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Werewolf Personal Attention ASMR Cleaning You

2019/Apr/12 16:45:44

Mad Mike ASMR

You are walking through a deep part of the forest and stumble upon a werewolf, he seems to be in bad shape and you decide to come closer. I want to thank ... Helping a Werewolf (ASMR/Gend...
2017/Jun/10 20:30:00


You had a rough night tromping through the woods and now you need to be cleaned up a bit. This video was inspired by the awesome TirarADeguello ... Werewolf Personal Attention A...
2016/Oct/16 18:00:05


Doctor Andrew Michaels goes to the far north of the USA to a Werewolf Commune (Safe Zone) Deep in the wilds of Alaska. A Werewolf captured with a ... Werewolf Capture Binaural ASMR
2019/Feb/01 00:11:50

Dall VA

thumbnail: Soundtrack: ... Theo [Werewolf] [Roleplay] [A...
2018/Oct/05 05:43:23

Easton and Emmary Audios

Greetings, My dear sister and I are looking forward to this month and what is to come. We have a number of creatures lined up, ready to be written, and meet you ... Male Yandere Werewolf Claims ...
2017/Apr/21 17:27:44


Moon blind me... I can't keep my eyes off of you. Click to Subscribe ▻ Get Patreon-exclusive audios ... ASMR Roleplay: The Alpha'...
2017/Oct/02 23:01:15

Shadowy Whispers

Hello My Dark Army! Your Werewolf Boyfriend is here to tell you a secret.... Keep In Touch! Patreon: Twitter: ... Werewolf Boyfriend Role Play ...
2019/Apr/12 14:45:26

Kirins Lounge -^^-

Hi everyone so here is a new series that my friend is helping me on!!! I hope everyone looks forward to this series and like always feedback is appreciated! ASMR Werewolf vs Vampire Yand...
2017/Oct/30 20:58:49

asmr zeitgeist

Are YOU ready for some scary trigger sounds for sleep and relaxation? ASMR ZEITGEIST brings you to bed, although he became a werewolf somehow. ASMR WEREWOLF BRINGS YOU TO B...
2017/Sep/17 19:30:00

Ricky Odriosola ASMR

Patreon here → You're a newborn werewolf with a lot to learn from Joseph. Relax to some whispering and body sniffing. Happy relaxing! ASMR - Werewolf Role Play (Ma...
2019/Feb/26 02:58:27

Kirins Lounge -^^-

Hello everyone!!! Thank you so much for checking out my channel and subscribing!!! I know I haven't posted a lot in the past couple of days but I've been playing ... ASMR Werewolf Girl Part 1
2018/Oct/25 11:42:22

Zombie Cat ASMR

You can make a donation here! - Or on Patreon - You can join the discord here! Werewolf has you tied up ASMR...
2018/May/14 01:31:06

Remoraa ASMR

Zayne the werewolf is hungry, this is going to be a Fun Time ; ) (ASMR) Captured by a Werewolf!
2018/Jul/13 23:18:43

Kitti Minx

You've been friends with a beautiful girl named Jade for a long time. But there's been things she's been keeping from you. What could they be? Learn more ... Kitti Minx ASMR - Jade's ...
2019/Jan/24 01:35:20

Easton and Emmary Audios

Greetings, A thank you to a little artistic mouse from our Discord for lending us a hand in finishing this series. Originally we weren't going to do a continuation ... Male Yandere Werewolf Claims ...
2018/Oct/27 21:14:19

Dangerous ASMR

Hey, how did you get out here so late at night? Are you lost? Don't worry human, I'll keep you safe... so don't fight me, okay? You're mine now. ASMR roleplay ... Prisoner of a Yandere Werewol...
2017/Apr/13 16:43:53


Doctor Andrew Michaels must help a young Shape Shifting Werewolf remove 3 ticks from it's fur. The ticks are transformed from the Werewolf's blood and their ... Werewolf Tick Removal ASMR
2019/Apr/06 21:22:13

ASMR Creations

V the vampire is back at it again & she's on her kidnapping spree. You're her new werewolf friend & she's going to shave your ear's in a barbershop that use to ... [ASMR] Barbershop & Shave...
2016/Nov/22 18:02:19


My darling you have harmed yourself and I must make you better (but I have to scold you a little bit). I have a Facebook fan ... ASMR Werewolf Healing
2018/Nov/26 13:54:02

Forenza Audio

Summary: You both agreed on it every month; She was supposed to stay away far in a cave to keep from becoming too . . . . .possessive . . . and challenging the ... ASMR| Roleplay| Yandere Werew...
2019/Feb/25 18:35:41

Dangerous ASMR

I hope you enjoy this surprise, human! I am not always very good at knowing what you want. But I think this will be just right... I hope you guys enjoy part 8 of the ... Prisoner of a Yandere Werewol...
2019/Feb/22 19:00:03


