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Captive Orcas of SeaWorld: Get Ready for a Killer Workout

2018/Jul/06 18:30:00

Grapes LeafASMR

"I think my back got scoliosis 'cause I swerve the lane (skrrt!)"- Quavo, lmaoooo Here is the link to the resistance bands I used, remember “he who has health has ... ASMR at HOME WORKOUT with voi...
2019/Apr/05 01:23:42

1prince Asmr

[Asmr] workout tutorial ( whi...
2018/Oct/03 22:54:06

GunsyBoy ASMR

HELLO THERE TINGLE SKWAD FAM In this video Guns is going to show you a simple at home workout for your upper body. It's my first time trying to do this ... ASMR @ Home Workout with Whis...
2017/Jun/24 22:18:54

Scottish Murmurs ASMR

I enjoy working out, so why not make an ASMR video about it? I'll go through several different exercises with you using a whispered ear to ear voice over to help ... ASMR My Home Workout Routine
2018/Oct/08 18:02:38

Grapes LeafASMR

This is an at home abdominal workout, it is quick and (relatively) easy. The workout breakdown will be written down below if you'd like to screenshot it, and try ... ASMR at home ABDOMINAL workout
2018/Apr/16 11:00:02

Heili Wolf ASMR

Let's work them arms guys! Welcome back to Heili Wolf ASMR. I'm so happy to share with you guys an arm workout video. Hope you guys find this relaxing. ASMR: Biceps and Triceps Work...
2016/Oct/31 01:49:23


Showing you my daily extreme fast tapping workout. Featuring fast, aggressive, intense tapping on my fingers, hands and glass. Also whispering I don't know ... (ASMR) Extreme Fast Tapping W...
2017/Mar/24 21:00:02

Creative Calm ASMR

Welcome to your personal fitness class! Today we're going to be working on the bike to really burn that furn and tone key areas. At Whispers Gym our priority is ... [ASMR] Personal Trainer Exerc...
2016/Sep/27 17:58:18

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Hey poopsies! Here is my first exercise routine video. And probably my last. This is all I do really. I like to include some stretching here and there, with my own ... ASMR My Exercise / Workout Ro...
2013/Aug/10 18:45:50


Whisper Workout - My Forearm Exercise Routine, this is dedicated to Weightlifting Whisper & Whispermister. Superset: 1: Chin-ups: to failure 2: Wrist Curls: ... Whisper Workout - My Forearm ...
2019/Jan/31 22:00:04

Scottish Murmurs ASMR

I am always travelling and I thought it would be fun to show you my hotel workout routine that I follow if there's not a decent gym. With, of course, a whispered ear ... ASMR My Hotel Workout Routine
2017/Oct/09 02:18:38


Team workouts are always fun! ; ) Welcome everyone to the first of my ASMR Workout series!!! I wanted to create a little routine to show you guys some of the ... ASMR Calming Workout (For Men...
2019/Feb/15 17:42:01

Grapes LeafASMR

drop it down, fuck it up, oooh ayyyy The workout: 2X15 Sumo squats 2X10 Kneeling squats 3X5 Kneeling side lunges (both sides) 2X10 Glute Bridges Repeat ... ASMR 2019 Updated EASY AT HOM...
2018/Oct/15 18:00:44

Grapes LeafASMR

Working out the Glute's today! Disclaimer, I am not an expert or personal trainer, I just enjoy working out. Please be safe when performing any exercise routine. ASMR at HOME booty workout, g...
2018/Jun/11 06:41:12


My Non-ASMR Youtube Channel: Thanks For Watching & SUBSCRIBE!❤ Lets Get To 500 ... Simple At Home Ab/Butt Workou...
2019/Feb/28 00:19:02


Hey guys, hope you all are doing well! I have had a bunch of request for a role play like this so i decided to do it, I hope you all enjoy! let me know what you think. ASMR Personal Trainer Rolepla...
2018/Jun/01 02:55:50

HunniBee ASMR

Hi my sleepy babies This video has been verrryyyy highly requested, and too be honest I was pretty hesitant in doing it. I guess because working out is more of a ... ASMR | Home Workout + Gym Ses...
2017/Mar/29 10:00:03


Please watch: "ロシアからのスクワットメニューで足とお尻をバルクアップしよう!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- フィットゲイン人... 【ASMR Back Workout】一緒...
2018/Jan/16 14:00:01

Ruby Day

Cozy Yoga Soft Spoken ASMR Part2 | Fitness Workout Subscribe: Watch next, “Turkey Lasagna Soup Recipe | How To Make” ... Cozy Yoga Soft Spoken ASMR Pa...
2018/Jun/01 06:03:18

HunniBee ASMR

Same video as previous, just audio/sound quality is different. The treble is reduced quite a bit which is best for those who don't enjoy “wet mouth sounds” ... ASMR | Home Workout + Gym Ses...
2019/Mar/27 21:10:34

Simply ASMR

Thanks for watching my ASMR Booty Workout! This ACTUALLY works. I had NO butt when I first started. I used this routine (and added weight each time) and it ... ASMR BOOTY WORKOUT
2018/Nov/28 04:24:23

ASMR Feet and Body

ASMR- Workout
2018/Oct/09 18:45:56

GunsyBoy ASMR

My apologies for the orientation of a few of the workout clips. Although I shot them in landscape they wouldn't upload in landscape. I hope this isn't too annoying. Soft Spoken Back and Legs Wor...
2019/Feb/01 20:45:00

Lily Whispers ASMR

AD - Get 2 leggings from Fabletics for only $24 ($99 value) Click: Thanks for sponsoring me, Fabletics! Free shipping on ... #ASMR My Workout Routine &...
2018/Nov/19 01:37:14


ASMR Anya. Get 20% off with my code AnyaASMR for the Yvette sports bras ! and start working out to have a hot body lol. Hope you ... My Workout Routine & Spor...
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