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Vast 5,000 year-old underground city discovered in Turkey's Cappadocia region | The Independent


ASMR Underground Illegal Tingles

2017/Mar/04 19:35:56


Bad times has come. ASMR descends to the underground. Feeling Tingles is illegal. There is no good ASMRtists, only that one guy there - but he making this ... ASMR Underground Illegal Tingles
2019/Mar/24 23:18:19

Mike Bryant ASMR

EDIT* - Yooo, I accidentally uploaded this video twice at the same time! (& yes, with a typo ♂ ). If you thumbed it up and/or left a comment but no longer ... ASMR Underground BANK Rolepla...
2014/Nov/20 02:49:42

Deluca ASMR

Care for some sinister personal attention? This may not be relaxing for most people, but I figured I'd give it a try. Featuring gibberish whispers mostly with layered ... ASMR Underground Cave Whisper...
2018/Mar/12 00:33:38


ASMR Underground Dermatologists. ASMR Underground Dermatologists
2019/Jan/11 18:16:49

Tippy Tappy ASMR

Be careful when you go looking for... The Illegal Underground ASMR Scene! #ASMR #ASMRTapping #NewASMR #ASMRRoleplay My Full ASMR Playlist (All ... The Illegal Underground ASMR ...
2018/Sep/24 20:33:44

ASMR Underground

Welcome To The Underground Clinic,Today We Will Be Doing A Cranial Nerve Exam. This Video Features: Personal Attention, Whispers, Writing Sounds, ... ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam - (Ro...
2019/Mar/05 05:40:35

Mike Bryant ASMR

What's up, ASMR fam! Grab your headphones & prepare to head underground ;-) Enjoy this roleplay! Your experience includes whispering, soft speaking, ... Underground ASMR Roleplay | C...
2018/Sep/19 22:03:14

ASMR Underground

Asmr Fast 1 Minute Haircut For A Quick Dose Of Tingles & Relaxation Enjoy! Instagram: asmr.underground Tingles App: ... ASMR One Minute Fast Haircut
2016/Jun/24 16:26:40


Underground Dermatologist and Skin Care Consultant - ASMR Role Play - Welcome to the underground! Underground Dermatologist and...
2019/Feb/13 22:00:02

The Sinn Kids

I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did dont forget to leave a big thumbs up. ASMR Triggers include tapping, scratching. crinkle sounds, and soft spoken. ASMR With Friends: Intense Ti...
2016/Mar/15 18:20:34

Mind Goldsmiths

Helping combat transport anxiety. Download the audio here and listen to it on the underground! Let us know what you think in ... ASMR: LONDON UNDERGROUND TUBE...
2018/Aug/07 12:48:25

ASMR Underground

5 Minute Asmr Sound Assortment For Tingles And Relaxation. Enjoy! Instagram: asmr.underground. ASMR Quickie - 5 Minute Tingles
2019/Feb/08 21:00:00

Facade ASMR

ASMR - Underground Barber Sho...
2018/Dec/20 22:19:02

ASMR Underground

Can't Sleep? Having Anxiety? Well You Came To The Right Place! Sit Back And Relax,You're Safe Here In The Underground. In This Video You Will ... ASMR For Anxiety - (Shh) (Eve...
2018/Oct/03 21:05:46

ASMR Underground

ASMR Tingly Wooden Table Tapping & Scratching Enjoy! Instagram: asmr.underground Find Me On The Tingles App! ASMR Wooden Table Tapping &am...
2018/Nov/30 20:40:11

ASMR Underground

ASMR Fast Triggers 60 Second Sound Assortment #2 (The One Minute ASMR) Enjoy! Facebook: asmr underground Instagram: asmr.underground Snapchat: ... One Minute ASMR - (60 Trigger...
2018/Mar/02 21:30:01


After discovering that your best friend is a Vampire, that your parents have been deceiving you and that you seem to possess certain special powers your friend ... ASMR, Underground with a Vamp...
2018/Sep/01 18:26:35

Serbian Eats ASMR

And yet another different video than my usual ones. It's been requested and I improvised heavily. If it sucks bear with me... It's been a while since i did this kind of ... ASMR Serbian Underground Slee...
2015/Apr/09 19:00:01

Studio Zprig 3D ASMR Hypnosis

You Have an Emergency dental problem in your teeth and I come to your rescue at the Tube station to help you relax and at the same time do a boob test to see ... Underground ASMR Dentist Role...
2016/Oct/14 21:00:01

Ephemeral Rift

It's another night in the underground bunker as Papa tries his best to entertain his son (you, the viewer) in this harsh and unforgiving new world. If you don't know ... The Restaurant at the End of ...
2017/Sep/25 15:01:10

ASMR felinemoonwarrior

ASMR Whisper reading about the underground tunnels of Malta with gum chewing in the background. ASMR whisper reading about th...
2018/Sep/28 05:27:25

Tingles Man ASMR

ASMR Underground accepts the Tingle Stones offer. Tingles Man feat. ASMR Underg...
2013/Aug/12 11:06:08

Minkywhispers ASMR

Hey Guys !!! I Did it, I got to 100 subs and more :-). A big thank you to everyone who subscribed up until now :-) xxxx. ASMR Twerking ~ 100 Subscribe...
2018/Apr/30 17:52:03


Hello, everybody! This video from the ASMR highlights the atmosphere of Underground Exploration Ambience. The background sound comes from this youtube ... Underground Exploration Ambie...
2018/Oct/01 20:04:03


Continuing the journey through Shadow of the Tomb Raider! ------------------------------ Did you enjoy the video? If so let me know by leaving a ”like” ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ) ... ASMR - Underground We Go! SO...
2019/Mar/18 19:13:47


SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➥➥➥ Never miss a video next time Subscribe ⇢ ➥➥➥ FOLLOW ME ON ➥➥➥ Youtube ... LONDON | LONDON BRIDGE TO MOR...
2018/Sep/28 21:51:49

ASMR Underground

ASMR Underground Accepts The Tingle Stones Offer. Tingles Man Has Called Upon The Underground For An Epic Collaboration (ASMR Plucking) For Sleep ... ASMR Underground + Tingles Ma...
2018/Jun/18 11:05:19

ASMR felinemoonwarrior

Whisper reading about underground openings part2. ASMR Whisper reading about un...
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