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ASMR | TRANSFORMERS R.P Fixing Bumblebee - A.K.A You!

2019/Jan/11 21:24:46


WARNING! There are some ABRUPT sounds here and there... they are meant to be for those who enjoy *unexpected* triggers. It is of a robotic voice. (You, as ... ASMR | TRANSFORMERS R.P Fixin...
2018/Aug/30 12:45:00

ASMR Retro

ASMR - Transforming Autobot toy "Brawn". Soft talking/whispering, toy clicking sounds for relaxation purposes. Toy details: Name: Brawn Affiliation: Autobot Toy ... ASMR - Transformers BRAWN toy...
2018/Jul/25 16:29:29

Toy Today

Thanks for watching. ToyToday channel : ) ▷ Subscribe (구독) 《 BGM & SE 》 ( dova-s ... ASMR Transform Transformer St...
2018/Nov/15 01:10:10

Forenza Audio

Credits: Thanks to the Glorious RaikohIllust for allowing me feature their art here. I could not be happier about how well they drew her in both finesse and power! ASMR| Roleplay| Transformers ...
2019/Jan/11 21:57:45

Plastic Soul ASMR

It's time to clean and transform a few of my sons transformers, sit back and relax and the sounds of plastic clicking fill your ears, no talking of course. Relaxation ... ASMR Cybertronian Figures | R...
2018/Dec/22 20:00:01

Masonzero ASMR

I thought it would make a fun ASMR video to try to transform this Transformer toy that I've had for quite a few years. I remember not being able to transform it back ... ASMR: Transforming a Transfor...
2015/Apr/11 05:54:57

ARDRA -asmr-

Note: this video isn't really appropriate for children. I'm using Decepticon/Autobot instead of Predacon/Maximal, so forgive me for any technical inaccuracies or ... ASMR Kinder Eggs - Transforme...
2019/Mar/07 20:19:04

Conteur De Légendes

Je te présente avec le murmure la collection de transformer de mes enfants Si tu aimes la traduction tu peux laisser un fichier de traduction dans la langue de ... ASMR TRANSFORMER COLLECTION P...
2013/Feb/22 16:03:28

TheWhisperCorner ASMR

Looking at a toy from my childhood. Old Transformer Toy Whisper S...
2018/Apr/15 02:39:15

Brandi TV

Back in 2013 the Miss USA contestant, Erin Brady, graced the stage of the Miss Universe national costume parade in a Transformers costume. So I ate a few ... Transformer Makeup Tutorial
2018/Mar/22 17:47:22


2012/Mar/17 12:54:36


Winding the output transformer for vaccum tube audio. How to make the audio transfo...
2018/Jul/13 07:56:49

まつだ55 /matsuda55

StopMotion #Miniature #toy stopmotion cooking & My Pet TRANSFORMER【Miniature・ASMR】 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 楽曲 ... stopmotion cooking & My P...
2018/Dec/13 12:00:03

Toy Today

Thanks for watching. ToyToday channel : ) ▷ Subscribe (구독) 《 BGM & SE 》 ( dova-s ... Non BGM ASMR Transformer AOE,...
2018/Sep/22 03:23:40

Picture B

ASMR with Transformer Ironhide. No Talking. Thanks for watching!! [ASMR with] Transformer, No ...
2013/Aug/02 17:49:37


This video was meant to be ASMR-esque, so I deliberately go slow in this video. Unfortunately it looks like the microphones picked up the ambient air ... [Binaural ASMR Silent Unboxin...
2018/Sep/16 02:56:41

Picture B

ASMR with Transformer Wreckage. No Talking Thanks for watching!! [ASMR with] Transformer, No ...
2019/Jan/02 20:29:40

Big S

Hi my friend, this is part 1/2 of "Make Real Transformer Costume" serial videos. In this video I will show you how to make Transformer Costume (Optimus Prime) ... How to Make Transformer Costu...
2018/Dec/03 14:03:27

Big S

Hi guys, in this video I will show you how to make BUMBLEBEE that can run Auto like Transformer Autobot. This idea no one had ever thought of. Its essence is ... BUMBLEBEE vs. Maze Labyrinth....
2018/Mar/07 06:34:58

Daniel García Hughes

Yeah....I transform a transformer, read a bit and then just go crazy. Thanks for watching. ASMR transforming a transform...
2018/Sep/07 02:04:02

Picture B

ASMR with Transformer brawl, Tapping sound, No Talking Thanks for watching!! [ASMR with] Transformer, Tapp...
2018/Sep/05 11:00:24

Picture B

ASMR with Transformer Crosshairs, Tapping sound, No Talking Thanks for watching!! [ASMR with] Transformer, Tapp...
2017/Jul/29 00:00:00

moviecollectors asmr

Transformers: Age of Extincti...
2017/Dec/26 13:43:21

Terre Happy Zzzen

"Pour transformer sa vie, il faut s'attaquer à son histoire..." Nous avons tous le pouvoir de créer notre propre histoire. Livre de Carl Greer, "La pratique ... Relaxation - ASMR: Changer sa...
2018/Sep/10 11:48:28


SUPPORT THEW: SOCIAL ME UP! Transformers: War For Cybertr...
2018/Dec/28 05:48:38

Forenza Audio

This one goes out to all my Sweet nerds~ Make sure to check out the the first #Transformers episode with Arcee~ ... ASMR Role Play| Transformers|...
2014/May/27 22:39:13

The ASMR Circus

Meet my pet trAnSforMeR Shox. It likes to be brushed. If you listen closely you can hear it purr. ASMR . TrAnSforMeRs . Mic Bru...
2014/Aug/14 14:00:13


2017/Nov/18 19:04:22


Description : - Follow me : Jeu : Oure Support : PC #Envolons-nous ensemble^^ - - :: - - :: - - :: - - :: - - :: - - Matériels utilisés : - Capture ... Se transformer en dragon dans...
2018/Nov/20 03:02:42

RFC Reviews

Get yours at: ... Transformers TCG (Trading Car...
2017/Dec/16 12:07:27

Chris McFeely

It's Christmas, so I figured what better present than to give in to popular demand? Everyone's been asking for it, so this week, we're diving into The Basics on one ... TRANSFORMERS: THE BASICS on S...
2019/Feb/10 07:26:42


Transformers ASMR: Generation...
2018/Dec/22 02:34:32

Big S

Hi my friends, in this video I will show you the way to make a Bumblebee and an Optimus Prime using Cardboard ( this is for both kids and adults in festival of ... I Built 2 Transformer Costume...
2017/Sep/01 10:08:46

Best kluna tik

Eating Transformer for Dinner! Funny Kluna Tik Compilation! ASMR Eating Sounds! No Talk! Eating Optimus Prime for Dinner! Transformer 5 - The Last Night, ... Eating Transformer for Dinner...
2019/Mar/26 19:43:37

LeCritiqueur TV

Salut la famille, aujourd'hui petite vidéo sur comment je transforme un sandwich Subway en Tacos maison. J'ai prit un Subway au thon avec crudité classique, ... TRANSFORMER UN SUBWAY EN TACOS !
2017/Oct/05 17:04:25

Hushtone ASMR

NOT ASMR. Skip to 0:23 for just the video. This was part a conversation my mom and I were having about Transformers. I didn't think to record the conversation ... Trolling my mom: Transformers
2018/Sep/18 02:09:46

Picture B

ASMR with Transformer Stockade. No Talking Thanks for watching!! [ASMR with] Transformers, No...
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