'A-alpha!-y-yes, I-I find you a-attractive!' [Soulmate] [Confession] [Friends to lovers] [Love] [Waifu] [Wolf Girl][Roleplay] Do you Like my videos? Wish for more? [ASMR] Chosen By You, Alpha [...
2018/May/05 03:14:30

Shadowy Whispers

Hello My Dark Army! Here is the latest entry in the Werewolf Boyfriend Role Play! A lot of you have been asking for a bit more of the human voice so I hope you ... ~ASMR~ The Next Morning (Were...
2019/Apr/18 19:20:27

TomoeTheNeko ASMR

Awoooo tehehehe hope you enjoy. Werewolf Puppy Rescue X Listener
2019/Mar/27 03:08:25

Oak Asmr

My stuff: Insta: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: ... Werewolf Boy Kidnaps You Asmr...
2018/Oct/31 00:11:39

Sweet as Honey

[F4A] Mate [Full Moon][Creepy][What Are You?][Realisation][Slow Burn][Gender Neutral][Werewolf Kidnapping Roleplay] “Yes, the monsters were real. Mate Werewolf Kidnapping Rol...
2019/Mar/11 04:40:10

GentleFlutters ASMR

Meet Yeena, a werewolf that seems to stalk the forest near your house with her wolf pack? Clan? Is this what a tsundere acts like? Anyway, sorry if its a tiiiny bit ... ASMR Night with A Werewolf
2019/Apr/16 22:01:18


Sometimes your most precious ally is one you least expect. This is my first video, I hope any viewers have enjoyed and want to see more. You should know what ... (ASMR) Headless Horseman Save...
2019/Apr/23 19:00:02

Magicians ASMR

You wake up the morning of the festival. You begin to wonder what amazing sights, and meals you'll have. As a Daybreak City tourist, you're ready to experience ... Meeting a City Werewolf Part ...
2019/Mar/26 04:37:16

NeitoWolf ASMR

Hello, and welcome to my first video on this channel. God, I don't know how these descriptions work. Uhhh, just leave a like, if you liked it, and subscribe if you ... Your new school friend is a w...
2019/Apr/24 20:41:27

Kirins Lounge -^^-

Hi everyone! Here is the part 2 for the Werewolf vs Vampire series. This is my first time to try and do an accent so please go easy on me ^^;;;. Thank you to my ... ASMR Werewolf vs Vampire Yand...
2018/Sep/22 23:21:35

Hades ASMR

I start off with a growl (yes, I growled), then I go into how alluring you are to me, and i'm vague about what I want necessarily, to eat you, or to savor you (take that ... Hunted by a Werewolf [Potenti...
2018/Mar/05 22:00:00

Aussie Ben ASMR

Episode 1 - "Your First Solo Mission" The wait is over. The prequel series to your FAVORITE existing ASMR Werewolf Series has arrived. If you're new to the ... ASMR Werewolf Boyfriend [Preq...
2016/Oct/31 15:57:51

CalmingEscape ASMR

Today we will be running some tests on you as you transform. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Image Credit: ❤ ❤ ❤ This ... Werewolf Test Subject ASMR Ro...
2015/Nov/10 03:39:23

IndigoStars ASMR

You guys have asked for it.. ;) Patreon: Facebook: ... ☆★ASMR★☆ Kirsten, The...
2017/Dec/02 23:45:38

IndigoStars ASMR

Just because I enjoy helping you calm down and sleep doesn't mean I LIKE you or anything... Want to give me a Tad of your ... ☆★ASMR★☆ Kirsten | Ts...
2018/Mar/24 22:33:35

Shadowy Whispers

Hello My Dark Army! I hope you all enjoy this latest installment into my Werewolf Boyfriend RP. If you enjoy the video, be sure to follow and support me on the ... ~ASMR~ Sleepy Time Musings (W...
2018/Jan/13 18:39:29

Pandastc ASMR

Like, Share, and Subscribe !!! At long last, he is here!!! You find yourself walking through the forests late at night. You are suddenly startled by a wolf snarling at ... ASMR || Meeting the Wolf (Gen...
2018/Jul/16 05:26:03

Oak Asmr

Yeah I know where the thumb nail is from: running with the wolves Anyway, Like and sub (btw all my videos are in the same world, so just so you know) Werewolf Boy Kidnaps You Asmr...
2018/Sep/03 21:10:52

Ikumi ASMR

love you all!! ^^ ~Yandere Werewolf Kidnaps You~
2018/Sep/01 14:49:40

Shadowy Whispers

The video above is a commissioned piece for Fenrir Wolf who graciously released it to the public. If you would like a commission done please don't hesitate to ... ~ASMR~ Werewolf Meditation (C...
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