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The Nightshade Witch Provides a Curse ASMR

2018/Aug/21 10:06:38

Goodnight Moon

No music version: Music: Concentration by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution ... The Willow Witch Prepares for...
2017/Oct/12 19:21:31

Latte ASMR

Hello warm hearts! This is Latte :) I really love fairytales and fantasy and halloween is near so I made this video. A kind witch's help! I really enjoyed making it ... A Kind Witch Helping You♥/ ...
2017/Jun/06 08:57:59


Jamie Bruce made this incredible map based off the Babblebrook Inn video!! I'm super psyched about it!! :D The poem recited ... The Nightshade Witch Provides...
2017/Apr/19 00:22:41

Goodnight Moon

Another visit to the witch :) If you haven't seen the first, it's here: Potion Brewing with the Willo...
2018/Oct/29 20:19:06

Stacy ASMR

YOU WILL BE MINE - ASMR Witch Roleplay (Halloween series) In this asmr video, I will enchant you with my magical power. I will make you my werewolf (asme ... YOU WILL BE MINE - ASMR Witch...
2018/Jul/12 06:22:47

Goodnight Moon

Music: Heavy Heart by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ... The Nightshade Witch Proposes...
2019/Mar/21 20:20:01


Raven the Modern Witch puts a sleepy self-love spell on you! I hope you guys like this video... I absolutely LOVED filming it! I actually already own all the items ... ASMR ~ Modern Witch Casts A S...
2018/Oct/28 22:52:49

Gentle Whispering ASMR

I hope you enjoy this video! :) It's fully soft spoken, with lots of behind the ear speaking and unique soothing sounds, mixed with SASS :P *waves her wand and ... Sassy Witch ASMR Soft Spoken
2018/Oct/17 19:32:16

Latte ASMR

Hello everyone! It's Latte :) Because halloween is soon so I wanted to make another witch video this time. In this video I will give you my magic spa treatment ... ASMR Witch's Magic Spa Tr...
2019/Feb/21 12:03:10

LunaEclipse ASMR

Join My Patreon for Exclusive stuffs: ♡Join my Discord! :) ♡Donations: ... ASMR Dark Witch Blesses You
2018/Sep/21 22:35:08


Other Social Media: 1600s A.D. ASMR~ Salem Witch ...
2017/Feb/11 12:10:37

Goodnight Moon

Visiting the Willow Witch’s...
2018/Dec/31 22:43:36

Ancient Whispers ASMR

It's your first day as an apprentice with the Wild Witch... and you're late! The Wild Witch speaks to you with whispering asmr and introduces you to some of the ... Apprenticing At the Wild ASMR...
2019/Apr/10 01:53:26

The Whisper Witch

An enchanted quartz, you say? I wish peace and happiness to you all, always... If you'd like to check out my life outside of the whisper world, I have a main ... You stumble upon the Whisper ...
2018/Jul/17 03:35:01


00:19 Opening 00:37 Lighting the match 01:55 First magic wand 04:00 Second magic wand 06:14 Third magic wand 08:26 Novice spell book 10:26 Magic ... [Eng ASMR] Witch magic shop |...
2018/Aug/06 18:36:29

The White Rabbit ASMR

Hello Wonderlanders!! So a bit of context for this one - I have always been intrigued by inventing my own language, and I thought the perfect place to start ... ASMR | The White Witch Rescu...
2018/May/07 17:26:09

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

Volume alert: I set a higher gain to my videos which means the audio may be a little louder than other ASMR videos. I do this to capture more of the little nuances ... ASMR Horror Story : The Witch
2019/Feb/28 05:03:12

Moonbeam ASMR

Join me on an encounter with a Good ASMR Witch She helps you with a spell to rid your memory of someone special (or not so special) to begin again or start ... Good ASMR witch helps with a ...
2016/Aug/11 02:19:55


