: ASMR ea...
2018/Mar/12 19:30:00

SensorAdi ASMR

This is 4 channels advanced technology ASMR recording with 3 microphones at one time. Two for triggers sound and one for whispering. Also I record with two ... ASMR 4 Channels Technology Ad...
2018/Apr/25 19:48:36


Welcome,, i would like to introduce you to the latest in ASMR tingle tech.. this is a brief demonstration of our advanced asmr drone tech and sound capture ... The Newest ASMR Tingle Techno...
2018/Jun/19 13:26:24

ASMR show

technology addict in the cleanroom uses psychokinesis on your old hard drive what secrets will be revealed and did you clear your browsing history well did you ... ⏪ Confessions of a technolo...
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