동쪽마녀 데이나의 포션가게 이 무더운 8월의 여름! 시원한 세일과 함께 데이나의 포션 가게 본격 개업! 리자드의 눈알부터 불사조의 깃털까지... [한국어ASMR] 동쪽마녀 ...
2014/Aug/02 13:35:22

Rhosgobel Rabbit ASMR

This is an ASMR role playing video that is meant to be watched for relaxation. This video has ear to ear whispering, soft speaking, jewelry sounds, tapping and ... The Witch's Spell ASMR ro...
2018/Oct/29 02:58:20

ASMR Alysaa

Keep Reading For More Information and Thank you For Checking out my Content, Sharing and Commenting! My goal is to reach 40k by the end of 2018! . ASMR A Crazy Witch has Captur...
2018/Oct/31 20:47:55


타임라인 Timeline* 1. 마녀와의 만남 Hi traveler? 00:01 2. 마녀의 특별한 차 Here is my special tea 2:28 3. 마녀의 이야기 So what brings you here? 4:00 4. 서쪽마녀의 흑마술 연...
2018/Sep/06 18:21:54


ASMR Witch Ceremony / Ritual Roleplay Our other ASMR channels: FemaleASMR: ... ASMR Witch Ceremony / Ritual ...
2018/Feb/28 23:24:21

Willow Wisteria ASMR

"How dare you trespass here." ☙Script written by: Hati H ❧ ☙Make sure to show your support to the artist of the music: Darren Curtis. ☙ Darren Curtis: Darren's ... {ASMR} The Witch's Forest...
2019/Apr/23 13:32:21

LunaEclipse ASMR

Sorry for lots of smoke in this if it bother people, tried to have that nice smoke effect with my incense. xD ♡Join My Patreon for Exclusive stuffs: ... ASMR Witch Face Measuring
2016/Oct/30 03:44:21

ASMR Alysaa

Happy Halloween Delicious People. Whispered Role play with lots of hand movements, tongue clicking, visual triggers and other various triggers: tapping, page ... ASMR Witch Role Play - Castin...
2018/Oct/29 19:58:32

Valeriya ASMR

We three witches have been summoned by your desire for power - power over the natural, ethereal, and the hearts of men. We can grant you such a power, but ... ASMR Three witches for your w...
2018/Oct/02 18:31:04

Merona ASMR

support me on patreon: find me on gettingles: contact me: ... ASMR - Witch will make you sl...
2018/Mar/25 19:00:35

Valeriya ASMR

Hi guys! For a long time on my channel there were no role playes. Today I will be in the role of your girlfriend - a witch who is very much in love with you, and ... ASMR When your girlfriend is ...
2019/Apr/28 20:18:37

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

Welcome to Metaphysical Mineral Matchmaking - we're sure we'll find the perfect quartz for you! We're back in Garm'Nar Nar this week, luvs. Keep an eye out for ... ASMR - An Intriguing Visit to...
2018/Oct/09 20:24:39

Ventura Audios

I put a spell on you, and now you're mine! Uh oh looks like you've been captured by a young witch! She feeds on children and young adults to make her young ... Kidnapped By A Witch ASMR [Un...
2019/Jan/01 23:09:16

The White Rabbit ASMR

WOOP WOOP! We all loved the last Babbeltongue video, but I hadn't made a follow-up video UNTIL NOW! I hope you guys will enjoy this super tingly made-up ... ASMRathon! Day 5: The White W...
2019/May/01 15:03:37

LemonLeaf ASMR

You notice a door you've never seen before and enter a witch's shop of curiosities. - witch binch ♡ patreon ♡ twitter ... ✰ Gentle Witch Roleplay ✰...
2019/Feb/07 02:50:25

ASMR Mystic Healer

Instagram: Glam_Hippie_Mom Shop: FB: The Nightshade Witch Proposes...
2019/May/03 20:21:38

Pastel Cutie

Back in the UK, bet ya didn't even know I was missing~! Lately I've been having a lot of fun playing LoL with some subscribers so I haven't had time to make ... Let me heal you ~ ASMR Sun Wi...
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